spiritual awakening: managing out-of-ordinary experiences

beloved ones, 

welcome back for a new article which i’ve been meaning to write for a long while, and i hope it will be of any service to all those of you who’ve reached out to me with such issues, and all other beings who find this article during a time of need. 

today we are talking about paranormal experiences during spiritual awakening (especially in the case of Kundalini activation). both through my own experience and by observing the worries of others, i know this topic to be especially challenging for many. 

when we begin to awaken spiritually, we can experience many “out-of-ordinary” situations, and often it seems to be difficult and challenging to find ways to cope with this kind of events.

in this article, we are going to shortly clarify the main signs of Kundalini activation, and then we are going to dive into the diversity and complexity of out-of-ordinary experiences, and how we can best navigate through the opening of our psychic perceptions. 

i will share with you safe and uncomplicated approaches towards psychic experiences, which can support both our peace of mind and our further growth and evolution. i will propose that, when we find ourselves challenged and overwhelmed with all kinds of mysterious energies, that we focus on love, rather than on fear. i have offered a suggestion on how to do this at the end of the article, so stick around 😉

i am going to propose ways of dealing with out-of-ordinary scenarios in a way that benefits our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being: the witness perspective. i will tell you why engaging with paranormal experiences through detachment and non-judgmental observation enables us to detach us from our spiritual ego, which, as i wrote in this other article on the ego, is an essential step if we want to fully free ourselves from suffering, and inhabit the pure consciousness of our true, infinite self. 

this article is not going to tell you how to have any kind of out-of-ordinary experiences, nor how to grow your ability of your psychic senses. psychic skills are like muscles, the more you use them, the more they grow. 

i am being called to share support for people having issues managing and understanding unusual psychic experiences (mostly due to spontaneous awakenings), and to offer tools that allow us to not remain stuck in our spiritual ego, and move forward into true awakening, and ultimate liberation. 

firstly, i wanted to share with you the main signs of Kundalini awakening, so that you might have a bit of clarity before we move on with the article. 

when our Kundalini energy actives in our body, we experience the following:
more intense emotions (1) 
heightened (psychic and psycho-physical) sensitivity (2)
energy movements in the body (3) 
increased interest in spirituality (4) 
paranormal experiences (5) 

however not only those whose Kundalini energy makes itself conscious experience paranormal situations, and therefore this article can be of any help also if you feel like your Kundalini hasn’t yet awakened. 

let us go deeper into the matter of paranormality…

with paranormal experiences i mean all types of out-of-ordinary, psychic experiences. to name a few: 
* hearing voices, sounds and unspoken information, 
* seeing and/or perceiving energies, energetic entities and/or spirits, 
* communicating with non-manifested beings (extraterrestrials, guides, ancestors, angels, dead ones, etc), 
* channeling information (of any kind) from other dimensions,
* all kind of intuitive visions, 
* seeing or sensing what is going to happen in the future or what happened in the past, 
* channeling healing energy through hands and eyes,
* out-of-body experiences / astral projections,
* telepathy 
* all types of curious synchronicities 
* miracles 
and countless others. 

in spiritual circles many seem to be very fascinated by such experiences. many might be wishing to be astral projecting, or to talk to an entity that is not currently physically manifesting. and if this happens, and we have a positive, safe experience, then this is beautiful and can be celebrated. 

now, we must remind ourselves that having psychic experiences does not make us “more special” than others. it is just a skill we might develop when we open up for it. 

believing ourselves to be “more unique” or “superior” than others because we are able to channel information from other dimensions or because we are psychically skilled keeps us trapped in our spiritual ego, and thus we are actually never seeing the end of suffering. 

by projecting a “me-story” onto psychic experiences and skills, we are remaining trapped in the matrix. we are still playing the game of separation

a psychic skill doesn’t make us “more spiritually evolved”, just like being a great football player or an amazing artist doesn’t make us “more evolved” than other humans. we all have different skills and these can be certainly celebrated, yet they shouldn’t be used to feed our ego. 

now, moving on; there might times when psychic and out-of-ordinary experiences make us feel uncomfortable, confused and scared. 

this can happen when we are moving through our spiritual awakening without any guidance, and when we begin to have spontaneous expansions of our consciousness. 

