connecting to the heart + meditation

now more than ever we need to strenghten our heart, as it affects very directly our lungs and our overall health.

as we go through this times of changes, it is time we prepare ourselves to face new energetic flows transforming our bodies and beings.

we are experiencing collective awakening highly connected with heart activation, this shown by the importance of the lung area in this season of change.

it is important that we strengthen our heart center not only on a physical level, but also emotionally and energetically so that we can experience this time of change as a positive shift toward a more peaceful and interconnected reality.

we are to prepare ourselves for the big changes coming and connecting with our emotions might be one of the best strategies as we move from very yang energy to more yin energy.

as we move towards balance, we are to experience a deeper connection with our heart and emotions as this will better our experiences living with other beings and sharing this experience on earth more fluidly and with more joy.

this arises from the feeling of wholeness we experience when we are truly connected with our heart. to be in that place, often we need to purge and cleanse those conditions that are blocking the energy from flowing freely.

when we are connected to our heart and are being true to its nature, we have a feeling of wholeness.

when we are not honouring our being and the life it holds, we are disconnected, we feel that we lack something.

if our heart center is blocked in some way, emotions are blocked, which could express itself in form of a discapacity of feeling love, compassion and forgiveness. we might get very bitter, cold and rigid to ourselves and others. the feeling of lack causes that we never feel complete no matter what we do.

with unbalanced heart, we do not see and feel the inner light that shines from our centers and are therefore unable to find it in others.

the heart center is the center of interconnectedness and therefore influences strongly our relations with other beings, whether human or not. with an open heart we can truly feel connected to other beings and experience true love towards others, which pure and unconditional.

the experience of true love needs to be rooted in the experience of self-love or love for our inner light/our soul/the divine within us.

when the connection to our inner light or higher self is not established, as long as we are not established in wholeness, we might feel love but we will not experience it as the natural state of our being.

love is the natural state of our being.

the soul or inner light is an experience of love: it is the vibration of life that shines inside of our being, there for us to remember what we truly are.

old scriptures that describe the energetic system of humans often refer to the heart center as the sit of the soul.

when we connect to our heart center, we are connecting with our soul.

we are connecting with that part of us that is ever alive, that is ever beating, that is ever vibrating.

that which keeps us alive and nourishes us ever and ever again with one more breath.

it is also that part of us that was there before we were born in our current body and it is that part of us that will leave the body as we exhale our last breath.

the soul is directly connected with the source, so when we connect with the soul we are connecting with the source of all which is infinite love.

when we connect to the soul, we become that which baba ram dass so beautifully expresses with his mantra «i am loving awareness».

connecting with the soul means experiencing being loving awareness, being one with the source of all.

the soul is also the place where we experience being the observer, we experience non-separatedness, we experience unity with all.

connecting with our heart not only helps us to connect with our soul, our true nature, but also makes our experience of life on heart a lot easier, lighter, brighter.

when we are connected with our heart center, we experience presence and we can let go of the past and let go of the future.

we find peace and beauty in experiencing life here and now as we connect to the eternal source of love inside of our being.

i share with you a lovely exercise to help you connect and stay connected with your heart

find a peaceful moment and start noticing your breath. focus on the movement of the breath in your lungs and imagine the breath is coming to and emerging from the heart. visualise a warm light where you visualise the heart. observe how the breath comes to and emerges from this warm light in the middle of your being. stay there for as long as you like. whenever your mind wonders away, gently focus your attention again back to your heart-breath, as i like to call it 😉

if you feel some other area of your body tense or unwell, you can do the same exercise with that part (imagining the breathe flowing to and from this area, which is surrounded by warm light).

i suggest finishing the meditation taking a moment to feel my whole body again before starting doing something else and also thanking your heart for being so wonderful (because it is wonderful and it really loves to show it to us if we only learn to observe)

this meditation helps us connect with our heart center and also strenghtens our lungs and heart.

working on the heart means that we are opening to our emotions therefore sometimes we might experience some emotions arising while or after we meditate. please let’s give ourselves time to observe what emerges, remembering that we are not the emotion arising, which helps us to let it go while being grateful to be able to heal old wounds.

let’s cultivate our connection to our heart center with meditation and prayer, as devotion is one of the best medicines for our heart.

let’s listen to our inner vibrations, the outer vibration will effortlessly adjust to our inner frequencies.

yin energies are more subtle than yang, therefore there is less action and more observation, more abstraction, finally more silence and more peace as we allow our heart to surround us with its light.

we are walking together in this.

sending love to all beings, to all of earth, to all of creation. there is magic happening.

let me know if you’ve found this article useful and if you’ve tried the meditation!

om namah shivaya



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