causes of “Kundalini Syndrome” and ways to deal with it

dear friends, 

as you might know, i am really interested in the so-called ‘kundalini awakening‘, which, in other words, can be described as the process of “spiritual ascension”.

i am especially curious and invested in the spiritual crisis, sometimes called ‘kundalini syndrome’, that can be triggered after a powerful awakening experience. i’ve also came along the description of “ascension symptoms”, so i’ll stick to both.

whenever i use the term ‘kundalini syndrome’, i am not referring to this as a scientific, psychological pathology. these are commonly used words that i am using to describe a period of spiritual and personal crisis following a spiritual awakening and an energetic activation. i believe there is are still no real scientific studies that can attest the existence of a “kundalini syndrome”, and none of my articles should be used for psychiatric self-diagnosis.

i myself experienced many unsettling and upsetting “symptoms” as i began my ascension process.

i felt like i was going through something very unusual and challenging and for long i felt lonely, finding no one to talk about this. slowly and with lots of try and error’s, i’ve been making my way through, finding the voice of my inner guidance and intuitively comprehending more and more of what this whole experience is about. 

because i have felt so heartbreakingly lonely, lost and desperate during some stages of my awakening, i created this blog. i felt the call to share my views and understanding of spirituality and to offer free access to the information i’ve been receiving in all these years of “training”. i hope you enjoy it, and i am grateful if you support me and this website in any way 🙂 

in today’s article we are going to explore the depths of Kundalini Energy and the experience of Awakening. then, i’ll refer to the transpersonal, spiritual crisis sometimes triggered by such energetic activation, and i’ll share my understanding of the causes of this so-called “Kundalini Syndrome”. finally, i’ll provide my current view of how we can face and overcome moments of crisis, to enjoy the gifts of awakening in a much smoother, gentler and comprehensive way. 

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the Kundalini is a powerful energetic potential present in all living beings. 

as humans, we are given the opportunity to experience Union with the Divine through the conscious embodiment of this life-force.

when the Energy rises through our spinal channel, She breaks through all blockages present in the chakras, or energetic centres of our body. this is very important to understand. when an awakening experience takes place, information that was stuck in the chakra system is released. continue reading to see what this means. 

Kundalini is a mysterious energy. i find it always challenging to put words into the Nature of this energy. 

Kundalini is the conscious energy of creation. She is the intelligence and power held within every cell. 

i am using the feminine pronoun because “Kundalini” is a feminine sanskrit term, linked to the tantric traditions of hinduism.

i consider tantra to be as ancient as human consciousness. more than a philosophy or spiritual orientation, tantra is an approach to life that embraces Duality as the bridge of experiencing Unity. i’ll write more about tantra in other articles, so make sure you stay in touch with this space through the newsletter 🙂 

in tantra, Kundalini is believed to be a feminine energy. following tantric, taoist and hinduist cosmologies, the Creation is made possible by the Union of the feminine and masculine principles. 

‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ have nothing to do with gender or social constructions such as ‘woman’ and ‘man’.

we use words as feminine and masculine, negative and positive, yin and yang, shakti and shiva, to refer to energetic poles, just like in physics and chemistry. 

whenever i say feminine and masculine, i refer to the opposite energetic charges that are present in everything. 

the point is that our Awakening triggers an energetic transformation meant to rebalance the Masculine and Feminine energies within ourselves. 

all beings are made of both yin and yang energies, in slightly different portions, each one its unique energetic signature. without the experience of the opposites and their Union, there wouldn’t be life. 

in an ideal world, we’d live trauma-free lives and would maintain our perfectly balanced energetic signature throughout our whole life. as we all know, the Earth doesn’t provide such an experience, and, let me tell you, as much challenging as this can be, the Earth is an amazing school for our soul. 

being born in a world buried in separation and in desperate need for balance gives us the opportunity to experience the journey from separation to Unity, which allows us to truly comprehend and value Oneness

so, basically, Kundalini is like an alarm clock, and once She awakens, She shows us where we’ve been lacking consciousness.

this means she opens our eyes so that we can see not only the magnificent beauty of life, but also where we are contracting our energy. 

there are two energetic movements: expansion and contraction.

the point of Awakening is that we release our need to contract, and explore the grace of constant expansion. 

to experience and enjoy this amazing transformation, it is important that we understand that we need to visit and explore the places where our energy is stuck, blocked and clogged, in order to set it free and release it into expansion.

