the reason why you’ve met your twin flame

meeting our twin flame marks a before and after moment and it is an event that can completely change our life. 

we meet our twin flame when we are ready to dive into the depths of our spiritual world and to awaken to our true self. often we meet them when we least expect something like that and after a period of ‘longing’ to know true love. 

meeting our twin flame ignites a fire inside of us that fuels our spiritual growth. 

there is a lot of over-romanticising over twin flames, misconceiving the meeting of twin flames as ‘finally meeting the One’ so that we can live happily ever after. yes, our twin flame is our perfect reflection and potentially our perfect partner whom we can have a wonderful life of service together; however, we need to understand that first and foremost we meet our twin flame to grow as a soul and our relationship with our twin might be something much different than our ideals of romantic relationships. the sooner we can let go of our attachments and expectations regarding this relationship, the smoother our spiritual path will be. 

twin flames share the same energy core and therefore connect at an extremely deep level. from a spiritual point of view, twin flames are the same soul who’s chosen to split into two polarities (masculine and feminine) as a way to experience physical (dual) existence. that is why when we meet our twin flame it feels extremely familiar although we’ve never seen them before. 

meeting and interacting with someone who is basically you can be quite overwhelming for both counterparts. being together moves and potentially awakens long-dormant DNA strings (Kundalini energy) and these energies might push into the surface a lot of unconscious material which can be difficult to acknowledge and accept. if you haven’t integrated your shadow side and healed your inner fragmentation yet, meeting your twin flame will push you to do this inner work. 

read more about the Awakening of Kundalini energy in this section of my blog

when the Kundalini energy activates in our system, our consciousness expands and we become aware of until-then-hidden parts of our Higher Consciousness as well of our Unconscious world. the energy melts our repressed and hidden emotions, which are released into our conscious mind so that we can acknowledge, integrate and let go of them. this can cause a profound ‘dark night of the soul’. 

when this happens, we are faced with our inner wounds and demons, and it can be very hard to maintain our physical relationship with our twin flame: the unbalanced emotions we are confronted with will usually cause some conflict within the relationship. we might be projecting our pain onto our twin flame or see them as someone who has come to ‘save us’ and obsess over them and this will push them away.

the more we cling onto their energy and long for ‘more’, the more they will distance themselves from us. they might do this completely unconsciously but, if this happens to you, understand that they are being guided from their soul so that you can grow into your own shoes.

such a distance might be necessary in order not to create co-dependent relationships and feed toxic dynamics. the higher selves of twins will always make sure that the relationship does not fall into unhealthy patterns. 

the nature of twin flame relationship is extremely balanced and peaceful, there are not expectation between counterparts, no unbalanced emotions, no craving nor longing. twin flames can only be together in complete freedom.

they can only engage with one another in a romantic relationship when there is no craving for the romantic and sexual connection, as this just simply happens as a byproduct of the unified energy field.

twins are magnetised to each other, with no need nor desire for this to happen, when they are able to step into their inner light and embody Unconditional Love.

they are not ‘making’ the relationship happen, they are simply being together.

Unconditional Love is all about being, being unconditionally loving in front of All That Is (oneself included!), without needing nor desiring to change anything about the present moment. it is about being totally present in the Pure Consciousness of Here and Now. 

being in the presence of our twin flame feels extremely light, joyful and healing because they show us how being aligned to our Soul Consciousness feels like. when we crave more of them, we are actually craving our own selves, our soul and our healing, we are craving to find our inner light and the joy inside of our hearts. 

this is the reason why you’ve met your twin flame. to find your inner light and the joy within your heart. to heal your inner fragmentation, which is causing ‘separation’: your separation pain does not come from simply feeling ‘separated’ from your physical twin, but is actually pointing out that you are feeling separated within yourselves and therefore with the rest of the world. ‘separation’ is not something to mend between you and your twin, but within yourself.

however, at times the separation pain you project onto your twin can be quite unbearable, check this article to see what you can do about it.

nevertheless, comprehend that feeling painfully separated from your twin means that you feel painfully separated from yourself, because they are you. it can indicate that your inner feminine and masculine are wounded and that’s what needs to be addressed, investigated and healed. when your inner feminine and masculine energies are balanced, you no longer feel fragmented within yourself and no longer crave anything (like attention or love) from your twin or others. 

you’ve met your twin flame because they serve your path as a catalyst for your spiritual awakening and your ascension process. your twin flame shows you what Oneness, Peace and Unconditional Love feels like, because they are you. so this is all about yourself. about you unveiling your own Truth. 

