Am I going through the Kundalini Awakening Process?

if you’ve read my last article (find it HERE), then you might as well wonder: how do I know if I am going through a Kundalini Awakening or a mental disease?

when the Kundalini energy awakens and activates permanently, we can experience a deep body-mind healing and purification which can be overwhelming and extremely challenging.

our consciousness can be shifting massively in short amounts of time, if not just instantly, and this might cause a vast array of mental symptoms as our cognitive system desperately tries to adjust to the new frequencies.

sometimes, it just looks and feels like we are going completely nuts. it’s okay. I feel you. I understand. it is completely normal to feel scattered, confused, fogged and spaced-out. especially if you were not prepared for the Awakening and if you are not being closely guided by a spiritual teacher.

in this article i have shared some tools you can use when going through energetic overcharge.

the Ascension of Kundalini energy changes everything: the way we experience, see and understand life, the way our body-mind system functions, the way we experience, see and understand ourselves and our own nature.

it is important that we have patience. with whatever we’re going through.

we have to understand that the Kundalini energy is working THROUGH our system to purify our system to liberate our soul consciousness.

we have to surrender to Her Power and let Her do Her job. She is Pure and Divine Love and is healing our body-mind so that we can live from/through our Soul and embody Divine Union.

so, if you’re wondering how to understand if you (or any person you might encounter that is acting somehow unusual) are going through the Kundalini Ascension Process, keep reading.

the first thing we should observe is whether the symptoms persist in time.

typically, in the Kundalini process, the mental, physical and emotional states only stay as long as it is necessary for the energetic blockage to be released. this can mean days or months, yet sometimes even years. as soon as the lesson is learned and the energy released or integrated, the symptoms disappear.

find HERE a list of common mental and physical symptoms of the Kundalini Ascension Process.

it is common that we experience many different symptoms throughout a relatively short amount of time. this can be exhausting and overwhelming. however, if mental symptoms persist throughout longer amounts of time, you might be checking out whether that’s more in the direction of mental disease. still, it might serve to see if you have the other indicators of Kundalini Awakening.

an important, essential, feature indicating Kundalini Awakening is the strong spiritual component along the whole process. if our Kundalini has awakened, we will feel a strong urge to educate ourselves on spiritual topics. it feels like the consciousness is hungry for spiritual knowledge.

we will have an intuitive understanding that what is happening to us is part of a “bigger plan” and that we are being spiritually guided and supported.

another clear indication of Kundalini is the presence of unexplainable mystical and energetic experiences.

the most typical sign of the Kundalini is feeling ‘energy rushes’ moving in the body, especially along the spine channel, which can cause twitches and involuntary movements. also, uncontrollable trembling all over the body is one of the most common energetic experiences of Kundalini working through the nervous system.

in the beginning it might seem like we are being ‘possessed’ by a powerful energy that moves through our body. if this happens, probably it is Kundalini.

this loss of control over the energies of the body can be quite scary in the beginning; however, we have to understand that this energy is profoundly loving and healing. we have to trust Her as something good and positive for us.

another indicator of Kundalini Awakening is heightened psychic and psycho-physical sensitivity, which means we might experience everything as much more intense. for example, loud noises and very bright lights can get overwhelmingly unbearable. we could be have heightened psychic senses and be able to get more information through our psychic centers (as for example sensing when someone is lying, hearing unspoken thoughts, etc). more than ever, it is very important we check on what is no longer serving our wellbeing, and protect ourselves from events and situations that make us feel deeply uncomfortable. (really, if we don’t, we will pay the price as the symptoms will get more acute until we finally let go of what doesn’t serve us).

finally, along with this heightened sensitivity we also experience more intense emotions. joy is more intense, and pain is also more intense. at times, especially during energetic cleansing and purges, emotions might be uncontrollable. it is important we find a safe space where we can let it out, and that we learn to observe the process of emotional release without remaining attached to it.

if we have unusual symptoms and these elements are present, possibly we are going through a Kundalini Awakening / Ascension.

at times we might feel overwhelmed, exhausted, profoundly challenged, especially when the energy is downloading into our system new information and ‘Light Codes’. this might cause energetic overchange and we might go through moments of crisis.

the energy Herself will show to you how to deal with such events if you let yourself be guided. reading this article is a clear sign. I am very honoured to be offering this information and will keep providing more resources and methods to help you navigate through your Ascension process and find your own instruments and energetic tools to help yourself throughout this soul-deep transformative process.

