spiritual awakening: dealing with energy overcharge

we are going through a collective spiritual awakening (read more about this) and many people are experiencing their Kundalini awakening which can cause a vast array of new and unknown experiences. as we learn to channel this powerful energy through our body, we can experience some unpleasant symptoms as for example various types of energy overcharge.

unpleasant symptoms are NOT a must on your kundalini awakening process – the Kundalini itself is a highly healing energy and therefore is not meant to cause unpleasant experiences. however, many people do make some uncomfortable experiences mostly caused by the resistance of the ego, which can express as countless typess of symptoms. so it is for these people that I am offering this article.

generally speaking, energy overcharge is caused by stuck energy which makes us feel ‘overcharged’. this stuck energy is usually a stuck emotion: an emotion which isn’t able to flow through the system and then leave it because it’s not being acknowledged and integrated. emotions are like water, they are naturally temporary but when they can’t flow they kind of ‘freeze’ and get stuck into our system. Kundalini energy can be seen like the warmth that melts these old stuck emotions which we could be carrying in our system since our childhood or even earlier, inherited from past generations.

as the Kundalini energy begins to melt these stuck emotions, it might be at times very uncomfortable to acknowledge them, feel them, integrate them and let them go. the ego-mind might try to repress this emotion – this causes a vast array of symptoms. here I’ve made a list of some of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms this unconscious energetic repression can cause if resistance is blocking the Kundalini.

with this article I want to share with you some ways to treat your own energetic overcharge. these techniques can help you cope with milder energetic overcharges, but won’t substitute professional help. at times some blockages need to be treated through therapy and you might want to find a skilled therapist for that. also, if physical symptoms persist for more than a couple of days, get medically checked up. the techniques that I suggest can help you cope with the symptoms, for instance as while you wait for your appointment with your therapist or physician. check out this article to understand the difference between spiritual awakening and mental illnesses.

energy overcharge occurs when our system is being overflowed with new energy which pushes for an consciousness expansion. if we flow with it, we are gifted with the insights of it. but at times we might struggle with integrating the new ‘download’ and so we can experience many different physical, mental, emotional and energetic states that can at times be quite challenging to overcome.

as the human collective evolves with planet Earth, higher and higher energies are being ‘downloaded’ onto the surface of the planet as well as liberated from its core. this energy naturally flows through the planet and it is magnetised into our system through our willingness to grow and evolve into our body-mind system. this is why some people seem ‘numb’ to the energetic occurings while others are highly sensitive to them.

the main cause of Kundalini awakening seems to be first and foremost the wish and willingness to know oneself more deeply and to grow and evolve as a human being. when our Kundalini energy is awakened, we can no longer ‘numb’ ourselves to the energy within and without us and must learn to deal with heightened intensity and sensitivity in a way that enable us to see this as a divine gift and not as a curse.

being open to growth doesn’t directly and necessarily translates into us being able to cope with the new downloads. as we evolve and transform, we are pushed to find new ways of living with an expanding consciousness and in an upgraded body-mind structure. each and every one of us is an unique being with a unique array of features and therefore each and every one of us need to find her/his own way of dealing with one’s energetic system.

the techniques, methods and exercises that I am about to share with you are only suggestions to try out and see if they work for you. be aware that something that has worked for you for a while might not work in another situation: you need to be open to constant change and re-adaptation.

our willingness to grow and evolve is what keeps our sparks ignited through these challenging times and once we fully accept this process as our way of living, we can joyfully face all difficulties as great opportunities to expand and serve.