as we begin to awaken, this stuck and blocked energy is brought up to our conscious mind so that we can allow this process of liberation.

after our first awakening, we can experience a change in our personality and find this perturbing, so we block the expansion.

this can result in a spiritual crisis sometimes called “Kundalini syndrome”. 

a Kundalini awakening opens our consciousness to deep spiritual information regarding our true nature, the creation of this Universe, its laws and the purpose of what we call ‘life’ or ‘existence’… although this sounds great, the reality of it is that sometimes our human mind struggles to accept and integrate this information.

through the lenses of ego all of this ‘awakening stuff’ is disturbing and absurd.

ego-beliefs come into play and try to stop whatever is going on, as the experience of awakening is actually a constant ego-death and is meant to set us free from ego-limitations.

if we look at old scriptures, mostly we read that only those ‘seekers’ that have spent years, if not their whole life, meditating and praying have access to deeper spiritual wisdom. during those years of preparation, the seeker would have worked on debunking much of her/his ego-load. 

this often doesn’t go so smoothly for those who experience unprepared, spontaneous awakenings

it seems nowadays that the energetics of this planet are swirling, shifting and changing deeply.

many of us believe that the Earth is moving forward in her planetary evolution, and is receiving more energy from the galaxy and the surrounding stars, the Universe, whatever. i do not consider important to understand ‘how’ exactly this evolution is happening, but rather that it is happening, and the Earth wants to take her kids, humanity, along with her on this wild ride. 

or at least she’s planning for it.

the outcomes are unclear, whether humanity will follow along or will perish.

we are in the midst of this transformation and will only be able to see the results of it in a while. 

so, what happens with this planetary evolution, is that, clearly, humanity is also affected by it. 

a Kundalini awakening is so to say the next evolutionary step for humans. 

and so, Kundalini awakenings are happening at a much broader and faster scale than ever before in human history. 

more people are awakening and this is often happening in spontaneous ways. which means, we don’t know what is happening when it happens, or at least we weren’t planning for it. we didn’t go to a retreat focused on kundalini awakening – and even if we did, we had no idea where we were putting ourselves into. 

does this resonate with you? 

when we awaken without proper guidance and preparation, we might have some trouble integrating the experience and the energetic opening. if this sounds like you, don’t worry. you are so not alone, and you’re doing great. 

spontaneous awakenings might mean that we don’t know how to deal with our human life after the alarm clock hits in. the resulting explosion of energy in our system might result very overwhelming. 

this might mean that we suddenly awaken to who we are, look around and see a life that just doesn’t fit us anymore – and we don’t know what to do with this. 

also, spontaneous awakenings might mean that we have no idea what the awakening experience actually represents and have little to no instruments and tools to comprehend it and integrate it in a healthy way. 

this can results in many symptoms. common ones are: confusion, anxiety, over-sensitivity, depression, fear, overwhelm… 

some examples can be: 

*confusion regarding what is real and what is not real, who i am, what is life; 

*fear of being kidnapped by aliens or other-worldly creatures (happened to me, eheh); 

*anxiety caused by the feeling of ‘having to enlighten the world’; 

*depression after the ‘highs’ of the experience and longing to go back; 

*rejecting one’s human life and wanting to escape the Earth, getting lost in the spiritual realms; 

*feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations;

*changes in how we perceive our mind-body system (perturbing shifts in our energy, sexuality, emotions, thoughts, concentration…) ;

etc, etc… 

the thing is, once we first awaken we start a life-long self-expansion journey which is taking us further and farther into the realms of existence.

we will have several awakening experiences, and can have periods of ‘peaks’ when we receive huge amounts of information in little time.

the journey is never over, as it actually never started. 

if you think of your own ‘first awakening’, you can probably see how everything that happened before was somehow preparing you for it. and from then on, you didn’t remain static, you continued evolving. 

i love Tara Springett’s image of the Kundalini awakening: she proposes seeing the awakening like an hour glass. we stand in the middle of the glass, and our Kundalini awakening is like warmth melting the ice that stands in the upper and lower parts of the hourglass. these parts represents our higher and lower realities.

so, slowly, we get to see deeper into our higher and lower mind

it is important to realise that Kundalini awakening doesn’t mean we only explore the ‘highs’ of spirituality and so-called ‘superconsciousness’. this is a naive idea that is sometimes shared in spiritual circles.

a Kundalini awakening opens the path for the exploration of the unconscious also, the lower parts of the sand glass. 

the further up-high we go, the lower we dive. 

the more we explore the realms of heavens, the more we also have to face the demons that hide in our unconscious mind.

this isn’t supposed to be a ‘curse’ nor a painful experience. we can learn to deal with our darkness and eventually realise that it isn’t much different than the light. this opens up the recognition of Universal Oneness.

see Kundalini awakening as an expansion of your consciousness. it expands in all directions. 