Kundalini Awakening and the resulting Healing process can be quite overwhelming and challenging, up to violent and traumatising.

there’s just so much we have to purge and release from the current human consciousness so that the soul/Christ consciousness can be liberated through our system.

whether we flow smoothly through this process or go through a hard, at times life-challenging, awakening process depends on many elements.

one of them is how ready and willing we are to (constantly) let go of our ego-system/human personality. our resistance to let go of our beliefs and human programming can represent an additional and unnecessary burden along the road.

the intensity of the Awakening can also depend on the individual and ancestral karma that we’ve chosen to clear (as a soul). for example, being born in a lineage with lots of unresolved trauma means we will have to go through the healing of our ancestral lines. if this is the case, please learn to see this process as a service you are offering to your ancestors and to future generations. acknowledge the beauty of your Being for choosing such a brave feat.

if we start cleansing and raising our vibrations before our Kundalini awakens, we will have a lot less baggage to purify – which means, we will have a less traumatising Ascension process.

if your Kundalini hasn’t awakened, do not worry about it but rather focus on cleansing your body-mind system to that you can be prepared for your own spiritual Ascension.

overwhelming phases during Ascension depend on the ‘quantity’ of energy that is being released through. Ascension is a gradual process: we have many smaller Awakenings. through each of these, more or less energy can be released. right before or right after the energy is awakened, our body-mind system will have to adjust to the changes that are being made, resulting in more or less pleasant symptoms.

I believe that there are souls that choose to ascend faster than others (absolutely no judgement about this, it says nothing about Who You Are) and therefore some individual have to go through ‘massive’ purification in shorts amount of time, which can manifest as difficult physical and mental disturbs.

I have tried to give you some clarity around the appearance of such different symptoms when we go through the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy. however, please, do not attach yourself to any of these things. believing you are clearing karma is just going to cause more karma clearing. believing your Ascension process has to be traumatising and violent will just create more of that. believing you have to experience that symptom to proove to yourself that your Energy is awakened will bring it forth. You create your own reality.

the biggest Truth about all kind of symptoms is that they are caused by the resistance of the ego to let go of its belief system: the human ego just struggles to understand and accept that We Are Pure Presence and Pure Love.

if we learn to just fully let go and surrender, Awakening is an interesting, magical and miracolous event which fills the Soul with joy and excitement.

while when we resist transformation, we find ourselves ‘squashed’ between the ego’s resistance and the powerful force of Kundalini in full activation. this is when the disturbs appear.

that’s why, for our mental, emotional and physical health: if Kundalini wants to go through, let Her go through. if you’re being shown where you’ve separated from your own Truth, just acknowledge, accept and release.

we have to surrender without reserve and just keep surrendering in the hands of God so that this process of deep purification can be as much gentle and bearable as possible.

we can trust that the activity of Kundalini is healing our whole being so that we can walk on this planet full of love and inner peace – as this is what happens when we start to integrate our healing and can host more and more of the higher vibrational energies.

so, just focus yourself as much as possible on reflecting those qualities inside of you. find the Light that shines in your Heart and just take refuge in there whenever you are going through some difficult times. no matter what, you are deeply loved and accepted, you are a Divine Being experiencing Her/Himself through a human body, you are an Angelic Being manifesting on Earth to be a Channel of Unconditional Love.

embrace the difficult times with surrender and acceptance, stay strong and keep believing and trusting that better days are awaiting along the way.

feel free to contact me if you need some support on finding your way through this process. also, I would be pleased to hear from you to know what your opinions about this topic are in the comment section ❤



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