spontaneous awakenings happen, of course, spontaneously. all kinds of awakenings always happen spontaneously. we can’t “force” them. 

nevertheless, there are circumstances and practices that can move and trigger our spiritual awakening; among them we can find: being around a self-realised master, meeting our twin flame, consuming mind-altering substances, traumatic or shocking experiences, a near-death experience, intense spiritual practices.

however, it is important to understand that, first and foremost, awakenings occur when we open up for it (consciously or unconsciously) and when we are ready for it. 

now, even if our soul agrees that we are ready for an awakening, we might still have little to no conscious tools regarding how to navigate a spiritual awakening. this is why, even if we are willing to experience more of what being a spiritual being means, we might still get totally overwhelmed. 

let us be serious. one thing is thinking about having an experience out of your body, and another is experiencing it and feeling that you are leaving your body, isn’t it? 

it can feel scary and we might be afraid of letting ourselves go – especially if we are going through it without an experienced friend helping us manage such unusual psychic situations. 

most probably, if we haven’t been guided into the experience, our first out-of-ordinary experiences might be mixed up with fear, confusion and misunderstanding.

this is why i am being guided to share some insight about managing paranormal spiritual experiences.

i’d start off saying that having out-of-ordinary (everything from curious to strange to paranormal or supernatural) experiences is absolutely normal when we are exploring our spirituality and awakening to our true self. 

as we become more and more aware of who we really are and start exploring the depths and vastness of our soul, we could be having out-of-ordinary experiences – this is very common during spiritual awakening, as spiritual awakening represents an expansion of our consciousness. so we remember more of what life can be and explore its extended potential. 

let me just say it: having psychic experiences is not such a big deal. definitely not one we should brag about. 

it is important to not attach ourselves to these kind of experiences, and not use them to feed our spiritual ego. this is a very concrete danger for those who go through awakening and can cost us a lot of time “wasted” in yet another ego-prison. 

as we awaken to our truth, we might be shown lost parts of our self, or soul gifts. 

we might then be able to receive all kind of information through our intuition, and many other things. at times, this can be part of our soul gifts, and we might be called to share this gift with others for the benefit of all beings, which means no power abuse

if we use our psychic skills for our personal benefit only, and forget that this is a divinely-given gift, we might just lose the ability to receive pure, untouched information. it will be mixed up with our ego-attachment, and it won’t be true anymore. 

the path towards full self-realisation goes through many “smaller” awakenings

each awakening ”downloads” a higher vibrational energy into our field or conscious system. 

so, each time we are realising a deeper truth about ourselves, we are “awakening” more to our own true nature. 

it’s not about learning, but rather about remembering who we really are. 

the experience of “awakening” can be pleasant and eye-opening; and it can be also upsetting, scary, overwhelming and mind-blowing. 

for example when my Kundalini energy started to be active in my body i simply thought i was going nuts, and for long i spoke to no one about these “weird” things that were happening to me, as i was scared they’d call me crazy and put me in a mental hospital. i had no instruments at all to manage such a powerful awakening. all i did was pray for guidance and trust that my soul knew what was happening.

so, yes, i know what it means to be totally lost in the middle of an explosive Kundalini awakening. for me, it just felt like a volcano. 

some awakening experiences can be extremely raw, and even violent. they push us completely out of our comfort zone. 

i believe in this case all we can do is let go, and flow with it. 

right before we experience a so-called “ego-death”, we might be totally overflown with deep fear of dying. we might be afraid that if we allow the experience, our physical body will die. it is important to realise that our physical body is always safe during psychic explorations. 

in just a few words, an “ego-death” is nothing but the realisation that we are so much more than we thought. this fear of dying is the manifestation of the unconscious thought “i don’t want to let go of who i think i am”. 

dying to our ego means letting go of our limited beliefs regarding our human personhood, and our attachment to it.

experiencing fear is totally comprehensive. the ego-mind worries: “i need to think i know who i am”, “i need to have a fixed identity”, “what will be of me if i allow this?”, “i won’t be anyone anymore”, etc. 

these kind of moments can be experienced as even “cruel” through the lenses of the ego-self. they are actually a gift from the Divine, allowing us to step more and more into our true, liberated self. 

you can read more about what happens after an ego-death, and what awaits on the “other side”, beyond attachment and fear, on this article about the Ascension Process. 