Kundalini awakening is a divine blessings that allow us to become more and more conscious of who we are, of our light as well as of our darkness. 

yet what happens at times is that we are unable to cope with the expansion. this is when we start feeling stuck and lost, and where we might develop perturbing symptoms.

here it is important to realise that there’s nothing ‘negative’ about Kundalini energy and that we are not victims of a ‘divine curse’. Kundalini is not causing the blockages and difficulties – our personal blockages are causing the pain, and Kundalini is simply bringing up the issue to the surface. 

symptoms of Kundalini awakenings, as the one i listed here, are not caused by the mysteries of Kundalini: they are caused by our internal resistance, blockages and limiting beliefs. 

Kundalini is like a warmth that melts our ice – our ice being our unhealed wounds and our ego-attachments. 

credits: flickr

per se, Kundalini is a neutral energy, simply expressing her Nature: Consciousness of What is. 

this Energy brings consciousness to what we are not seeing about ourselves. 

this can mean showing us the vastness and power of our being, our love and our joy, and it can also mean showing us our darkness, our hidden emotions and repressed instincts. 

i am not hiding it: it can be very hard to face all of this and keep up with a human existence of relationships, job, family, etc. 

when we realise and accept that we are actually the ones causing our ‘syndrome’ by resisting to evolution in some way, we can look up for creative solutions. 

in this article i’ve shared some tools we can use in moments of energetic emergencies, for example when we feel like we’re exploding. these tools are mainly recommendations for different types of grounding exercises to release excess mental and emotional energy and stay more present in the body. 

however, inner blockages caused by deep human wounds and trauma need to be looked at in more depth. to do this we can explore different types of approaches, like, for example, psychotherapy.

i have found great support and healing tools in gestalt therapy, and i am currently in training to provide others with the same assistance i’ve received. 

Tara Springett, a pioneer in kundalini literature, is also a gestalt therapist and offers sessions for individuals suffering from ‘kundalini syndrome’. i highly support her work, so check her out.

gestalt therapy is a holistic approach to psychotherapy. through its open perspective it allows the therapist to share therapeutic tools while offering a safe space for emotional release and mental reflection. 

the purpose of gestalt therapy is to become conscious of what is happening to oneself Here and Now, and accept it wholeheartedly.

embracing life as it is right now allows space for healing and for the rising of creative solutions. 

in gestalt therapy, the individual is considered from all points of view: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

this is especially important for those who undergo a spiritual awakening: spirituality is a big part of it, and we need a therapist that can welcome our connection to the spiritual world. 

i’d definitely suggest you change therapist if, after telling about your spiritual expansions, you get weird looks and answers such as ‘that is not real’, ‘you are hallucinating’, etc. 

as i said, often the unexpected experience of Kundalini awakening can leave us confused, and we definitely don’t need someone who makes us doubt even more in what we are experiencing. 

sometimes we might think that we’re going nuts during spiritual awakening, but we’re actually not. we are remembering and exploring who we really are, and we deserve to be treated with respect and care.

to this i am adding: although we are not going crazy, we might at times be very confused about what is real and what is unreal. that is why being able to connect with someone who can respect and comprehend what you’re going through is key in order to help you get some clarity.

most importantly, at least for me, gestalt therapy gives the body a big role in the therapeutic and healing process. i consider this also a very fundamental point, and a ‘plus’ in respect of other types of psychotherapy which mainly focus on mind and emotions. 

the body is the playground where we experience emotions and thoughts, and it is through the body that we can access long lost memories of trauma. also, it is through the body that we heal from trauma. 

as many might know, physical experiences can be a big part of spiritual awakening. during Kundalini awakening we can experience so-called ‘kriyas’ or spontaneous movements, and it is important we consider the body and our perceptions of it during a therapeutic process. 

