What is Ascension ?

if you have been reading spiritual blogs and articles, you might have encountered the word ‘Ascension’. in this article I will talk a bit about what Ascension is, how it functions and how we can establish ourselves in it. it is an extremely complex and deep topic, so I will keep coming back to it.

Ascension is a term used to describe the process of ‘ascending’ to a higher vibrational frequency. through this ‘Ascension process’ we let go of human limiting beliefs and old programming and embrace a new way of functioning as human beings by reconnecting and reuniting with our inner Divinity. this allows us to fully step into our Truth as Divine Beings and Conscious Creators.

Ascension is not a linear, static occurring, but is rather made up of several ‘Awakenings’ and is a dynamic process of constantly realigning and reuniting (or merging) with our Inner Divinity. with ‘Inner Divinity’ I mean the Divine Energy that reside inside of us, which you can call Soul, God, Source, Higher Self, etc.

the point of Ascension is: we are (re-)Uniting with our Higher Consciousness, which means that our human consciousness and our Higher Consciousness merge into ONE. there is no separation anymore as our human consciousness expands to incorporate Cosmic or Divine Consciousness.

Higher / Cosmic / Divine Consciousness is the consciousness of All That Is. therefore, when our consciousness merges with Cosmic Consciousness, we are awakened to the Truth that We Are All That Is. also, this means that we recognise that We Are All One.

We Are All One Being manifesting itself in countless shades of light, shapes and states of consciousness.

entering Full Union or Merging with Divinity (or a Divine Being) is also known as ‘Enlightenment’, yet again, this is not a static event as many might imagine, but a dynamic process of Becoming.

but it’s not about becoming something: we already are in the process of Becoming. we are already Becoming! there is nothing you have to become, no one you have to be except what you are already Being, what you are already Becoming!

Ascension or Enlightenment has nothing to do with ‘going somewhere’, but is rather all about realising that you’ve never left Home, and by Home I mean Paradise or being in the Holy Presence of Divinity.

as a Soul Being, you have always only known Paradise, Holiness and Purity, yet you’ve chosen to forget this by reincarnating in a human consciousness so that you could experience the way back to Yourself.

there is nothing we have to learn. absolutely nothing. we are just remembering, remembering Who We Truly Are.

Ascension / Enlightenment is all about being in complete ignorance, constantly! being enlightened or ascended means that you are just constantly in the cusp of the Unknown, of not-knowing.

remembering Who You Really Are actually makes all the human knowledge that you’ve taken years to absorb completely useless and unnecessary, as the only thing you will know is: I know nothing!

but do not worry, any information you will need to function as a human being will be provided to you in the moment it is needed and you will be surprised at how brilliant you are! simply put, your consciousness is just downloading the information whenever you need it, but your mind stays pure and untouched, so the information is gone again once you no longer need it.

it is this complete ignorance that scares the ego so much, as it loses all opportunity to control and predict, so this is why the ego-structure tries so hard to resist from letting go!

I believe there is this misconception, which I also once had, that Enlightenment or Ascension is bringing us ‘somewhere’ away from ourselves. I used to dream about it as of a time when I would not be with myself anymore – because I was so exhausted from the negative thinking patterns and the limited belief system which were clogging the freedom of my Being. I can assure that if you keep choosing to be aligned with your Higher Purpose, the destructive patterns and limited programming will be slowly but steadily erased from your consciousness. once that is complete, there will be no need to ‘escape’ from yourself, because you will perceive your own Self as be the most perfect being, and there will be no reason to be somewhere but here and now, with Your Self.

because You are Perfection, You are Paradise, You are Unconditional Love, You are ever-lasting Bliss.

the limited, human thinking-patterns have clogged our system and convinced our cognitive system that we are something we are not. there is a purpose in this: only by experiencing what we are not, can we fully recognise What We Are, and there’s a profound Truth and Beauty in this Journey. yet it is no Journey, because we are never moving from Home. we are always Home. we have always been and will forever be. nothing can ever harm us – again, we are not what we think we are through the collective perspective of ‘being’, because we are not a body, a person or a personality. we are Infinite Beings and as such, nothing can ever harm us.

as a human collective, we have grown so used to rational functioning that we struggle to understand the Truth of Who We Really Are, because there’s no way to put the rational mind into Enlightenment: it just does not understand. yet the Heart knows. only through the Heart, only through our own Love, can we remember Who We Truly Are.

yet, let’s not over-romaticise this (although I do enjoy romaticising about things), because it is not just a zaaac! of remembering and then it’s all done and you’re fully ascended. the Ascension process is about constantly reminding yourself of Your Own Truth, in any circumstance in any moment, until you never forget it again.

it is about being in the midst of chaos, taking a deep breathe and remembering Your Truth. this will allow you to embody your True Self more and more until it becomes fully natural for you to function that way.

being in Your Own Light will open up a way of living and functioning which is deeply peaceful and satisfying, for there is no need that is not fully satisfied in the Arms of Your True Being, because, you, my friend, You are God, the Source of All That Is, and so Am I, for We Are One.

however beautiful this sounds and truly is, our human conscious system can feel profoundly confused and even shocked while we go through this process of Ascension, which usually begins when our Kundalini Energy awakens. check this section of my blog to read more about this Energy and how to deal with the possible challenges that you might encounter as your ego-structure struggles to let go and builds up resistance.

I’d like to finish up by directing you to this article, where I talk about how important it is to be heart-centred as a way to embrace your own Potential and share with you an easy meditation technique which can be used to reconnect with your Heart and Seat of Your Soul.

great blessings to You,


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14 thoughts on “What is Ascension ?

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  6. John

    I have found your reading very interesting, so would you still do twin flame meditation and twin flame energy clearing techniques,
    As we are still twin flames ourselves and working on our own energy would help clear our path for ourselves in life yes?


    1. hi John! thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked the readings. I am only guided to tell you to follow your heart, so do whatever resonates with that 🙂 may joy grow within you and blossom like a beautiful spring flower! blessings, sara


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