3 types of soul connection

soul connections can be seen as ‘contracts’ between souls, agreed upon between the higher selves before the reincarnation of the soul. basically, souls agree to meet and have some kind of interaction with each other once they are on Earth. usually this is unlocked by ‘divine timing‘, which means when we resonate with the specific soul we are meant to meet or the experience we are meant to share. each soul we meet enters our life with a purpose.

the purpose of a person’s presence or soul’s appearance in our life can differ greatly as it depends on the lessons the soul has chosen to learn or the path she has chosen to embark onto. there are three main types of soul connection: twin flames, soul mates and karmic partners. keep reading to understand the difference between these different types of connection.


karmic partners are soul that enter our life to help us learn and integrate a karmic lessons. these relationships can vary greatly in their nature, as they can be any kind of relationship, be it lovers, friends, family, colleagues… these people are meant to show us a certain karma and help us learn the lessons.

these relationships are often painful. they can start as smooth and easy connections and end up in ways that can be very unpleasant. the point is that we work our way through the specific karma and integrate the lesson so that we can step out of it.

the point of karma is that the soul is actually always looking forward clearing herself from karma and letting go of it, so that she can step out from the wheel of karma.

once out of the karma, we are aligned to the soul and can align to her ‘song’, which results in our actions arising directly from divine energy. when the action happens spontaneously and effortlessly, directly channeled from the Divine, there is no more karma being made.

so, we can see karmic partners as helpers that come to show us how to step out of a karmic cycle so that we rise above the karmic wheel. this allows our soul to become liberated.


we all have several soul mates and meet them at different stages of our life. we can have all kinds of relationship with our soul mates: friends, family members, life partners… they are usually that kind of people with whom we have deep connections which flow easily, smoothly, beautifully. they are our best friends and the people we have happy relationships with.

if you happen to have an especially deep connection with someone, that kind of connection when you just ‘click’ with each other effortlessly, it might be part of your soul family. with our soul mates, we feel very confortable even if we just met that person, as their energy is very familiar to our soul.

there can be difficulties in these relationships but mostly they are resolved as the souls work together to make it work.

the element of soul mate relationships is ‘water‘: so they flow, they are effortless, they soothe our soul.


just as the name suggests, the element of twin flame relationships is ‘fire‘.

this is the deepest soul bond that we can ever have. twin flames share with each other all of the soul mate characteristics as well as a much deeper soul connection.

twin flames share the same ‘soul song’, the same core energy. they are the same soul experiencing herself from two point of view, like the yin and yang of the soul.

we only have one twin flame in the whole universe. our twin flame is our perfect mirror and the perfect complement of our energies.

twin flames are ‘one soul in two bodies’, from a spiritual point of view they are one being existing through a feminine and a masculine polarity.

as i said, these relationships are ‘fire’, they are extremely intense, passionate and deep.

twin flame relationships are often very sexual – this has a double purpose: on one side, the strong attraction between counterparts will push them to do their inner work so that can be together; on the other side, the kundalini energy that we share with our twin is highly sexual and thus it is as natural for us to feel a strong urge to unite with our twin flame on all levels as it is to exist. once the kundalini energy is fully ascended, we enter inner Union with our twin flame and the Holy spirit and this is experienced as a blissful, orgasmic experience. since our twin flame is the masculine/feminine to our feminine/masculine, the sexual bond is just as natural, innocent and strong as the magnetic and electric bond between the cosmic masculine and feminine. forever united in an embrace of love.

check this section of my website to find out more about the kundalini energy and its ascension process

the love that twin flames share is the fire that burns away all illusions and sets us free into unconditional love. our twin flame is the energy that comes to awaken us to our higher self and to divine love and that supports us during our ascension process. twin flames walk side by side as they heal to rise up and align with their higher selves and their unified soul.

the presence of our twin flame is constantly felt at a soul level as they have been inside of each other all along.

