healing through the heart

around a year ago, i started changing the focus of my meditation practices.

for a time, i was concentrating on my third eye, also physically directing the sight of my closed eyes towards that subtle point in the middle of the eyebrows. i remember having several insights and perspective changes during that time: my perception was shifting, and, honestly, it was making me go a little mad.

suddenly i would observe the world from a completely different perspective and i was feeling very detached from reality. on one side, it was very enriching and i was learning a lot: finally, i would really see through that thin line, which felt like seeing through an illusion (i believe there are many illusions, like layers). so, of course i could see that i was making steps ahead.

however, focusing only on the mental and psychic side of this, i was feeling like i was losing my reality, kind of like truly losing my mind.

i wasn’t grounded enough.

it would feel like seriously looking at reality from a higher perspective, from a hairballoon. surely very interesting, but at some point i realised this wasn’t working: i was either really detached, almost absent from my daily life, probably conscious of some other dimensional reality, or entering quite anxious and paranoid states of mind.

my tendency has always been towards useless fears, and this was definitely kicking in again. i also have very little concrete memories of this time.

i would like to point out that i was definitely learning a lot and, as everything else, it was a beautiful step in my personal evolution. everything is perfect, always. i have no doubt about it.

i am here, sharing this, because i believe it might, sooner or later, resonate to someone having the same issue.

so, at one point, i realized i was just focusing too much on my third eye, on my spiritual and psychic sight, and too little on my heart or my body consciousness.

so i changed.

i changed my meditation technique and i started focusing on the heart.

instead of breathing through my third eye, as i had been doing, i was breathing through my heart. with ‘breathing through’ i mean that i was meditating on the breath while focusing on my heart, its beat, its presence. focusing on the synchronic way in which breath and heart work together, which is truly beautiful.

through this focus shift, my perception started shifting as well.

with time, i wasn’t feeling as detached anymore, i was more ‘on earth’ and i was also growing more conscious of my heart. i was no longer seeing from that other psychic perception most times, but still i knew that i could exist from different dimensions, i knew the other was possible.

i chose to be in a state of being that was more in alignment with my center, with my heart.

by just deciding to focus on my heart, my love center started to open up more.

it is a practice and it takes time, after one year i am still working on it. i don’t think the process ever really stops, since our heart center is actually so infinite and can expand so, so much.

still, results started coming quite fast, so it is definitely worth the chance to try it for a while and see how it works for you.

working on the heart might make you feel more emotional at times, so always check on what serves you. i don’t believe there is a need to be rigid about your practice: it’s your practice, so just make sure to always align to your true needs.

sometimes it might just be staying on the breath and nothing else. sometimes you might need grounding, so maybe you need to focus on your lower energy centers, like your pelvis or intestine areas. sometimes you might need more connection to the universe, so it’s good to focus on your higher chakras, like your third eye or crown chakra.

whatever works is great, make sure you always check with your intuition as it will always guide you wisely.

i do believe you should keep the practice for a while, so you can start seeing the changes and the shifts.

a beautiful illustration by Dakini art ( http://www.dakiniunlimited.com/home.html )

i am sharing this not to say that everyone should meditate on their heart center – although meditating on it is always good, since the heart is always going to provide you with love and peace –, i am sharing an experience that might help you observe your meditation practice and check on it.

just check on your needs and adapt your meditations to them: missing love, compassion, forgiveness? then heart might help. or maybe it’s about communication, then rather focus on your throat center. stick to it for a while, at least three weeks i would say, to see if and how it benefits you.

from my experience, i really enjoy focusing on my heart center because i believe that from that everything else just falls into alignment.

focusing on the heart means opening up to love, to give it and to receive it.

it means learning to love yourself from your center – sometimes it might open up some dark places that want to be acknowledged: observe them, accept them, love them and let them go.

once you start loving yourself, accepting yourself for what you are, a shift happens in which this love begins to expand and attract that which belongs into your life. it’s the realisation that love is always available, that it comes from within, that is it never-ending. from your center it can expand toward whatever situation or person that might need it, which at times might be others we know or it might be parts of us.

opening the heart means you allow the divine, the universe or however you’d like to call that eternal loving consciousness, to fill you up with its light.

opening the heart and aligning to your love center helps you get in touch with your soul or higher self, which is always in a state of joy, compassion and lightness.

i invite you to get in touch with that loving being that is your true nature.

do it through whatever method or technique you like.

i invite you to open up to that conscious and eternal bliss that is your true nature.

open up your arms and your heart to that love, invite it in your life, let it flow into your being and fill your life with that nectar.

i hope you can feel that ever-lasting loving light slowly but steadily flowing to you and through you.

let it be. surrender to it.

eventually it will purify your being so that only light is left.

let your soul do the work, relax into her arms, let her warm you up, feel her loving presence in your heart.

this is my wish for each and every one of the creatures of the earth today. i pray for every living creature to be filled with that divine nectar, with eternal love!!

and please share with me any insights on this. i would love to connect.

wahe guru


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