beloved friends,

with great joy i welcome you back to this gentle online sanctuary. today we are going to talk about a very important topic for us all manifested beings: creating our own reality.

as always, i like to begin by going to the source of the matter (and literally, go to the source of matter!): i am not trying to convince you about anything, i simply wish for you to understand what i am being guided to transmit and i want you to discern and choose consciously whether you want to apply this in your life or not.

discernment is so important, my brother, my sister. especially with today’s topic: creating our reality consciously.

so, first thing first, to create consciously, we got to be conscious. conscious of who we are and of who we want to be.

how could we create a desired reality without knowing who we want to be in this creation in the first place? by “who we want to be” i mean what kind of energy we want to embody in this world, how we want to feel and what we want to realise through this lifetime.

let us be serious: it ain’t that easy to know what exactly it is that we really want.

let me offer a simple example to make this easily understandable: imagine you are wanting to eat cake, you go to the shop and find yourself in front of a dilemma: do i want the chocolate cake or the fruity one?

now, again, what is it that you truly want? what is it that you wish to attain by eating cake? feeling satisfied, right? you want your body to feel nourished with some delicious treats that make you feel physically, emotionally and mentally satisfied.

yet this dilemma: chocolate or fruits?

my friend, i am offering today a vision that can, possibly, if fully applied, set yourself free from the choice. this might be radical, and, why not, even revolutionary.

having to choose isn’t freedom.

freedom is allowing ourselves to unfold at our own pace without trying to control our own unfolding.

freedom is being so aligned to our soul song that we don’t have to choose anymore – the option of a choice doesn’t even arise, as we naturally flow through our path without ever questioning it.

the vision i am offering is: let us surrender our need to control what exactly we are creating, and let us allow our heart create through us. let us allow our soul to use us, the human system, as the instrument through which the soul experiments itself.

so, yes, the vision which is being offered today isn’t focused on what exactly is being created: we don’t focus on a particular manifestation such as a job, a relationship, a house, etc.

today’s vision is proposing to surrender the “what” to our Higher Self (we can also say Higher Mind or Greater Spirit), and actually just focus on how we want to feel in our manifestation.

this vision allows us to release the need to control (which is very liberating), letting go of past narratives and future projections, and rest in the perfection of This Present Moment.

by resting in the Now Moment, we allow things to unfold as they are meant to without interfering; this perspective is supported by an inner attitude of unconditional acceptance and total surrender.

i understand this won’t resonate with all, yet i believe it will be received by those who are tired of feeling lack and desire a real change in the way they feel about their own lives.

so, let us move on.

we can be sure we are creating the life of our dreams when we are aligned with our essence, or soul.

by being in alignment with the truth of our soul, we can rest in the knowing that we are attracting into our lives all those experiences that allow us to evolve as a soul being. also this naturally makes sure that we are soulfully nourished and satisfied.

now, how can align ourselves to the truth of our soul?

i guess there are endless ways to connect with one’s nature. i will share with you how i do it, in the sincere hope that it might benefit you in finding your own way to get in touch with your core:

close your eyes. if you want, place a hand or both hands in the centre of your chest. now breathe. breathe and observe how the breath goes in and out of your lungs. focus your attention in the breathing centre of your chest. continue breathing until a gentle, calm sensation starts expanding from your heart into your whole body. focus on this sensation of peace and let it fill your mind. remain in this vibration.

the important thing now is: remain in this vibration.

because whatever vibration you inhabit is the vibration you create from, and i am suggesting here that you create from and through your heart consciousness: this means remaining in a vibration that is perfectly aligned with your heart awareness.

if you need help to connect with your heart awareness, i have written lengthly on the topic in this article: connecting to the heart + meditation.

there’s plenty of people who will explain the following in a more detailed way to you (check out quantum physics); i will keep it straight and easy: we are made of particles of energy that constantly vibrate. the Self (=the energy of life) reproduces itself. put these two things together: particles vibrate energetically + this energy reproduces itself.

so, you see, whatever vibration you put out reproduces itself.

in order to be consciously creating our reality, we need to be conscious of our vibration.

what are we sending out?

this is the key element.

because this is what we are getting more of.

