How to Transform our Life with Gratitude

hi loves,

today i’ll be sharing some insight regarding the creative process, and how we can consciously create a life filled with joy, inner peace and blessings. i’ll be focusing on gratitude as an inner attitude that supports us in manifesting a fulfilling existence and reality. i’ll be providing details on how this happens, and will back them up with examples. finally, i’ll share a tool we can use to cultivate gratitude, and therefore hold a frequency that acts like a magnet for positive life experiences.

the process of creating our life is much less complicated than we might believe it to be. first of all, there’s no need to stress about it nor become obsessed with it!

believe it or not, we are constantly creating our lives. every minute we are shaping our future experiences through the sensations we feel in the present moment and through our predominant inner attitude.

as i explained in depth in my previous article «be a conscious creator: manifest your desired reality», the Universe is like a giant (cosmic) copy-machine: what you send out is sent back to you. another way of seeing this is like a mirror: whatever is held within will be reflected in the outer reality.

we shape and create our life based on what we feel and experience ourselves inside. this includes all unconscious material.

as within, so without.

often we read: don’t expect a different outcome if you keep doing the same actions.

this rings true to me, and i’d take this a little further. i’d say: don’t expect a different state of being if you keep feeling the same about yourself and your life.

don’t expect joyful twist-arounds if you’re feeling depressed about your life. i am sorry. i am not arguing whether this is fair or cruel. this is how things work – at least in this planet, in this dimension, in this universe we inhabit.

a person that feels like a victim will be presented again and again with experiences that will confirm her/his victim status. a person that feels depressed will experience more and more depressed states of being. a person that trusts in life will be presented experiences that allow her/him to further trust in life.

the awakening process is made of smaller ‘breakthroughs’ that show us more about the truth of our being. often these realisations are ‘hard-truths’ we need to accept, and once we’ve integrated them, we can then continue with our life from a more mature perspective. life on earth is not a fairy tale, and yet we all have the unique opportunity to be happy and feel soul-deep fulfilment.

we just need to understand how things actually work and use the laws of the universe in our favour.

this might often mean we have to let go of some naive illusions, like the belief that things just ‘magically’ change in our favour without us moving a finger (or changing a thought).

the point now is that creating our dream life is actually not exhausting. well, of course, it can be exhausting too. go on and feel exhausted about manifesting, and don’t get surprised if life just keeps on feeling exhausting!

you see, what you believe on a deep level, you create.

what it takes to transform our reality in our favour is a change in our inner attitude.

if we don’t enjoy our state of being, a new haircut, a new apartment, a new partner or a new job might not change anything about the way we feel about our life. temporary pleasures and material things can come or go.

what we need is change inside. for real transformation to happen we need a real shift in the way we feel about ourselves and our life.

this is because when we change the way we feel about things, we are starting to send out a different message to the Universe/Energy of Creation, and therefore we are also getting a different message reflected back to us.

now, bear in mind that changes in the physical dimension take some time, because matter takes some time to mould. there is a time-lap between the moment something is created by thought and emotion and the moment we actually see with our physical eyes the results of that creation.

there’s no rule for the time-lap. it can happen in a day, or take years.

there’s something that supports the creative process, and that is: consistency.

let’s look at it like this: imagine chaotic, unfocused, moving, creative energy. this is our field of potentiality. each time we have a thought, we create an energy tunnel, and the energy of our thoughts begins to run through that tunnel. the more our thought flows in that direction, the more the tunnel condensates, the more concrete this energy becomes.

the less focused the direction of our thoughts, the less likely we are to consciously create our own manifestations.

if we have a chaotic mind, we create chaotic timelines.

i personally don’t suggest to obsess over the precise ‘direction’ we want our life to take.

what i am suggesting is much easier, and much more peaceful.

we don’t need plan our life up to the least detail. that’s not how it works. life is much more complex than we can ever imagine – we can manifest our perfect house, exactly as we imagined it, and yet forget to take care about the horrible neighbours.

there’s no way we can possibly control everything, and therefore it makes no sense to obsess over all the details of our life.

this was the point of my previous article: what makes the most sense (both for our mental and emotional health), is to focus on how we want to feel, and surrender the details of our manifestation into the hands of the Universal Mind.

focusing on how we want to feel is a wonderful practice that begins to bear fruits in this present moment, as all it takes is to actually just feel that feeling.

you see, people may want to be rich, and yet we all know that there are countless rich people suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness. so we could be manifesting more money, and yet still feel miserable – honestly, who wants this?

what is it that we actually desire when we think we want to be rich? maybe it is safety, or feeling abundant, powerful, independent, free.

behind the desires for material luxury, there’s a desire arising from our depths, telling us something deeper about ourselves, communicating us what we are actually needing on a soul level.

once we recognise what we actually desire at a deeper level, we can begin to cultivate that feeling within us in this right moment. go on and see: what inner attitude do i need in order to feel safer in my skin? how can i feel more empowered? how can i experience more inner freedom?

money is energy, like for example sex, and it can come and go, it is part of being human, yet it is not the purpose nor the goal of human existence. money is an instrument for sustainment, not the goal, isn’t it? a 6-figures bank account can make us feel financially stable, and yet we could still be feeling unsafe in our own skin – where’s the point, then? why waste so much energy in manifesting something that is not fulfilling our true needs?