Ascension happens inside of yourself, within your own self. it is an intimate process with your own Soul.

it is the unraveling of your Unconscious blockages so that the pure, raw life-force (Kundalini energy) can flow freely through your Being and elevate you to your Inner Divinity.

it is about the love of your inner feminine and inner masculine and how they unite within yourself, filling you with ever-lasting bliss and joy.

it is about the deep acceptance of yourself and of the Impermanence of All That Is and the intuitive understanding that only Love is Real.

it is about embodying Divine Love, which is pure and unconditional, which shines upon everything it meets, which has no intent but itself.

it is about coming back Home, about realising that Paradise is what we are and that this is only found through the Heart.

it is about opening up to Divine Love, receiving the Grace of God and restoring Peace and Unity within yourself.

your Ascension benefits not only you as an individual soul but also the whole of creation and is especially healing (and necessary) for the current Human collective and Mother Earth. 

check out this article to read more about Ascension and how it functions. 

I hope you found this article inspiring and let me know in the comments what you think about it ❤ check this section of my blog if you want to read more about twin flames.

great blessings and love,


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17 thoughts on “the reason why you’ve met your twin flame

  1. Gail

    I know I have met my twin flame in the form of my husband. Our relationship has experienced so many challenges but nothing has torn us apart. I have never felt such complete love before. I wish I had met him sooner so I can love him longer. But there is another life and another chance for us to be together again.


      1. Ashta

        This is just the most beautiful and resonant piece I have read on this journey. What a gift. ❤️


    1. Kriszti

      Wonderful explanation- experiencing every part of this journey now! Your summary helps me to acknowledge and accept this process even more! I know I am blessed with this experience and now I understand even more the painful parts of my journey!💕


  2. Lu Little

    This is the clearest description, informative, no frills, straight forward explanation of twin flames ive ever read. Its very beautifully written and I appreciate the links to your other posts that lead to answers of any other questions one might have regarding awakening and so forth. Thank you for sharing this. Truly. Much love to you 💖


    1. thank you Lu for your beautiful comment, I am really glad to read your words. my articles are all co-written with my spirit team, I guess they know what they’re doing ❤ blessings and love


    1. hi dear, thank you for your comment. i am on pinterest as @purifyingwavesoflove (or simply look for “purifying wave”) – I havent posted in a while because Ive had less time but this is where I’m most active. I also have an IG account, also named @purifyingwavesoflove, but I havent posted in a long while, nor am I active on it. I might get back to it at some point. love and blessings, sara

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tristin

    Thank you Sara. You touched upon pure truths about coming from the heart and that only love is real. It’s these foundations which I believe lead me to a twinflame journey. Your words have got my attention. Thank you 🙏🌸💠


    1. beloved Tristin, thank you for your kind commentary and for your precious support to my projects. may your life be filled with joy, prosperity and miracles. blessings, sara ❤


      1. Tristin

        Thank you Sara. May miracles, joy, blessings, prosperity and love be bestowed upon you as well 💛 💠


  4. Ngoc Thang Vo

    To whom it may concern
    I got the feeling my twin flame was the famous singer because by the time the world been ask to awaken…I was experience some strange state happening…let me review my story to you how I meet my twin flame….She is famous Vietnamese Singer…but first I don’t expect the love toward her…I just follow her in Facebook for my entertainment…then one day I went mental illness by listening her newest song…I went delusion…the song hit me badly…later I went hospital for treatment order. Things start be normal again…after recovery from mental illness…I lost my passion…I lost the feeling that I missing her badly…I start all over again…and think this only because I’m sick…there is no way she my lover from before or last previous pass life…but one day I went to her Facebook page…suddenly every of her post start automatic randomly moving…it turning every post to me one by one without my order…it even bring me to YouTube…very weird….like a miracle…like unsolve mystery….it keep turning every single post to me…but I seem very relax…It like give me a confident…she the one for me….then she release another song…this song hit me again…then every her fanpage appear in my Newsfeed and asked…of course it their status…everyone who follow that page will see it…but it like it’s status just aim to me! Their status is something very romancing and touching: “look at my eyes, do you love me?” Something like that…but I’m very calm….I think it just a delusion…it my illness…then it happen to me again when I visit her Facebook page…every single of her keep rotating automatically…picture after picture…but I’m still stay calm…then I feel like every status she make in her Facebook there will be exactly the word I used it for the other day…very weird…and it all happen incident like that until now….then one day I check on the face recognition technology of Facebook the I realize Facebook told me her face and I match…then by that time I one hundred percent sure she is my twin flame…then one day I give myself a test…I go to the shop buy two t-shirt and told myself this two color will match the colour of her clothes she wear for tomorrow for her posting…tomorrow come she posting in her Facebook…she wear exactly colour that yesterday I bought the two t-shirt I bought in the shop….


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