how destruction is serving your spiritual growth

finding inner peace is, paradoxically, a path that goes through inner turmoil.

as teachers and wise woman and men have taught us and keep teaching us, in order to shine we must shred all layers that hide that light. these layers are mental and emotional conditionings that block us from receiving the true abundant flow of energy that is our birthright, that is the true nature of earth and the universe. 

we live on a magical, truly magical planet.

earth, our beautiful pachamama, not only glows and shines in the middle of space, literally in the middle of nothing; she is also a marvellous provider of life.

for some very magical reasons, life on earth thrives, while on our neighbour planets many physical conditions prevent that: only on earth such a perfect equilibrium has been achieved as to permit life to unfold and evolve into more complex forms.

earth shows us that, no matter how desolate your surroundings might seem, the universe is made of light and provides all its beings with everything they need – only timing must be right.  

let’s look at this from a wider perspective. 

the creation of earth has definitely been a very discussed theme in religion and science. nowadays, exploration of the wide open space is able to explain us many things that, apart from being of extreme interest for us as living beings on earth, can teach us a lot on how the universe actually functions and works. 

consider all fortunate ‘coincidences’ that have created this precious planet we live on.

the perfect amount of matter that collided together, during a very violent but still creative phase of earth.

for millions of years, matter from space, asteroids of different sizes and materials, among which also water was found, collided at extreme speeds and, slowly, formed earth.

fortunate collisions that brought water and minerals and everything that was needed to create life. asteroids that have come from the furthest edges of the universe, drifting for millions of years through the wide nothing, until, finally, they hit the surface of the earth.

at the beginning, earth was quite different than we know it now. things burning and exploding, all kind of things happening on earth. exploding volcanos, asteroids and meteorites hitting the earth.

still, at the right time, things slowly started to settle down.

we don’t really know when life started, but at some point, the right conditions were achieved for the first organisms to be created.

one very special day, somewhere on earth, the first living particle was born and started multiplying herself.

no one knows how she did it, but she was the first living entity on earth.

where did she came from?

one thing is for sure: she arrived from the stars.

exactly as everything else: when stars explode they release into the universe matter which then spreads all around the cosmos.

so, think: for millions and millions of years, destruction and violence reigned on earth.

slowly, things started settling. organisms started evolving thanks to the beautiful conditions that settled on earth and that allowed life to thrive not only in water, but also on soil, because of the breathable air that our atmosphere provides. beautiful oxygen that allows all organisms to sustain life. 

photo by flora borsi

just like that, just like the earth, we also transform during our spiritual path. we go through destruction and fire, but eventually we also experience balance, peace, life.

the fact that we go through darkness in order to see light makes sense, as that’s how the universe functions.

no matter where and how we start, we evolve as beings, because we are creatures of earth and that’s our nature.

the universe is constantly expanding, constantly become more and more complex.

just as that, we also go through phases: through creation and destruction, over and over, until there is nothing left but peace, until there is nothing left but light.

until there is nothing left but pure consciousness and we experience a true connection with earth, we realise our true nature, which is ever-pervading consciousness.

we realise we are the same as the earth, we are planets colliding with each others. we constantly create life and destroy it. we die and are born again and again, over and over, during our life and beyond.

death is no end point, but just the beginning of a new transformation. 


sometimes there’s peace, silence and joy.

other times there’s turmoil and we can’t really see through the smoke, we find ourself lost and confused in the middle of a storm.

other times we are pure fire, we are the flame dancing to itself, we are fire purifying.

or water cleansing.

or earth growing.

or air moving. 

no matter where we are right now, whether we are volcanos or oceans, a butterfly or a lizard.

everything is happening just as it is supposed to be: think of all magical ‘coincidences’ that created this beautiful planet (if you want to know more about that, i recommend you to watch some documentaries. a good one: one strange rock in netflix).

think that all this magical coincidences they are also constantly happening in your life, as you are a creature of this universe, and are constantly guiding you towards your highest potential.

that asteroid that just hit you could be the biggest blessing of your life.

that volcano exploding? think of the fertil soil that all the lava will transform itself into.

a violent storm? all that water might be nourishing your inner garden. 

sometimes, what seems a disaster might as well turn out to be exactly what was needed in your life in order to evolve and thrive.

just let time do its thing. patience is definitely something universe values in its transformations. earth did not become the beautiful place it is now in a couple of days… it took millions of years.

just like that, transformations in your life might take some time. just wait, hold on, understand the nature of the universe, accept everything as it is, and soon enough you’ll be eating the fruits of those seeds you planted after everything was destroyed.

patience is one of the most important qualities to hold onto during our spiritual path.

we are being transformed by the divine spirit, just have faith that everything is following its perfect, magical and divine process. 

one day, you’ll look back at the destruction you’ve been through and you’ll be beyond thankful, for that ‘death’ might be exactly that, which brings you new life, new beginnings, new peace, new joy. 

have faith. trust. everything is perfect, always. 

sending many blessings and prayers to you. may the transformations of your life bring that which your heart truly desires. we are the universe. 

satchitananda. i am truth, i am pure consciousness, i am bliss.


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