strange” experiences are often part of this expansion of our consciousness. mostly, these experiences help us realise that we are so much more than we were taught to believe. 

the point now is that building a new prison by attaching ourselves to our spiritual experiences is of no benefit. what these experiences are trying to convey is that we are Infinity and Eternity. no matter what we are going through, no matter what we are sensing, perceiving or seeing, the point of awakening is one: recognising Oneness. 

so, how can we embrace out-of-ordinary experiences in a safe way that enables us to realise Universal Oneness? 

first, we stop making a big deal out of it. we are not the only ones perceiving energies and spirits. we are not the only ones connected with Mother Earth. we are not more spiritually evolved than anyone. spiritual hierarchy is an illusion of duality. 

through this perspective, we can embrace the fact that we are connected with all beings. we all can access the so-called “Higher Consciousness”; all it takes is a pure heart and the willingness to open up for it.

there’s no boundary between you, your fellow humans, planet Earth, and all other inhabitants living in other dimensions and planets. this is why we can feel each other’s energy and communicate telepathically.

second, when we have the spiritual experience, we simply observe it. we take our ego out of the equation. when we observe, we are not judging. we are not putting “me” into the experience. this enables us to have a pure experience, and if we are meant to receive information, then we can receive pure, unbiased information. 

when we start analysing what this and that can mean, we are interpreting something that, possibly, doesn’t want to be interpreted. we step out of the pure energy that is interacting with us, and we fall into the trap of our ego, our “little me” that wants to be at the centre of the universe. 

maybe the black cat staring at you, or the flashing lights are just that: a staring cat, and flashing lights. 

the great magic of this is, that when we stop wanting to over-analyse everything, we might just get spontaneous information regarding our experiences.

we might see a pattern, and just spontaneously get an answer to our questions. naturally and organically. this can only happen when we let go of our obsessive attachment of wanting to find a meaning in everything. 

nothing is random, and, also, we don’t always get answers right away. 

maybe you’re seeing a black cat and feeling strangely attracted to it because you’re going to adopt a black cat in a couple of years and s/he’s going to be your best companion! how could you know that now?? you can’t! over-thinking on the meaning of that cat now, though, could bring you a headache and rob you of your peace of mind in this present moment. why then not just observe that black cat staring at you, and enjoy their magic presence in your life, without much more thinking. 

now, let us talk about those psychic experiences that present us with very unpleasant information, such as demons and other entities perceived as “evil” and “negative”. 

when our Kundalini energy awakens, repressed emotions, unconscious fears, hidden thoughts and unresolved traumas begin to slowly re-surface onto our conscious mind. 

because these stuck energies are rising from our unconscious mind, they can present themselves in many different forms. 

for example, if we have an unresolved childhood trauma, it can resurface as a painful sensation in the physical body, or as a vision of something terrible. it might take a while before we get the whole picture clear, and, before that happens, we might still be experiencing the emotions and thoughts of that little child, as the unconscious mind is opening already. 

i will offer a personal example to make this clearer: i began to have energetic memories of my childhood trauma almost 3 years before being able to fully understand and remember what had happened in my childhood. for 3 years i was dealing with physical blockages, sudden fears and horrible visions without being able to fully realise where it came from – and i simply accepted this as part of my path and surrendered to the healing process. finally, when i was ready, i was able to fully remember the trauma of my inner child, and now with my hands full of tools for taking care of that wound.

nothing is random, and, also, we don’t always get an answer right away.

unconscious material rises up when we strong enough to deal with that unresolved trauma. we are never given something we can’t deal with.

these energies rise up to be acknowledged, as this is the only way we can recover these lost parts of us. those part of us who were hurt and broken want to be accepted and integrated. 

seeing or perceiving a “monster”, a “demon” or any other kind of unpleasant and scary entity, through visions, dreams or by sensing them through a place or a person, is telling us that we are also that. this entity is not separated from us. we are experiencing this energy because we are (unconsciously) resonating with it. 

for example, you could be meeting someone and feel suddenly very uncomfortable. there are two ways you can react to this: you could be dismissing this person as “negative”, or even “possessed”, or you could ask yourself what part of you is resonating with such energy. 

unresolved trauma means traumatised energy still lives within the body. often, a spiritual awakening can awaken this energy, so that it becomes somehow visible, so that it can be healed and released. 

