can you recall those moments of your life when time loses meaning and existence just is, and it is through you?

softly waking up, before names and labels hit your consciousness – can you stay there for longer?

one second more, and one more, until no second exists.

time can stand still,

all it takes is for you to stand still

in the eternal moment which is forever.

i am opening my mind like an open window – this information flows through this system.

who is this system? what is this system?

mostly, humans like to give me a name. so i take on a name, to make things easier for human functioning. this name is given to a body – a bodily form –, a face, a couple of eyes, a gaze, a voice, an intellect, a mind…

this system has no name and yet it is given one.

this system is born as pure consciousness – into density. thick density.

when consciousness is born as this system, it has no name – yet it is given one, for the sake of human functioning. this conscious system is told, again and again, what its name is.

for the sake of human functioning – in order to survive –, this system takes in the information that it has a name. slowly a character arises, a personality.

one day, maybe, this system stumbles upon so-called spiritual information. this system is told about ego, illusion, liberation. this system is told ‘follow this path and you’ll be free’.

this system, now fully identified with its invented human character, learns rituals, prayers, postures, everything that is needed and required on this path. this system is feeling trapped in its own character and craves to be free.

this system continues to follow the rules given by others. ‘your name is’ becomes ‘follow this’ – the promise is always the same: belonging.

this system wants to belong so badly. it wants to be loved, for it loves and it wants to be loved back – love makes this system feel alive – love means safety and safety means survival.

even if survival means taking on a character this system can’t stand. this system adapts for the sake of survival.

this system was never the character – it just believed it was – it believed so long that this system forgot that something else could be true.

only limited perceptions remained.

this system has to break through those limitations. it has to expand into what this system truly is : life flowing through a conscious system.

this conscious system has no name, it is not separated from the whole of creation – it is the whole of creation, it is the creator of all.

the creator of all is life itself – life that flows through this system – it is never separated, never has been, never will be.

the character of this system is only a belief this belief is held in the mind – the mind needs to be purified from this belief.

the mind is the one who thinks through the system, and now it is thinking that this system is limited. it is giving this system a limited identity because it has learned that, in order to survive, this system needs a character (=a human personality).

the mind was only just trying to do its work as the system – and the system is here to live – so the mind was trying to survive.

survival is not living.

the mind has to step out of survival mode – it has to be purified from limited beliefs – the mind has to be emptied.

the mind needs discipline – it is not the master of the system – the mind is only a part of this system.

this system is so much more than the limited perceptions of the mind.

empty the mind.

observe the mind – don’t be the mind.

you are not the mind – the mind is being through the system – you are not the system – you are life flowing through a system.

this system is a temporary perspective life has taken on – this system is a temporary perspective you have taken on – you are life itself – life is infinite and eternal.

this system was born because life animated this system – life was the creator of this system – you are the creator of this system – you are the creator of life.

where the sun shines, there life grows.

your attention is like sunshine – where you place your attention, that land grows – where are you placing your attention?

your attention is nourishment – you feed your thoughts by giving them attention – what thoughts are you feeding?

and what thoughts are you avoiding? what questions and answers are you avoiding?

your subconscious mind is giving attention to your repressed, hidden thoughts.

your subconscious mind is aware of the shadows of the sunshines of your conscious attention – are you aware of the shadows?

the more you push aside, the more you avoid self-confrontation, the bigger the shadow side grows – what scares you is growing bigger and bigger inside of you.

until one day it explodes. like blood during a massacre, pieces of your shadows will spill all over the room you’ve been obsessively trying to clean.

you can’t clean yourself from life – life is light and darkness – you can’t clean darkness – darkness needs not be cleaned.

darkness and light just want to be experienced as one – for they are one.

as long as darkness is dismissed as ‘bad’, this system is trapped in limited perceptions.

as long as identified thinking labels ‘this good, this bad’, this system is trapped in limited perceptions.

a curse can be a blessing – it is a matter of perspective.

the limited mind is the one who believes there is a good and bad – it has learned this as a survival mechanism – how long are you going to stay in survival mode?

empty your mind.

b r e a t h e

– you don’t need your mind to breathe.

b r e a t h e

– life is happening whether you think about it or not.

b r e a t h e

– there’s so much beyond the thinking mind.

b r e a t h e

– life is happening whether you live it fully or not.

b r e a t h e

– you are exactly where you need to be.

b r e a t h e

– life only wants to be you.

infinite blessings,


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4 thoughts on “EMPTY THE MIND

  1. Sarah

    This was a -much needed- and amazing reminder. Thank you sister heart, your words conveyed the vibration beautifully and clearly ♡


  2. jeffrey savoie

    Everyone needs to know that life really is this simple. If only they could do this and drop the constant duality and searching for something that isn’t there, or something they don’t need, and stop the labeling, well with everything, really. To empty the mind, just be and let it happen.


  3. a divine transformation

    This was so divine to read, thank you. My Soul guided me here as I’ve been struggling the last while with calming my exhausted overworking mind. It’s magical to read these words exactly when I needed them. Xo


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