we are constantly creating no matter what. we are constantly sending out vibrations and these vibrations are constantly reproducing themselves no matter what. you cannot NOT be a creator. being the creator of YOUR reality is your nature.

this also means taking responsibility for your own life. accepting that you have always been a co-creator of this reality you experience.

with “co-creator” i mean that, in the collective field which we inhabit as human beings (which can be broadly said the whole planet earth or a more limited field like the cultural collective or your family), we are always co-creating with others.

we co-create with all of creation with and through our vibration.

so the point of all is: our vibration.

the vibration you send out is the vibration you receive back.

imagine you are feeling depressed: in the way this universe functions, you will be presented with more experiences that will make sure you keep on feeling depressed. this is why recovering from mental illnesses is so difficult: you have to choose to change your vibration into a healthier one, and make an effort to continue choosing a healthier vibration until this settles in and becomes your natural vibe.

now, imagine you are feeling joyful: you will be presented with more experiences that will make sure you keep on feeling joyful.

because you are a magnet, and magnetise to yourself what resonates with your energy.

we might have all read or heard somewhere ‘the universe gives you what you want’. oh, i see some eyes rolling. the thing is, this is true, and it has to be fully understood: the universe reads your vibration as ‘i want this’.

so, yes, the universe gives you what you want, in the sense that it reproduces the energy you are in and sends you more of that!

i am not here to tell you how to manifest your dream house, job or relationship. i am not here to tell you how to manifest more money, more sex, more whatever. this is not what i am being guided to share with you. and i am also not interested in that spiritual narrative of achieving more, having more, being more – as i believe with my whole being that we have already achieved it all, that there’s nothing we don’t have, that we already are more than enough.

i am here to support your understanding of how you shape your own reality – as i pray for us all to have all the tools we need in order to use this life as an opportunity to be happy and expand into more love and more joy 🙂

i am here to share the radical and somehow revolutionary vision that it doesn’t really matter what you manifest, but how you actually feel about your life.

you could have the best partner ever, the best job ever, the best house ever, the best friends ever, and still feel absolutely miserable and incomplete.

i am inviting you to start with creating a vibration which makes you feel good, and just go on and focus on this: on feeling good about yourself. which doesn’t mean being always high-vibe and positive. it means facing difficulties and ever-changing moods through a ground-vibration of feeling good about yourself, so, basically, radical and unconditional self-love.

i am inviting you to let go of the need to control what exactly is supposed to belong into your life, and trust that whatever belongs into your life makes its way to you at the right timing.

ultimately, i am inviting you to create a life you love, without the pretentious assumption that you know what that life is supposed to look like.

because, beloved, there is so much we can’t control, so much we can never understand, so much we can never know –at least through the lenses of human consciousness: this physical experience is a limited experience. so i am just suggesting, let us make the best out of it as long as we can. let us rest and relax, let us trust.

i am proposing a vision of yourself where you fully accept What Is as your own creation and surrender to it – surrender to your power and understand how you are actually always using it.

this is a vision where we are releasing the need to control (or know) what comes into our life, how it comes, when it comes – as, actual reality of things, whether we like it or not, we have no control over so many things.

yet we do have control over how we feel about things, and this is where i am empowering us to take action.

how we react and feel about our life determines our future, so, yes, all the things that are supposed to come into our life are shaped through our feelings about our life in this present moment.

how do you feel about your existence? how do you feel about yourself?

this, recognising how you feel about yourself and choosing to feel the way you actually want to feel about yourself, this is being a conscious creator.

yes, all manifestation tools you can find or think of, they can help with manifesting something in particular, i guess, yet this is not what i am talking about.

you can visualise your dream house and actually manifest it in your life, and still feel the same about your life after the initial thrill is gone. and then you will go on and visualise the next-desired-thing, over and over, without ever finding what truly nourishes your soul.

because no thing in the physical realm can ever fully satisfy your soul. what i am transmitting is all about inner attitude. and it actually is so easy. so easy it often slips out of our fingers.

by aligning ourselves to our heart vibration, we are strengthening it and creating from and through it.

our heart vibration is that silent, gentle beat of aliveness in our centre. it is soul alignment, as the soul dwells in the heart. it is the embodiment of our soul song. it is about embracing our inner child and taking care of her/him.