I have personally used or still use all of the practices I listed below to deal with energetic overcharge and harmonise the energy flow through my body-mind system.

when I talk about energy overcharge, in this article, I am meaning all types of energetic overcharge:

* physical overcharge (hyperactivity, restlessness and others or also extreme fatigue, physical paralysis and others)

* emotional overcharge (extreme emotions, emotional outbursts, inability to cope with one’s emotions, mood swings and others)

* mental overcharge (obsessive thinking, confusion, inability to concentrate and others)

* energetic overcharge (trembling, paralysing vibrations, hot & cold flashes and others)

* sexual overcharge (feeling extremely sexually charged and others)

* spiritual overcharge (feeling overwhelmed with spiritual experiences or sensations and non-physical information like visions, inner sounds, seeing spirits, feeling spaced-out and detached from one’s human life and others)

energy overcharge has many looks, but let’s say that altogether it causes difficulties to properly function as a human being through the physical body. as I said, if it gets severe and you feel helpless, you should consider reaching out to a professional therapist which can guide you with proper tools and techniques. Tara Springett is an amazing therapist who’s also written a few books about Kundalini awakening so I highly recommend you check her out.

I only offer these suggestions to cope with the immediate physical circumstances, but you’ll often need to dive deeper into the underlying reason of your symptoms.

most of the time we simply need some grounding to help ourselves come back to the present moment in our body awareness. as you’ll see, most of my suggestions are different grounding practices.

the symptoms are quite vast, as you can see, and there are plenty of ways to deal with them. most of them need different treatments. here’s a list of things you can try out if you are struggling with some kind of energetic overcharge. as I said, these are just suggestions and you should first check on yourself whether that might help anyways. don’t push yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right just because you’ve read it somewhere. if you don’t know how to know whether it ‘feels right’ ask your guts, your womb space or your heart: if you sense expansion and relief, it’s a sign it might be good for you; if you sense tension and closeness, then just leave it for now. also, just try it out and see if it makes you feel better, if you flow with it or if it just makes you feel more overwhelmed – then just stop and do something else.

spending time in nature / sunbathing

you can never go wrong with spending some time outdoors, listening to Earth’s gentle whispers and soaking in the sun. if you feel spaced-out, walk barefoot if you can, spend time sitting on the grass or on a rock and touching or hugging trees – this will help you ground. if you are emotionally overcharged, you can take a walk in the forest and find an intimate place where you can cry, shout or say those things you’d like to express. if you are hyperactive or hold any kind of aggression within yourself, taking long walks or jogging is a great way to release excess energy. sun bathing can help you recharge if you’re fatigued. if you feel mentally fogged, you can visualise sun rays entering your third eye and bringing light and clarity into your mind space.

dancing / moving / stretching / yoga

movement is one of the best medicines humans have, and guess what, it’s free. you can do it everywhere and anytime. maybe you need some gentle movements, maybe some sweaty or meditative yoga session, maybe you need to stretch and open up your overcharged system so that energy can better flow through it. maybe you need to dance and shake off wild and loud. you can sing or release sounds or practice conscious breathing while you move.

if you want to move your body, and don’t know where to start, you can contact me through this page; i am a yoga teacher and a dancer in the heart, and i can gently guide you through an online session especially designed for your needs during kundalini awakening and energetic overcharge.

meditate / contemplate / do nothing

meditation can sometimes overcharge you even more, as it ‘melts’ more frozen material, but it can be good to relax and to gain mental clarity. as you see, many of these techniques can either de-charge or charge you up depending on what you are experiencing.

sometimes just doing nothing and contemplating can help you come back to the present moment and realise This Is All That Is.

sleep / rest

if you are going through major transformation, take enough sleep as this is key to being able to accept and surrender your current situation. resting throughout the day when you feel the need to can be highly regenerative. sometimes it’s just about laying or sitting down for 15 or 30 minutes and let your body and mind rest. the most energy is downloaded into our system while we sleep, rest, stay still or meditate and this is why it is very important to get enough of this so that our body learns to adjust itself without mental interference.

eat healthy

your body is your temple: take care of it. eat what feels right, when it feels right and how much it feels right. appetite can vary, try to understand what your body needs by being fully present into it. if you feel spaced-out, eating can help you ground into the body. if you feel fatigued or unwell, check what you’ve eaten before that and see if it’s correlated. some things that you’ve enjoyed in the past, like alcohol, can now feel like poison in your body.