these relationships can be very tumultuous and difficult to maintain on a physical level because of the intensity of the bond. when we meet and interact with our twin flame, our evolutionary kundalini energy is stirred, awakened and activated – this impulses a deep healing process which can be traumatising, exhausting and devastating. the ascension of kundalini energy is the purpose of our twin flame relationship. when the kundalini is fully awakened and permanently ascended, we are fully reunited with our higher self, our twin flame and God.

twin flames are never separated. from a spiritual point of view, twin flames have always been united and will forever be. they were created together as the soul split to experience duality, so that she could experience the path back to Unity.

the purpose of twin flame relationships is to embody their true nature which is Unity consciousness.

twin flames may reincarnate at the same time and may meet physically. we are seeing this happen a lot on planet Earth nowadays. the purpose of this is to collectively collapse separation mentality and help the Earth and humanity establish in unity consciousness. when twin flames meet physically it is always with the purpose of reuniting physically.

other times, a twin may reincarnate while the other stays in the non-physical realms to support the reincarnated twin. if this is the case, we can still meet our twin flame in the dream state or in astral projections and we will recognise them as our guardian angel or beloved spirit guide.

twin flame relationships are rare and should be treasured as a gift from the heaven. we share with our twin flame a love bond that is eternal and infinite. if you’ve been blessed enough to meet your twin flame, remind yourself of how lucky you are to be able to feel and experience such a fierce, strong and soul-deep love. also, remember that this relationship is what you make of it: unlike other soul connections, we are our twin flame so they always mirror to us back what we have within ourselves. if we want to experience blissful love, unity and harmony with our twin flame (which is the nature of the bond), we have to align to the frequencies of love and unity.

check this section of my website to find more articles and insights on the twin flame journey.

i hope you enjoyed this article. please feel free to let me know in the comment section below what you think about soul connections ❤

my best blessings,


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4 thoughts on “3 types of soul connection

  1. Jai

    Greetings. So are twin flames meant to be or stay together? I thought this last relationship was with my twin flame, but it has gradually turned into a completely toxic situation, to the point where he is mentally abusive, spiteful and hateful. Though not physically together, I still feel connected, though I desire not to be. It started out as you mentioned above but now, not so much, to the point where all the love, concern and passion is totally gone and he has ‘jumped’ into at least two sexual relationships because, due to his behavior and refusal to communicate about things to get to the root I have chosen to NOT be intimate with him, and he states that he HAS TO HAVE SEX and I am wrong, lost and every other negative adjective you can come up with and don’t love him because I won’t be intimate with him. It hurts immensely because 11 years into this and he just drops me and everything we were working towards strictly because of sex. Trying to get over it and break the connection, but we are, unfortunately, still in each other’s space, though soon to be rectified. All of this coupled with him hating and being belligerent to my youngest son. Any words you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    1. dear Jai,
      thank you for sharing your experience with this space.
      twin flame relationship are never abusive – if one or both counterparts are still holding onto toxic patterns they are separated. toxic behaviours are mostly played out with karmic partners – as i wrote in this article, karmic bonds start off very good and often end up very bad.
      in many cases we play out toxic patterns unconsciously because that’s what we’ve seen and learned in a determined moment of our life. so i’d invite you to investigate whether you’ve witnessed abusive behaviours within your family system or the structure that most influenced you growing up. it might help to reach out to a qualified therapist and let them support you in your unfolding and growth. also, it is natural that you feel connected to a person you’ve had a deep emotional and a sexual relationship with. sexual energy can be very dense and it can weave strong bonds between energy systems. you might want to check out some chord cutting visualisations and meditations.
      may you be happy and free.
      in faith, sara


      1. Jai

        Greetings Sara. Thank you for your reply. Right after I posted I realized that this relationship was not a twin flame, as you said these relationships are not toxic nor abusive. As much as I had wanted it to be, or thought it was, the thoughts of our community being as we were meant to be, etc. alas, must be karmic. Thank you for your suggestions. May we all be happy and free!


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