Full Moon Blessings

may the Full Moon bless this blog and every being that stumbles upon it !! 

beloved friends, 

it is with immense honour that i present myself hereby, offering through this blog some insights i have gained through my times of intensive search on the spiritual path. i am only a seeker and a humble soul always learning new things.

for a while now, i have been walking this beautiful path of love and now i feel this strong fire inside: it is time for me to get out of the darkness and to share those few lessons i have been learning on the road. i am young and have a long way upon me, an adventure called life that is unfolding every second before my amazed eyes. a passion for words has always been present in this life, and therefore i feel very happy to have the privilege to share some teachings i have been blessed with. going through some tough lessons i often found myself looking for some understanding online and was very relieved when i was offered the exact informations that i needed and full of gratitude for those beings that made it available for me to find. 

this blog is a way of giving back. it is my way of sharing the little pearls i have learned and am still learning and it is my way to offer it into this big spider net that is the internet !! may this Full Moon assist me on this new beautiful challenge and may it guide me to my fullest potential for the good of all beings. together we shall shine!

it is my deepest hope that the creations of this blog might arrive to those beings that might need them. i pray for these words to be of help only! i pray for this knowledge to arrive to those who need it! i pray for all being that read these words to find some kind of healing! may all beings be healed!! 

i hope to be able to connect with beautiful souls through this online platform. please, feel free to send me a message or to drop a comment anytime. let’s connect!! that is why we have the internet — to share and to connect and to learn together how to embrace with fullness our divinity as human beings. 

i give thanks for the spiritual guides that drive this body of mine and that guide these fingers into tipping divine words of love. i as the human form take responsibility for everything that is written on this blog — however, the wisdom and the knowledge come from higher planes, from the divine entities that get to express themselves through these bones and flesh of mine. to them i am infinitely grateful for blessing me with such an amazing task. therefore, it is with great humility and with honour that i, as the human form, get to channel divine wisdom and to compose into the material world the articles that are to come. 

i give thanks to you for reading these words; i give thanks to you for being a beautiful seeker of peace, inner and outer; i give thanks to you for being such a graceful being of light! embrace your light and together we humans shall become one with the infinite force of creation.

blessings are pouring on your precious soul!!

hari om,


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Blessings

  1. Sreejith

    Dear Soul, I have stumbled upon this article and whilst still reading other topics wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been wonderful and joyful to realise how it very strongly resonate and relate with my inner experiences. I could feel the Divine Love in all your words. Wish you the very best. Thanks again.


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