mental, emotional and physical symptoms of Kundalini Ascension

the awakened Kundalini energy is an extremely powerful force that moves through the nervous system with the purpose of transforming all density into divine light.

the Kundalini awakening impulses a process of energetic cleansing, which can be profoundly destabilising from a physical, mental and emotional point of view. it doesn’t matter how prepared we can be for Her Ascension, the purification process will push us to our most extreme mental and emotional limits.

what happens when Kundalini activates is that we totally lose control. slowly we become conscious that everything, absolutely everything in the universe happens spontaneously. this often translates into the perception of losing control over the physical body, emotions and thoughts. 

the Kundalini works her way through the bodily system bringing up every physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic blockage so that it can healed. this manifests as ‘the dark night of the soul‘, when we have to face all of the wounds we carry within ourselves.

this process can be more or less intense. in my case it was quite violent, traumatising and destabilising, although i am very grateful for everything and recognise it could have been much worse. 

the powerful streams of Kundalini can make us feel that ‘we’ve lost our mind’ or that ‘we’re turning crazy’. additionally, when we try to explain what is happening to us to our friends and family, no one seems to understand what we’re talking about. it can also happen that we are afraid of sharing our experience because it just sounds so absurd.

when Kundalini awakens spontaneously without us having spiritual guiding and support, it can be very difficult to understand what is happening to us. in my case I had the blessing to receive information about what I was going through, however, it took me more than one year to completely accept what I was experiencing. 

the symptoms that we can experience during the process of Kundalini Ascension are probably infinite. each body-mind will be facing its own combination of elements.

artist @les_esprits_libres (check her on IG, I love her artworks!!!)

I have tried to make a list of the majority of the physical and mental symptoms that I have experienced throughout my first years of energy activation. I believe it is important to stress that Kundalini awakened in my body as soon as I started with a regular spiritual practice and without me having had any previous experience or knowledge about any kind of spiritual or energetic event. I believe and hope that not all people whose Kundalini activates will go through such violent, traumatising and overwhelming processes as myself and other individuals.

the listed symptoms are usually common in the healing process of Kundalini and can manifest at various intensity levels. they can occur at the same time or consequentially or at time distance. we usually experience a very challenging “peak phase”. in my case the second year of my awakening was the most difficult and destabilising one.

*heightened perceptions and emotions
*lack of life energy, wanting to ‘escape’ the body and planet earth
*suicidal thoughts
*disconnection between thought, emotion and action
*distance and total detachment from the body and the physical dimension
*nauseas, decrease or increase in appetite, spontaneous fasting
*aches in the whole body (including bones) that can be very acute and deep
*physical and mental paralysis
*inability to think, talk, concentrate, move
*slowness in movement, word and reflection
*difficulty to engage in and maintain small talk
*loss of mental and physical control
*impossibility to manage emotions
*explosions of rage or sadness
*uncontrollable screaming and crying
*fear of social situations
*having non-stop visions (of all kind, also very terrifying)
*sounds in the head (screams, weeping and chants)
*convulsions and trembling up to extremely strong
*chronic fatigue
*need to sleep A LOT
*mental confusion up to extreme levels
*delirium and hallucinations
*panic attacks
*nervous crisis
*heart attacks
*fear and terror without apparent reason
*migraine, pressure and ache in the brain
*sensory and psycho-sensory hypersensitivity, especially with noise, very negative energies and masses of people
*muscular tension
*increase or decrease of sexual energy and desire

to end with a more positive note, when our body starts integrating the healing, we can expect the following physical and mental states, also permanently:

*absolute presence in the present moment
*deep physical relaxation which seems to happen at a cellular level
*spontaneous and prologued full-body orgasms
*ever-lasting feelings of joy, bliss, love and peace, undisturbed by external circumstances
*states of deeply relaxing and loving mental trance
*feeling intimately connected with our inner being or soul and as a consequence feeling more intimately connected with other people and non-human beings such as animals, plants, rivers, ecosystems and spirits
*developing psychic, shamanic and healing skills
*deep faith and trust in the Divine Plan
*increased concentration, creativity and intelligence
*experiencing the body as extremely light and totally held and cared for by the Divine
*perceiving one’s mind-body as a channel or embodiment of Divine Love and Light
*fully Uniting with Divinity on all levels (Sacred Soul Merge)

as you can see, the list is quite long. the Kundalini Healing Process can make us touch and overcome our physical, emotional and mental limits. that is why we need help. we cannot do it by ourself. we don’t have to do it by ourselves. you always have your soul, spirit guides and God guiding you: ask for help. talk to them. tell them to help you, support you, guide you.

