Kundalini Energy and Physical Pain

hi friends, 

in line with my last article on Kundalini energy, causes of Kundalini Syndrome and ways to deal with it, i am going to share now some more information regarding what i’d refer to as ‘physical cleanses’ as well as some practical tools we can use to make this process a softer one. 

all information i share stems from personal experience as well as from my research on this topic. i’ve tested all suggested methods and have found them helpful in some way. 

with ‘physical cleanses’ i refer to the bodily process of energetic purges common during the Kundalini ascension process. 

as i wrote in the previous article, a spontaneous, unprepared Kundalini awakening triggers an evolutionary process that sometimes results in a vast array of ‘symptoms’ and unusual conditions.

this is mostly due to all the unconscious material that is brought up to the surface to be released into expansion. 

all contracted energy that was stored in the energetic system of an individual is now being slowly revealed in order to be integrated and liberated. 

when this energy is brought up to the surface we can experience some kind of discomfort, sometimes of physical kind. 

during this process, our energetic blockages of all kinds are slowly de-blocked. 

depending on our willingness to integrate this unlocked energy, we can experience different degrees of comfortability. 

all attempts to ‘stop’ the process of unveiling our true nature will result in more acute symptoms.

this is when we sometimes speak about a ‘syndrome’, although such a thing as a ‘kundalini syndrome’ does not really exist: unpleasant symptoms arise as a consequence of holding onto attachments and wanting to control, and they disappear as soon as we decide we are finally ready to let go.

surrender and allowance are essential tools that will ensure a softer, gentle awakening process. 

Awakening or Ascension is a dynamic process that changes all parts of our self. 

we are to be prepared to experience a transformation in the way we perceive everything: our thoughts, our emotions, our spirituality, our body and our physical reality.

especially at the early stages of our energetic opening, we can struggle with this unfolding process. 

for instance, we could try to push away so-called ‘negative’ emotions and thoughts or we could try to control. 

according to what i’ve personally experienced and to my extent research on the topic, trying to control the development of our awakening journey creates additional tension in our system, which then adds up to the already-existing energetic blockages. 

therefore the only true option we have is surrender to what is happening and allowing ourselves to flow through our ascension process. 

there are times we can experience physical discomfort and pain during this transformation. 

when a blocked-up energy is risen up to the consciousness of the individual, it can do so in form of physical aches. 

as i mentioned, this can get especially acute when we hold onto our attachments and don’t allow this activated energy to do the cleansing work. 

as a consequence of the additional built-up tension of our mind, which tries to stop the unfolding process, we can experience acute pain and prolonged physical discomfort. 

today i wish to share with you some tools we can use to support the physical cleanse and treat physical aches of this nature. 

all the following techniques and methods can be tried out to treat physical pain and help oneself out in this process. 

please understand that these are only suggestions which can or cannot work for you. also, they are not substitute for treating a serious physical illness or chronic disease. however, when done with self-consciousness and self-care, none of the following has negative side affects and they all can offer gentle support in healing from a physical disease.

surrender to the process 

surrendering means accepting and allowing things to be as they are. 

surrender alone can act like a gentle balm as it gifts us with the peace that arises from deep acceptance of things as they are. 

without acceptance, our pain remains stuck and cannot move away from there. denying acceptance to our discomfort only reinforces the suffering. 

when we surrender to pain, we are giving this pain the space to transform.

there’s something deeply magical that happens when we surrender to things as they are: when we release rejection and control, suddenly an energy is freed and things can continue evolving and expanding. 

therefore, when we surrender to pain, this pain can be transformed into something else: wisdom, peace, compassion, love, forgiveness… 

surrendering to What Is is the most important step in order to move forward on this mysterious and miraculous process of Awakening. 

breathe into the pain 

if you are experiencing physical pain during this process of unveiling the truth, you can breathe into this pain. you can make this a meditation. 

visualise the spot in your body where you are experiencing discomfort and then bring your breathe into it. as you breathe into this tension, you can visualise as the breath gets into this tense knot and starts to gently loosen it.

the breath can be like a cleansing force. when you breathe in, visualise your breathe bringing healing into your painful knot; as you breathe out, you can visualise how the discomfort is taken away from your body and released outside of you through your breath. 

along with your breath you can also visualise a light softly caressing this knot of tension and gently inviting it to relax and open up. 

be gentle with your visualisation and don’t force this knot to open. rather, commit yourself to practice this visualisation as often as you need until the blockage naturally opens up at its own timing. 

by simply giving this painful area your care and attention, it starts to relax already. 

physical pain is often a manifestation of stored and blocked emotional and mental pain. 

therefore, as your knot begins to relax and open up, emotions, thoughts and memories could rise up to your consciousness. observe this and use your attention as a gentle accepting balm. 