cook / bake / clean / gardening

doing very human things like cooking, cleaning the house, watering plants or whatever other ordinary activity might help you release excess energy while also help you ground into your human bodily structure and life. sometimes during awakening you might be highly sensitive to external energy and feel the need to stay home, where you feel safe and cozy, so doing something ordinary and productive at home can help you relax into your comfort zone and feel grounded and fully human.

journal / paint / write / draw / hand-craft / play an instrument

whatever artistic or hand-crafty activity you might feel inspired to do can help you release great amounts of stuck energy. just get a pen or whatever instrument you’re comfortable with or curious to try out and let your body express itself through it. don’t expect a certain kind of expression, but rather just allow it to come out. it can be a beautiful drawing or poem as just some scratches on a paper or a very child-like drawing. let go of the need to make something pleasant or beautiful but rather just let the stuck emotion be expressed through this activity. doing this also opens up the space to channel divinely guided expressions like for example drawing light codes or channeled / automatic writings.

sing / tune / release sounds

singing is a great way of releasing excess energy from your lower chakras (especially your sacral and solar plexus chakras) and from your throat chakra. you can sing along to songs you enjoy – mantra music is great for this – or just tune your own intuitive chants. often there’s some stuck energy that needs to come out as sound – some of it might not come out as something musically ‘pleasing’, but I can assure it’ll be very pleasing to live without that extra charge within your system 😉 Kundalini energy is an extremely sexual energy and there can also be quite some orgasmic sounds that need to come through, from all the times you repressed their expression for whatever reason. once your throat channel is clear enough, you might be channeling through your voice, as for example through mediumship, chanting or speaking ‘light languages’.

being able to channel expressions of divine energy is not something to brag about and show off in spiritual circles, but rather a gift and should be seen as a way of serving your purpose as an embodiment of Divinity. also, be aware that often the information we channel is not direct but influenced by the frequencies of our own system, and therefore we should always be very conscious of our own vibrations before sharing what we ‘channel’ with others. it might take long practice before we become a direct channel of pure divine energy.

conscious pleasure / masturbate / self-pleasure

we often hold a lot of stuck energy in our root and sacral chakras, which are the ones most connected to our sexual energy, and they might sometimes get very overcharged when Kundalini energy is breaking through. practicing conscious pleasure is a great way to release excess energy. rather than aiming for a climax, try to prolong your pre-orgasmic energy for as long as possible (for example by pausing for some moments or slowing down), as this is how you can release the most energy. this is also when you can unlock the most sexual energy and consciously channel it into your heart space or third chakra and elevate your orgasms into powerful, deep spiritual experiences. I have a lot to say about this and I’m really excited about sharing more with you about sexual alchemy – subscribe to my newsletter at the end of the article to stay tuned 😉

sometimes orgasms can also overcharge you even more, so check out with yourself whether that’s what you really need.

at times when our Kundalini energy is awakened we might feel very loving and sexual and might want to share this energy with other people. however, don’t just give off your energy to whoever might be, as you might encounter ‘energy vampires’ that unconsciously suck up your yet-unchanneled energy. when you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, your energy is very ‘open’ but also quite wild, as you might not have learned to channel your sexual energy into your heart and head space, and you might give too much or take too much through sex, which can for example result into feeling robbed of your energy after sex or picking up experiences, traumas, emotions and thoughts from your partners. also, it might not be so conscious to engage sexually with someone with the sole intention of releasing stuck energy, as sex is a highly sacred art which should always be practiced with the intention of sharing love and joy with other beings. when you are overcharged and unbalanced, practicing self-pleasure is often the only safe way to engage sexually with yourself.

once your spiritual energy is awakened, you have to always take great care of your energy as you are now much more sensitive and feel with greater intensity – the best way to consciously engage sexually with others is through a tantric partnership based onto a deep emotional, mental and spiritual connection.

