it is not easy to describe the kundalini energy, as it is a sacred and mysterious energy. ‘kundalini’ is a sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’. it is used to refer to the latent energy of awakening which lies dormant in all human beings.

kundalini is often depicted as a serpent because of the spiral-like movements of this energy when it ascends from the base of the spine. kundalini is sometimes represented as the gooddess shakti, the energy of creation and mother of the universe.

in the chinese tradition, the kundalini energy is depicted as the dragon. here ascending through the chakras.

kundalini awakening

the kundalini energy can awaken for several reasons: periods of intense spiritual practice, a traumatic or shocking experience, meeting your twin flame, having sex with someone whose kundalini is already awakened, use of consciousness alterating substances, a spiritual initiation called ‘shaktipat’ or spontaneously.

the kundalini awakening is not something you can ‘plan’, it is a miracle that happens when your higher self decides so and when your soul is ready.

before this energy awakens there can be a feeling of confusion and mental fog, along with some initial energy movements as things begin to stir up. when this energy fully awakens, it burns through all blockages on the chakra system and ascends through the spine from the feet into the base of the spine and up to the crown of the head.

the body is paralysed by the extreme amounts of energy that flow through it and it can feel scary if you have not been prepared before. however as the energy works its way up and clears the channels, the mind is overflowed by this energy which can be described as flows of orgasmic and ecstatic love.

there is no way to put words into such experiences.

one might say, kundalini energy is the energy of enlightenment. it can feel as if jesus christ or any other enlightened being were inside of the body. it is a sacred experience of the divine that will reveal to you your true nature.

kundalini process

just as it has ascended, the kundalini energy will descend again. most information found around only refers to the kundalini awakening, but a whole new being is created from this experience: a whole new life has started.

unless you were a 100% prepared for this experience, that means, unless your being was already completely pure, the kundalini energy will unlock a spiritual process of purification and energy cleanse. this is a process that works on all levels and will purify and cleanse and upgrade all of your bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

it is a long process which usually takes several years to complete. during this time, the more we flow, accept and work with this energy and what it is doing, the better.

it is an extreme energetic cleanse which will leave nothing like we knew it. it is human to try to resist it: the ego mind will try to resist letting go of everything it has been and has held as true. this is why the kundalini process can even be dangerous for some minds and why it is such a challenging experience.

it can cause physical, mental and emotional pains while it pushes everything that clogs the channels into the surface for it to be released.

honestly i would not recommend to strive for your kundalini to awaken, but rather to work on cleansing your chakra system so that, in case your kundalini awakens, you can be more prepared for it. this way, when it happens you will have worked on your energy already and will have gathered some instruments and tools to navigate through the cleansing process.

how to survive the process

i am using the word ‘survive’ to stress how challenging this process can be. as energy is pushed into the surface, we are truly learning to heal and transform all kind of dark energy into light and love.

old traumas arise, even from past lives, and there is only one way through: we have to face it, learn the lesson and let it go for good. we can even be working on collective traumas, transforming energy for the generations to come.

as much as the kundalini process can bring periods of joy, bliss and ecstasy, we will probably have to go through our dark night of the soul.

everything will be transformed into light during this period.

our whole being, on all levels, is made pure.

if you are going through this phase of deep purification, please, remember that it is temporary. remember that, if you’re going through this, it is because you were ready. you have all the tools to overcome this.

kundalini is not something ‘we are doing’: it is happening through our bodies. it is an alchemy of awakening and enlightenment that is channeled through our bodies. it is important to become aware of this, so that we can observe the process and be much more at peace with it.

resistance or frustration will bring you nowhere.

the more we learn to detach from our body-mind, the easier the process will become.

it is like a spiritual puberty: there is no turning back, no pushing a ‘stop’ button. when the process is awakened it will continue until your being is completely purified and and your soul liberated.

so just flow with it.

just observe what is.

accept what is.

hold yourself tight.

do whatever you need to do.

rest is key.

your body is upgrading, learning to host higher frequency and it will need a lot of rest to adjust, reset and restart. the kundalini ascension will completely transform you, it will turn your being into a channel of divine energy.

it will make you humble, it will fill your heart with love, compassion and gratitude.

it will connect you to source and you will become a channel of light walking on earth. you will discover who you are, why you are here. you will understand the nature of the universe.

there is not ‘a way’ to walk through the transformation that begins with kundalini awakening. it is a spiritual awakening that will transform life as you’ve known it.

allow your intuition to always guide you.

i will share some suggestions for healing methods on the following posts, so make sure to stay tuned!

let me know in the comments if you’ve found the information in this post interesting and tell me about your own experiences with kundalini!



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  3. Sharda

    I am also going through the same, I have underwent a trauma, also I am very sensitive and empathetic. This process is really hard to explain, I have nobody to share this with, also don’t know whom to approach for guidance and support. There must be some sort of an organization that truly works for and by the enlightened people who chose to walk on the divine life path.


    1. hi Sharda, thank you for your comment.
      I totally agree with you, there should be organisations engaged in helping people who go through this deep energy awakening. there’s people who suffer a lot because they’re not being supported and don’t understand what they are going through. a dear friend of mine spent around a year in psychiatric clinics because no one, herself included, knew what was happening to her. she is now actively engaged in helping others and she was the one who found me when I was really lost and blocked and she really helped me with her wisdom. I can give you her contact if you speak german.
      also there are a few authors writing about this, one of them is Tara Springett, she has an incredible book on Kundalini syndrom which I found highly helpful ( Tara also offers therapy sessions as a certified therapist for people having kundalini awakening.
      I am also open to offering my support in any way that I can, sharing these articles seems to be it for now but you can also contact me on my email if you want to have a talk ❤
      great blessings and love
      om namah shivaya


    2. Hi Sharda, I’m going through a kundalini awakening too sonce september 2020. I would be glad to shate the experience with you if you’d like so. You can contact me by mail. I wish you a smooth and fabulous ascension.


    3. Mike

      Hi Sara, this is an amazing read for me, I am approaching 4 years since my Kundalini awakened, it has been a hell of a dark night for most of that period but I am seeing glimmers of the beautiful life that awaits me 😂😂


      1. hi mike, thanks for your comment. sending my heart-felt blessings and wishes for that beautiful life already unfolding ❤


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  5. Annie Smedley

    I am so happy to have been guided to your Pinterest posts which in turn led me to your website – your information is very informative – having read the information, I feel a little more prepared for the next transition & those to come 🙏
    Many thanks, love & blessings



    1. thank you, love, for your kind words. I am really filled with joy in the knowing these posts could serve you in some way ❤ blessings, sara


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  8. Annett

    Thanks for your post!!! I went through this awakening on 2017 it was hard to explain in words or feelings what was happening to me… it was so deep, no one to talk about this, emotionally confusion and mentally, it was how you explained. My pain was so deep to understand even if my life was going ok. Its was my soul calling me ready to awake and heal… is a long beautiful process.

    The main experience of my kundalini activation was powerful in the body, you feel the electrical flow on your back, is very strong like fluid going up and down several times in a short period. this was my first step. After this my sexual energy was very strong for like a week and suddenly while working in my office house had the second activation, this time all my chakras activated one by one from the bottom to the top plus de same electrical fluid of energy on growing in my back (same as the previous activation), after all this energies moving and turning on going up and down through all my body all this energies exploded through my heart chakra, it was indescribable pure bliss and ecstasy.


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