you don’t need to act upon these emotions, thoughts and memories unless you feel called to. simply giving them your non-judgemental attention can be enough to set them free. 

if you can, you can look at these emotions, thoughts and memories with loving acceptance. you can tell them ‘i see you’, ‘i love you’, ‘i forgive you’… or take a step further and see them as undivided parts of you, and therefore say things as ‘i see myself now’, ‘i accept myself as i am’, ‘i forgive myself’, ‘i love all parts of me’…

these arising emotions are forgotten, hidden, repressed parts of you that are finally finding a space to express themselves. allow these emotions to be. allow yourself to feel what you feel. this is how we heal. 

place your hands onto the area

our hands are open energetic channels. together with breathing into the pain, we can reinforce the healing effect by holding one or both hands onto the affected area. 

the warmth and presence of our hands can have uplifting results. 

we often experience energetic blockages in places of our body that, for whatever reason, we’ve forgotten to take care of. therefore, when we place our hands onto them, we are telling them ‘i see you’ / ‘i’m here for you’ and this can be incredibly healing. 

you can also have someone who loves and cares about you gently placing their hands onto the area where you experience pain.

bathing in water 

water is an extremely healing element.

especially when we struggle to let go and release, water can be an amazing teacher. 

a river or the ocean can help wash away the discomfort, and cold water can help release built-up tension.

remember to breathe deeply as you swim in waters. as you breathe out, let go of pain, and as you breathe in, allow yourself to receive the healing effect of water.

you can visualise how the energy of water enters your system and washes away all discomfort. 

i personally love floating onto the ocean surface. i take the conscious decision of surrendering and then i let my body be taken care of by the healing touch of the waters. 

a cold shower can also be highly effective. make sure you relax the body by breathing deeply as the water meets your skin. this is a great tension releasing exercise. 

take a salt bath 

this follows along the last suggestion but adds to it some elements that can bring forth a lot of relaxation and release: the intimacy of home, hot water, the possibility to take a long time for this and the opportunity to add other elements such as candles, essential oils, soft music… make sure to use biological salt.

a salt bath can be truly miraculous! 

try it out when you have physical discomfort. i have found it especially helpful when i experienced a lot of tension on my spinal channel and nothing else seemed to work

spend time in nature and sun bathing 

as i shared in this article, time in nature and sun bathing can be highly restorative. 

if you are experiencing tension in your spine, lie down with your back facing the soil and allow the earth’s energy to soothe your discomfort. you can visualise your spine opening up and merging with the earth. 

visit a professional: massage, sound healing, reiki…

a qualified, capable professional can help lots. massages are very beneficial for physical pain, just make sure your conditions are respected and taken care of. 

if you feel like you need a more spiritual approach to your physical discomfort, you can try out reiki (a healing energetic transmission) or sound healing. 

yoga, chi qong, expressive movement 

it is no mystery that yoga and chi qong are highly restorative techniques.

there are countless approaches to movement that focus on free expression and on balancing our system, as for example feldenkrais, biodanza, 5rhythms, body-mind centering…

check out restorative, slow, gentle classes in your area, practice with an online video or try out a yoga and movement session with me. 

at some stages of awakening, we can be experiencing spontaneous movements, sometimes called ‘kriyas’. these movements are powerful and healing. 

allow yourself to be moved by your own life-force. 

you can reinforce the healing effects by practicing in the open air. 

use your voice to vocalise your pain 

instead of silently complaining about physical discomfort and tension, let your voice vocalise it. 

you can do this together with the exercise of ‘breathing into pain’: as you breathe out you let the pain be expressed with long vocals (‘aaaah’, ‘ooooh’…) or any other uncontrolled sounds your throat and mouth might need to do. 

also allow your face to squeeze and do all the grimaces it needs, and your tongue to dance, stick out and move as it wants.

allowing the throat to express and release stuck sounds heals the throat center. our communication with ourselves and the world can highly benefit from it.

there might have been many situations in our life when we shut up instead of screaming or shouting. this is especially true for trauma survivors. these screams were repressed and hid away in some dark corner of our beings. as our system is being cleansed from trauma memories, we might need to let these sounds come out of our throats. 

it might take some time to get in touch with our voice and its expression, as we might often block it, for whatever reason whatsoever. mostly, we judge ourselves.

singing, especially mantras, can help us approach our throat centre. singing circles can be highly supportive for starting to use the voice and release judgement.

i facilitate sessions where i help you unblock and release stuck energy through the voice. freely reach out to me if you’re interested and want to know more, or if you have any other question and doubts regarding the topic.

i hope you’ve found the information of this article helpful. let me know in the comments below if you try out any of my suggestions and whether they benefit your wellbeing. 

continue reading on the Kundalini ascension process.

in faith, 


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