release energy into the Earth through hands and feet

consciously intend to release energy through your hands and feet as you walk or touch the ground with your hands and visualise energy streams flowing from your hands/feet into the Earth. it can be a nice thing to pray for this energy to be transformed into something beautiful. you can also invite energy to exit your body, tell your guides it is too much for now and that you want to feel lighter or ask Mother Earth to take your excess energy and then visualise it as it gently flows out of your system through your hands and feet.


prayer is medicine. you can pray to God / Source, a saint, a deity, a guru or whatever other energy that resonates with your faith and awakens great devotion and love within your heart. as you deal with excess energy, you can consciously hand it over to that divine being whom you trust and ask them to take care of you / your body-mind system.

b r e a t h e

last but not least, do what is most natural to human beings: breathe. breathe with the intention to release all excess energy from your system. there are many techniques you can try out from the yogic traditions. to relax and cool down, I’d suggest to try out the pranayama ‘alternate nostril breathing’. you can find endless practices on youtube and other platforms like Gaia.

there’s no magical formula that will assure a benefit for all symptoms. as I said, these are just suggestions that might serve you in different kind of situations. most activities can help you release excess energy some days and recharge you other days – it depends with what you’re dealing with and how you approach to the practice.

to make sure you release extra energy and don’t take more in, you can make the conscious and firm intention to release that excess energy through the practice you are to engage in.

you might ask your guides to guide towards the practice that might most benefit you – which can be anything from dancing around like a wild horse to laying silently in your bed.

as a final suggestion, if you feel excessively overcharged with energy or ‘information’, you might want to refrain from all activities that give you more information, like reading, spending time around many people, strolling around a busy street or city, etc.

interacting with others might be helpful at times and not-so-helpful other times. if you feel like you want to tell someone trusted about your current situation, then do it, as this might help you release some energy. sometimes practicing conscious and attentive listening for others might be quite helpful as you can channel that excess energy into a healing presence for others. other times you can be just way to restless for that or might ‘take in’ their vibrations and become even more charged. hugging a loved one or someone in need might also help you channel that excess energy into loving energy.

just make sure you don’t give ‘too much’ or from an unbalanced place because this might upset both your and their energy system. if you’re not sure whether your overcharged presence can serve others, spending time by yourself and finding your own balance is always safe before you go on and mingle with others. when we interact with other human beings, our energies also interact with each other and this is both a gift from heaven and a great responsibility because we are responsible for the energy we bring forth for others to receive.

so, as I finishing line, the best way to deal with your own unbalanced energies is knowing yourself. try things out, see how your system reacts, ask your intuition and learn to listen to its calling, discover what works for you and, finally, have fun with yourself. be curious. be open. don’t go ‘I thought I was done with this already’ or ‘here we go again…’ but rather face challenges with curiosity and ask yourself ‘what does this mean for me?’ and ‘what can I do about this so that I feel balanced again?’.

shower yourself with self-love – that’s the greatest and most effective medicine you can offer to your expanding system.

as always, I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it might serve you in some way. let me know in the comment box below if you’ve tried anything out and whether it’s served you in some ways or drop a question if any has arisen. also, here’s the contact page if you wish to speak privately to me.

with great love and blessings,


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9 thoughts on “spiritual awakening: dealing with energy overcharge

  1. Paul McCarthy

    I am very grateful to be with you Sara, I am on my journey it is happening the Kundalini when was 17 and now I am 63, a new chapter has become, if you want we could be friends on our way))) Sincerely, Paul. Spokane WA.


    1. thank you Paul for your comment and gentle words 🙂 i have a contact form, you can’t find it in the sections of the blog. blessings sara


  2. Very good articles. I have awakened my Kundalini before a year with the mantra of Guru Siyag and now i am disciple of Guru Vartika Shukla of the shaktipat order.

    When i make my daily shadana i experience strong shaking and vibrating movements of my whole body but thanks to the grace and protection of my Guru i dont have any problem.

    I would like to know each other


    1. hi dear one, thank you for sharing your story with this space. you can find my personal contact in the “contact” section of this blog. blessings, sara


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