because of the central position the body holds during a kundalini awakening, any healing approach that deals with the body can be highly beneficial, such as massage, dance therapy, body-awareness therapy, movement therapy, etc.

our perception of the body can shift considerably during awakening, and this can make the interaction ‘self to body’ challenging to say the least. 

the body is adjusting to enhanced sensations and increased energy, and might need a lot of rest and sleep, or might appear slower as usual. sometimes the most basic daily activities such as making lunch or writing a letter can seem impossible or can feel absolutely strange, like doing some alien activity. 

working with a qualified therapist provides us with a caring figure that acts like a mirror and helps us access to deeper information stored in our system by pointing out those things we are missing from sight. 

if you’re going through a spiritual crisis and if you find yourself in a moment of confusion, emotional instability, or other unpleasant conditions, it can be very beneficial for your growth to seek out some kind of support.

in case of kundalini awakening, i highly suggest you download this book and have a read: ‘healing kundalini symptoms’ by Tara Springett. 

before you take any decision regarding how to seek out support, and what kind of support you need, i invite you to check in with yourself – your mind, your heart and your body – and see what you are needing right now. what do you really need? 

what are these symptoms telling you about yourself?

support always comes from within, even if we experience it through another human being.

the most important support we all need is our own ability to love and take care of ourselves.

healing can come in many ways… more time in nature, more moments of silence and contemplation, more self-care, more movement, more quality time with loved ones… 

it can be that we can’t identify what we need, or maybe what we need is to talk with someone who will care about our words and will offer valuable guidance. here i would suggest reaching out for a qualified therapist that can support you during this time and offer you a safe space where you can explore the depths of your being. 

just letting you know that i understand the struggles of this path and i can offer a safe space for you, your emotions and your transformation. if you’re called to get in touch, reach out writing me an email at as i said, i am currently in therapy training, so it is from a learning space that i can offer my energy and understanding, and also help you find a qualified gestalt therapist in your area. i genuinely believe that together we’re stronger.

we are going through challenging times as a species, we are evolving at high speed. this is a great journey we can embrace together, with love and respect.

we are called to take care of ourselves and heal our wounds so that we can fully step into a new, more balanced reality – what some of us like to call ‘new earth‘. 🙂

as i’ve depicted through this article, a Kundalini awakening is an amazing opportunity to grow, evolve and expand our consciousness. so-called Kundalini syndrome is caused by inner blockages and ego-limitations. we can actually enjoy this transformation and experience it as an effortless, joyful dance with ourselves. in front of unpleasant, difficult times, we can support ourselves by reaching out to a therapist and take conscious decisions to support the creation of our desired reality

if you’re wishing to create a peaceful, joyful life for yourself and don’t know where to start, i have shared some information on conscious creation in this section of my blog. 

if you want to continue exploring the information i’ve provided on Kundalini awakening, check out this section of my blog. 

if you have any questions or doubts on the issue, drop me a commentary or contact me personally through this page

in love and gratitude, 


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9 thoughts on “causes of “Kundalini Syndrome” and ways to deal with it

  1. Keith

    This is such an excellent description of what is happening to so many of us.

    If we can be part of the timeless ’thought’ by allowing our egos to relax control then being is so simple.

    All is well, always


  2. Sara, This is a wonderful explanation for the many nuances we may encounter coming into alignment with our pure soul which is really what the kundalini is here to help us do. Much here resonates and I have discovered many of the same things in the past 5 years so this blog is wonderful affirmation for me. I will also check our Tara Springett. Thank you!


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  4. Adriana

    Sara, thank you so much for sharing this information! It really gave me light on how to keep in motion with this energetic expression. . Wishing you all flow, fun and trust in the process!

    Expansive community love to all!


  5. Todd Courtney

    I so appreciate everything that this article says. One place that i would like to expand on is the finding a therapist to help one through this experience. In the US we and our therapist industry is so westernized that we hardly have no Stan Grof’s or Gopi Krishna’s in the field of therapy. Their out there, but no where close to the level needed for this ENERGY that is pouring in triggering this Kundalini awakening on the scale that IT IS occurring. Reaching out and sharing human being to human being seems to be an aspect of this transformation. There seems to be an ending of dependency on these “professional class”. WE ARE becoming the support for others as WE ARE realizing that WE ARE one.
    Again beautiful beautiful article
    ⚡ 🙏🏿 ⚡


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