the more attention we give to our heart vibration, the more this vibration grows within ourselves, the more energy condensates to manifest a physical reality which is aligned with this vibration.

basically, through your conscious awareness, this energy gets the attention and space it needs to continue reproducing itself.

so the point is not what is going to be created through this vibration, but actually that we are going to expand into this vibration – which, supposedly, is a vibration which makes us feel innerly joyful and at peace.

find a moment of silence and contemplation, and feel the peace of your own heart beat. it just goes on and on, undisturbed, at its own pace, full of life-giving energy.

creating through this vibration means that whatever reality you’ll inhabit, you will be at peace with it. and, most importantly, your heart will feel aligned to it, and this nourishes the body-mind system with great joy and contentment.

human life is all about embracing challenges and evolving through them, so, no matter how perfect you picture your dream life, there will always be some parts of your conscious or unconscious field which will need your compassionate healing touch.

the point is, when we create in alignment with our soul song, we are focusing on feeling complete, powerful and abundant, and we are therefore reproducing a physical reality which will make sure we go on on feeling complete, powerful and abundant.

you know what is absurd: doing the same and expecting a different outcome. you know what else is absurd: expecting miracles to just pour onto you without opening up for them. another thing that is absurd: expecting for something on the outside to magically fix the way you feel inside.

you know what is heart-warming: knowing that you can save yourself. what else is heart-warming: that there is a fountain of love constantly beating within ourselves, and this is always available for us all, when we are ready to recognise this and receive it. another thing that is heart-warming: the Universe loves you and wants for you what you want for yourself.

now, we got to understand that the Universe isn’t a rational entity. it is raw life-force reproducing itself and constantly creating.

so, yes, life does give to you what you want for yourself, and you must make sure you are choosing consciously what you want for yourself. also, you must make sure that you know how to send out ‘this is what i want’.

this is what i am telling you: understand how you communicate with the force of creation.

you communicate through vibrations. through your vibration you say ‘this is what i want’.

what is your main vibratory frequency?

because, you see, each time you focus on a sensation or state of being, you are telling to the force of creation: ‘this is what i want’. and this is what you are going to get more of. because the universe is pure expansion and it is expanding through you.

you are always shaping your reality.

so, yeah, my love, i am here to tell you: be very conscious about what you send out.

which doesn’t mean repress. at all. let it out, if you need, and then, when you feel ready, set your focus again onto the vibration you want more of in your life.

if you want to feel good about your life, start feeling good about yourself, start being compassionate and understanding with yourself and your limits, start forgiving yourself for the times you couldn’t do it differently, start loving yourself, truly and unconditionally. love yourself for all the times you couldn’t love yourself.

trust in yourself. trust that good things are coming. trust that good things are unfolding. trust that you are loved and guided.

follow your heart. believe in your dreams.

when you cry, be there for yourself. when you fall, be there for yourself. help yourself rise up again. support yourself in your unfolding. respect and honour your needs and your rhythms. when you feel rejected, love yourself and remind yourself of what a gentle and caring soul you are.

love yourself and claim your blessings. yes, claim your blessings. say: i open up to receive all of my blessings. and then trust that the Universe has already started moving to deliver all of your blessings to you. trust that there’s so much the Universe wants to bless you with.

release the need to control how things are unfolding, release the arrogant thought that you can control things outside of yourself. let go and be free. be free, man, be free!

this, this, my beloved, is how we create a life worth living. a life full of mystery, of joy, of excitement, of blessings.

from the depths of my wild heart, i hope you have enjoyed this article and, most importantly, i wish for you an amazing human experience full of heart-warming surprises. we all deserve to be happy.

if something has remained unclear, if some doubt persists, if a question arises, if a thought wants to be expressed, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me privately through this page 🙂

love and hugs


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  1. a divine transformation

    Hi Sara,

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting these beautiful channelings into words to help raise the vibration for the collective. It is clear that the messages are pure and filled with healing light and love. I originally found your blog by trying to find some answers to the “twin flame” journey that I felt just could not be answered anywhere else. You mirrored back to me exactly what I had been feeling and thinking from such a loving, high vibrational and non-judgemental stance and ever since then I’ve been coming back to your blog almost daily to read all of your other posts.

    Thank you again for your beautiful words and for the time you put in. You are making a difference. ❤


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