i am not suggesting we refuse money. again, money is energy, like food, and once we create a balanced reality, all the money we need will be there also.

so the juicy questions are: how do i create a balanced reality? how do i create a fulfilling life for myself?

where should i focus my thoughts on?

what feeling should i cultivate within myself?

i am making an universal suggestion that always works and that can truly transform our whole life, uplifting our mental and emotional health and magnetising in our life blessings and miracles.

let me just say it: we can never go wrong with gratitude.

being grateful is a safe way to tell the Energy of Creation: ‘my life is worth living’ – and that’s always a good thing. that always bears juicy fruits.

if we deconstruct the process, this is what we would get: it starts with thinking or saying ‘thank you for my life’ and really feel this gratitude within oneself. it doesn’t matter ‘who’ or ‘what’ we’re saying «thank you» to. we can say it to Mother Earth, to Life itself, to God, or just to ourselves. the important part is : feeling gratitude within ourselves.

feeling gratitude inside means that we start sending out a frequency of gratitude. at this point, the Divine Copy-Machine (the Creator, or Universal Mind) receives the message of gratitude, and reads it as: ‘my life is worth living’ or ‘i like my life’. the Divine Copy-Machine then goes on and prints out life experiences that will help us confirm our self-affirming statement of ‘thank you (= i like my life)’.

these freshly printed-out life experiences are such that they will make sure we say ‘thank you for my life’ again, as they confirm to us what we hold inside.

let’s try this again: i say ‘thank you for this day’ as i wake up and right before i go to bed. the Divine Creator hears ‘thank you for this day’ and starts painting a canvas that says ‘this day is making me grateful’.

who knows what that painting contains, right? what we know it: it ends up with me saying ‘thank you’ – isn’t that enough greatness?

that’s because we say ‘thank you’ when something beautiful happens to us.

we say ‘thank you’ to life lessons that bring us a step further as humans and as soul beings. we say ‘thank you’ when someone gives us something we like. we say ‘thank you’ when we get the chance to help, to be wiser, to take our own decisions, to pursue our dreams. we say ‘thank you’ when we find out ways to treat ourselves and others better. we say ‘thank you’ when we heal.

we say ‘thank you’ when we are happy about our life.

what else can also results in us uttering ‘thank you’? acts of kindness, acts of courage, acts of faith. sudden smiles, hugs, kisses. an insight, deeper understanding, the truth being revealed. when we say ‘thank you’ we are alchemising all of this into our existence.

cultivating gratitude is send out the messages ‘i trust in life’, ‘i trust that my life can be worth living’, ‘i trust that things are going to be good’.

when we vibrate from a grateful state of being, we are naturally allowing great things to come to us.

once we open up a space for positive experiences, we can then rest in the knowing that these things, whatever they are, are making our way to us.

i am adding a final thought on: feeling gratitude. this might take some practice: if you are not used to feeling grateful, experiencing the emotion of gratitude might not happen all in a sudden.

the brain is this amazing machine which can be re-programmed by repeating things to it. the more you hear something, the more you’re likely to believe it.

so we can start by telling ourselves ‘i am grateful’ – even though we are not feeling grateful. we just say it. from time to time, when we remember – try to make it a habit – morning and evening: ‘i am grateful’.

if we keep repeating it, one day, all of a sudden, we will feel grateful.

if we have difficulties in experiencing the feeling of gratitude, we can support this by looking out for situations that can help us get in touch with gratitude.

for example, we could say ‘i am grateful’ while standing in the sun, and focusing on the pleasant sensation of sun-rays on our skin.

other examples: saying ‘i am grateful’ when taking a hot shower, when breathing fresh air, when doing something we enjoy, when meeting a creature we love, when looking at something beautiful, a sunset, sunrise, a mountain, a tree, a painting, when listening to great music.

we can go on a chase for some form of beauty, and then think or say ‘i am grateful’ once we encounter it. at some point we will surely experience gratitude in our heart.

once we get in touch with ‘what gratitude feels like’, we can go on and continue cultivating this feeling within ourselves.

we can even go as far as looking in the mirror and saying ‘i am grateful to be me’!! 😉

the experience of gratitude will let the Universe know we enjoy our life, and by the Laws of Creation, we will be presented with more life experiences that allow us to feel gratitude again. feeling gratitude is like wearing a frequency that acts like a magnet for blessings and life experiences that support our happiness and growth.

my friend, i hope you have enjoyed this article, and found the information in it valuable and easy to understand. if you have any doubt, please drop a comment or write me a private message through my contact page.

take great care!

in gratitude and love


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4 thoughts on “How to Transform our Life with Gratitude

  1. Tristin

    Thank you beloved Sara 🙏🌸
    This truly picked my Spirits up today.
    I AM grateful for you and what you express through your heart for many.
    Much love 💛


    1. beloved Tristin,
      i am delighted to read from you and receive your gentle words and generosity.
      I am grateful that you’re part of this big new earth family ❤
      take care.
      in love and gratitude, sara


  2. DIANNA Sanchez

    Thank you very much I did get a great feeling reading this I am grateful to you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated God bless you.


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