sometimes, we might also need external support, so look for and find any kind of healer or therapist that resonates with you and that respects your process, even if they don’t really comprehend it. we need a kind of help that understands us, that has an understanding of this phenomenon. an uninformed therapist can be dangerous for our already deeply challenged mental health.

i suggest reading Tara Springett‘s book on healing Kundalini Symptoms and maybe booking a session with her if you feel called to work with this amazing human beings. she has provided therapeutic support for more than a thousand individuals going through Kundalini awakening.

continue reading this article to read more about the indicators of Kundalini awakening and understand the difference between Kundalini awakening and mental diseases.

if you’ve resonated with this list and are going through the cleansing transformation, please feel free to reach out to me (find my email address HERE) if you need any support during your Kundalini healing process. also, check THIS SECTION of my blog to find more information and resources on the Kundalini process.

many blessings and lots of love,


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10 thoughts on “mental, emotional and physical symptoms of Kundalini Ascension

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  2. Karen

    I think I’m in the thick of the dark night of the soul or maybe past the hardest part, the hardest part is the suicidal thoughts, I have recognized it’s because I want the past to end… thank you for your wonderful insight on this journey of life that we are on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you karen for sharing ❤🙏 when the unconscious material is brought up to the surface to be acknowledged, old programming is shown to our consciousness so that we can release it from our system by becoming aware of it. it is important that we learn to be the witness and not identify with these thoughts and emotions. just allow whatever arises to find expression through you without judgement nor attachment, which is created when we think such thought or emotion belongs to us and therefore feed them. just observe 🙏 the kundalini process intensifies everything, the pleasant and unpleasant, so have patience and know that after this deep energetic cleanse a dimension of permanent inner peace and joy opens up for us 🙏❤ you can contact me if you need support, love. hugs and blessings, sara


  3. janisanpoppy

    I’m so tired sadness loneliness , this is all it’s evermy life is not worth 2pence, I’ve had 2 rogue landlords evict me Friday, all done right, I thought my angels would help, this house has damaged my health lock down for 12mnths they attacked me and my mum in court , my mum passed away week before the covid hit, I’d shared a personal reason why I had PTSD, now she used that to gas light solicitor and council and neighbours saying I’m the worst of liars lying about being abused , she wouldn’t talk to her parents if they had, it was my last run at life moving in their big hope’s new business health and safety, I was ill after 4 months they wouldn’t fix the cooker 5 years now that with covid and court. I had 12 chest infections 25 courses of anti biotics all in 12 mnths removed my immune system, the solicitor ended up advising them gave me the wrong date for court so they won, they stole years of my life, Ive struggled to breathe that bad I lost contact with friends 5 years I’ve not gone out. I thought my angels or someone would prevent me having to move back with my step dad the person who, my mum not even hear. I’m a good person genuinely hand on heart since being six months my mum abandoned me every night, I see it. I’ve started getting gut instincts about things seeing things in dreams. Even about some friends with benefits younger than me, but I stopped it but I’ve never felt gut instinct b4, I know he feels something keeps saying what have u done to me. I’ve had to let it go I tried to focus on this but the damage mentally they’ve done . Friday an hour to get things out, I shut down couldn’t focus . So so I just. I was told I had till end of may, I needed a few weeks as the dropped floor boards damaged my legs so badly I could walk. I was alone my little dog was so scared me to. How do I still believe


  4. janisanpoppy

    Thank you I’m blessed to have come across you post, explains everything , now I’m waiting for magic words to make it all , lol I know there is none i feel like I’m droWning.


    1. oh dear, thank you for sharing your story, I hope you feel somehow better now. your angels are still there, they’ve never left but they can’t interfere with your life nor are they the ones meant to save you. only you can save yourself, but angels can show you how to do it if you ask them and patiently wait for their signs. if you’re doing bad I would suggest professional help like a good counselor. there’s a british therapist who’s helped thousands of people who were struggling with kundalini symptoms, her name is Tara Springett, she offers online sessions and has also very good books on this topic with practical exercises to help yourself. I have myself found a lot of help through her words. I’m sending love and blessings your way ❤


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