heal with meditation

a shaman once told me «meditation is medication».

there you have the key to finding your inner peace.

it might seem boring and you might have heard these words a lot already. or maybe you haven’t — then i am glad to be the one to be telling you this. 

but let’s be real, a lot of people talk about meditation — still, there is so much confusion about what meditation really is, since so much falls under the umbrella of the term «meditation». one probably doesn’t even know where to start. 

so here it goes to my own view on meditation. 

to meditate means to contemplate. to observe. to be fully present.

we are taught by many religious traditions, as for instance buddhism or hinduism, to sit down and breathe.

there are so many meditation techniques — i couldn’t even start naming them!

but the general method is to stick your attention on one thing, may it be your breath, or a mantra, or an imagine, and to stay there. whenever you lose the focus you should gently come back and start again.

this is traditional meditation. and it is beautiful, it is lovely and it really has a huge huge power on those who start to practice. it has the power to heal your life. 

however, we live in a very hectic worlds and many people find it extremely hard to sit down and stay still for even ten minutes. they maybe try a couple of times and then for whatever reason they give up and say «meditation is not for me». 

some people just do not resonate with this static method and that is completely okay. but that does not mean you have to give up meditation or being present!

my friends, meditation is so much more than just sitting down repeating the name of God!! we live immersed in the One — there is no need to worry about that.

but how do we get in touch with the Absolute, if traditional meditation doesn’t work for us? 

as mentioned, meditation means to observe. so do that: observe! any time of the day you can be meditating. still, to be able to observe needs practice. what are other methods that can help you cultivate enough stillness and quietness of the mind? 

if you feel you need to move, try to keep an observing attitude while doing yoga or qigong, while walking, jogging or dancing.

for me, dancing and walking are great ways that anyone can do, since you don’t need to learn a method and you can also do that in the case jogging or yoga are challenging for your body. 

how to do meditative dancing

choose some instrumental music, there are online many meditative beats, or just start with whatever pleases you.

take time for your dance: find a safe space in which no one will interrupt you.

then, start shaking!

shake your legs and your arms and then your whole body.

breathe and observe how your body reacts.

start moving without judgement, without worrying if you are doing it right. no one is watching you, so stop being the one watching you with that critical eye!

whenever a critical voice gets in your head that doesn’t allow you to «flow» with your movements, shake it off. literally, shake it off your head through your arms or your legs and watch it flow out of your body, back to mother earth. 

just observe the movements your body produces as if you were watching from outside your body.

feel your body, stay with the breath, observe the energy moving.

how to do walking meditation

breathe and relax into your legs and let them guide you.

they know what they are doing, so just relax into being guided through the area — isn’t it lovely to not having to worry about where or how you are going?

let them do their thing, even if it means going very slow or very fast. they need that, whatever comes.

keep your attention on your bodily feelings, keep your attention on your breath.

from this place of inner observation, contemplate the beauty that surrounds you (no matter where you are walking through, see the beauty in that!).

absolve your being into the walking and let all other thoughts fall away.

say to your mind: “now i relax and observe my walking — all thoughts can come back later, but for now i take time for myself to recharge my batteries through this walking.”

feel our mother earth under your feet, calling you home!

observe your breathe, observe the sounds around you, observe your inner sensations.

do not judge, stay open, just look at what is there!  

after all, meditation is about presence.

you don’t need to master sitting down for hours and hours on end (although, hey, if you can, that is great as well!).

it is about being present, it is about observing what you are experiencing, it is about connecting to your deeper self.

for that, it is not necessary to forget that you have a body that needs to move.

in this stressed-out society, we do not move enough, and our body just cannot stay still.

perhaps it would rather be shaking off all the stress and anger and fear it has been building up through a dance!

allow it to de-charge and re-charge by doing something that you enjoy and being present doing that.

breathe and relax. that’s key.

it could be sitting down and just breathing, or maybe playing a sport and just being fully present in your body, or maybe it is drawing, or cooking, or cleaning.

no matter what you are doing, you can always meditate.

just take time to let the thoughts fall away, let your mind and body know that you are now mentally resting and just observe, like watching a movie.

relax, and enjoy this beautiful dream that is called life.

no matter what you see or feel, just observe, free of any judgement.

be patient, observe, breathe.

breathe, observe, relax.

you are safe. you are loved.

find that safety and that love in your heart through meditation, through presence, through relaxation, through gratefulness.

if you feel lost, go out to nature and ask our mother earth to help you.

do not be afraid to ask for help.

many beautiful beings out there in nature will definitely show you with infinite compassion what it means to observe, to breathe, to relax, to feel nourished, to give and to take with selflessness.

look at the trees, look at all plants: such precious creatures, just enjoying their time on earth, seeing the infinite, breathing in and breathing out love for our big mother! 

some of us like to pray. prayer is a great tool to enter meditation and an observing mind state.

get in touch with your inner guides, talk to them, ask them to teach you, to guide you. learn how to listen to them.

in order to hear their divine voices, you will need to cultivate inner silence through… meditation! but as i told you, it can be any time of exercise in which you observe without creating judgement (that is, chatter) in your mind. 

and once you create stillness and silence and emptiness in your mind, the universe enters in and spreads healing and love on every free corner it finds.

the more you dive deep, the more you will be filled with divine light. 

i pray for all beings to be filled with infinite, divine light. may we all awake to our true divine nature! may we all realise in each and every one of our precious cells that we come from the One and we are going back to the One. 

blessings are constantly falling upon you — take the time and create the stillness to become aware of that! 

let me know if you’ve tried these techniques and what is your experience with meditation!

hara shivaya hara hara 


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