find inner guidance

we live in times of chaos, where political authorities and figures of power lie to us and it seems there is no one left to believe in. i think this is a necessary step of humanity so that people stop looking out for an external authority and start seeking an inner guidance they can trust. 

but how to find that inner voice of truth in a mind full of chatter? 

keep reading to find out how i do it and how you can do it too!

often, the only thing we hear in our mind is self-judgement and self-critique. how to trust that mean little voice that tells me I am of no worth? 

the first step is quieting the mind, so that the unnecessary chatter stops.

there are many techniques to do this — it does not matter what you do, whether it is singing or painting or meditating or taking a jog.

it is important to try out techniques and find the one(s) that work best for us and allow us to stay in the moment, to focus on what we are experiencing right now.

instead of traveling to the past or to the future, when the mind is focused on the action, it quiets — suddenly thoughts are not so loud.

of course, it takes time. i am a big believer of «practice makes perfect». just keep practicing whatever helps you find that inner silence and trust that it will grow. 

remind yourself that no one can judge you unless you judge yourself.

stop that self-destroying game of judgement. stop pointing the finger because you did this and that, and start treating yourself as you would treat your best friend.

offer yourself a safe space where you can un-load your daily experiences and where you can find acceptance and friendship within yourself. be the one that hugs you and that offer you their presence when you are sad. be the one that listens to you and offers you comprehension and forgiveness.

instead of concentrating on judging yourself for doing something “wrong”, try to understand why you did it — what pushed you into doing that action? look at it with a loving or a neutral eye, and try to see the dynamics that hold beneath it.

be gentle to yourself, be kind to yourself. take time for yourself.

you need to be your priority if you want to have a fulfilling life. only once you are capable of giving yourself love and acceptance, only once you can forgive yourself, you will be able to truly love and forgive others. 

magically, once you’ll start being quiet, once you’ll start giving up judging yourself, once you’ll start listening to what your unconscious mind has to say (as the reasons behind «why did i say yes, when actually i wanted to say no» or «why did i lie» etc), you will start recognising the inner voice of your guides, who have actually always been there.

start believing that you are guided, and they will make an appearance, they will start communicating with you.

by realising that everything is in perfect divine order, you can start seeing the things that happen to you with a new eye: everything that happens holds a lesson, and until we don’t learn that lesson, the same dynamics will happen to us.

if we stop the judging and the chatter and all the «what if»’s, when we stop being in the past on in the future and start living in the present, we can start concentrating on the messages beneath those experiences and what our guides are trying to teach us. 

also a great great way to get in touch with your higher self is to ask her/him/them/it to get in touch with you!

so simple it is!

by humbling down and acknowledging that you might need guidance, you open up the path for them to help you.

sometimes your higher self/ your guides are just waiting for you to humble down a little bit and understand that you might need guidance. 

your higher self and your spiritual guides want nothing but the best for you and that answer is always found in the heart.

tune into your heart, ask it a question and listen in silence to the answer (the first that comes, that’s it!).

connecting to your heart might mean slowing down, saying «no», putting yourself first. it might mean staying in for the night and taking a long bath,.it might mean sitting down for a while and letting the tears out. it might mean change and that is often scary.

if we trust the heart, if we trust that inner guidance, miracles start appearing into our life.

we are guided into new, unknown realms where we actually get what we really want, and stop trying to achieve that we think we are expected to do or what other expect from us. 

be gentle to yourself — you are just trying to do your best. trust your feelings, trust your heart, listen to the inner guidance. 

life is too short for trying to get others to like us, but we can start loving ourselves — all other things will then fall away.

embrace this new moon by loving yourself more, by accepting and being gentle to every part of you.

love always wins! 

may your guides get in touch with you and guide you into an existence full of divine love and joy! they are already always connected with you and, without judgement, they remind us we are never alone and we are always loved. they show us what infinite compassion and forgiveness look like. may our guides be blessed! may you who read this be blessed with divine love! we are beings of love, let’s remember and embrace that! 

lots and lots of blessings and happy new moon, 


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