collective awakening and the Second Coming of Christ

planetary energies are really stirring up and today’s full moon in virgo is really showing us all that intensity.

there is a message spirit is trying to convey through my channel so here it is for those who will find it:

we are preparing for the biggest collective awakening ever seen in human history. this will happen whether we like it or not and whether we are ready for it or not.

our planet is overflowing with higher-vibrational energies and this is pushing all the buttons in our genetic codes to re-activate long dormant DNA strings. this will result in the awakening of our long-dormant kundalini energy.

kundalini is the energy of spiritual awareness which activates our higher consciousness and channels it onto the material reality. when the kundalini energy is activated and has ascended through the chakra system, the human consciousness aligns with the soul and channels the full embodiment of the divinity. this is experienced as the union of the body-mind with the Divine.

read more on kundalini awakening and its ascension process on this section of my blog.

kundalini awakenings have happened all throughout history but never on such a large scale.

this season of deep change has started around 2012 and has been strongly propelled forward during 2020. it is only meant to accelerate and intensify greatly as we have officially entered the Age of Aquarius in December 2020.

kundalini awakenings happening spontaneously will leave many people shattered and confused. however, the growing spiritual awareness of this new born world will set the foundations to help all spiritual seekers to navigate through their spiritual awakenings.

the kundalini energy will awaken in great waves through the union of twin flame counterparts. many twin flames have found each other in the past years and many are still bound to meet in the coming years. through their meeting and interactions, their shared kundalini energy is stirred, awakened and activated.

read more about twin flames or mirror souls and the purpose of their union on this section of my blog.

as we heal from the wounds of the past, we heal the femenine and masculine energy within us and this enables the kundalini energy to flow freely through our systems.

as we are walking on this unpaved roads, we need to constantly remind ourselves that whatever is happening to us has been divinely orchestrated and that our healing is serving the collective healing.

we have to be strong in our devotion to the divine plan of earth ascension. the ascension of the human being is just a part of it. there are some of us who will awaken sooner in order to be ready to assist others throughout the massive waves of kundalini awakenings that will happen in the following years.

we cannot bypass our own healing. it can be hard and scary, but it is necessary. it is just part of the whole. some have to do it before to show others how to do it after. only with a humble and surrendered heart can we see the beauty of this.

this whole collective awakening can be seen as the Second Coming of the Christ.

Christ is the energy of enlightenment and embodiment of Divine Love.

Jesus was a Great Soul who came on Earth to show humanity what true love is. he was able to channel the Christ energy as many other saints throughout history.

Christ is the living energy within all of us and the Second Coming is the awakening of this sacred energy within the hearts of all humans.

we are bound to see great things happen on this marvellous planet in the years to come.

i feel honoured and blessed to be a conscious observer of this great leap and serving God by being His devoted Beloved.

forever at the service of god, i am honoured to have conveyed this message to you.

may God bless you

om namah shivaya

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5 thoughts on “collective awakening and the Second Coming of Christ

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  2. Vera

    Yes, I feel this on a deep level. I am still trying to figure out where I fit in. The indigineous nations call this the time of the 7th fire.


    1. thank you for your comment dear Vera. we are all always where we are meant to be. the place we take in this right moment is where we are needed. we are being shown our mission in every moment – this is it. blessings, sara


  3. James Griffin

    Ty for this and everything you was saying I could feel and see beautiful story of facts……
    Love light and truth is the way . ✨️


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