unhealed wounds, repressed pain, unconscious fears are part of us. 

when we refuse to acknowledge these energies, when we deny our acceptance to this parts of us, we are denying acceptance to our hurt inner child. 

when we look away from our wound, we are looking away from ourselves. we are failing to take care of ourselves and mend our wounds.

recognising this can give us a mature perspective when we are faced with unpleasant and even scary psychic experiences. would you still be scared of a monster, if you knew little you was hiding inside of it? instead of falling into the fear, we can now ask ourselves “where does this fear come from?”, “when did i first feel this fear?”. and we are not necessarily looking for an answer right away.

like with any other type of psychic experience, we shouldn’t overthink or overanalyse them. there’s no need to.

whether pleasant or unpleasant, exciting or scary, the best way to deal with psychic experiences is detached observation. like you’re watching a movie.

we are responsible for all the energy we allow space in our conscious system

if you are having scary psychic experiences that leave you feeling scattered and overwhelmed, then why on earth are you allowing them in? 

you see, we are always choosing what we let in, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

here, i am inviting you to consciously choose what kind of energy you let into your field

let’s make an easy example: you would skip a song you don’t like, wouldn’t you? you would NOT think: i have to listen to this song. why should you?! no, you would just skip it. and it wouldn’t be a big deal. you wouldn’t think “i am a bad person because i skipped that song”. 

well, same thing with psychic experiences. if you don’t like the tune, just change it. 

if we don’t like the visions or out-of-ordinary experiences that we’re having, we can choose to not give it our attention. 

the more we focus on something, the more that energy grows in our field. 

if you’re sensing an energy that scares you, ignore it as much as possible. do not give it your attention. do not allow it space in your field. cut the movie in the exact moment you realise you are not liking it. 

in this case, you might wonder: where should i focus on, then? 

i am offering a handy, easy-peasy energy tool that can support us in any moment we are stuck in fear and pain: connect with a benevolent, Divine Being. 

when we nourish and nurture a connection with a Divine Being, we can discover an endless source of love, compassion and support which can help us stay strong in any given moment of our human life. 

this Divine Being can be anything/anyone: God in the broadest sense, a guru, a saint, an angelic being, a deity, a loved one who’s passed away, the soul of a loved one, an ancestor, etc. 

it is important that we trust in this being and have faith in them. 

we should be able to feel instant, uplifting, soul-deep love whenever we think about this being. this being should ignite within our heart strong feelings of love and joy for existence and faith that everything is going to be fine. 

we should be able to surrender ourselves to the will of this Higher Being. the presence of this Divine Being should make us feel unconditionally loved and taken care of.

we can nurture this relationship of devotion, trust and surrender by meditating on this Divine Being, by visualising ourselves together, by praying to them and asking them to guide us, protect us and watch over us. 

we can write them a letter letting them know we wish to connect with them through our dreams, and then place it under our pillow. we can meditate on their image to build a stronger connection. we can visualise their smiling face (if they have one) shining in our heart.

a strong connection with a spiritual being can make us feel utterly safe when having spiritual, out-of-ordinary experiences. 

whenever a spiritual experience is overwhelming us, scaring us or upsetting us in some way, we can focus on the love we have for this being and how much they love us. when things can intense, we can focus on them with all our strengths.  

instantly we will be shifting our attention from fear to love.

we can visualise them hugging us, holding us and protecting us. we can pray to them or innerly recite a mantra that connects us to them (for example: “Divine Mother, protect me”, “my beloved angel, I surrender to you”, “Jesus, hold me in your arms”).

devotion and prayer allow us to trust the uncomfortable energies we can experience during spiritual awakening; at times, it is necessary to face our wounds. surrendering to our healing helps us realise that this spontaneous psychic experiences are serving our highest wellbeing. 

taking on this perspective can open up a magical space for pleasant psychic experiences and miracles that can expand our consciousness greatly, and fill our heart and mind with rivers of love and joy. 🙂 

especially if you are scared because the spiritual experience is challenging you in some way, do not stay in the fear, and focus instead on the love and protections of your spiritual guides. 

i survived severe panic attacks and horror visions by holding onto my guides as if they were a floating piece of wood and i was drowning in the ocean. that’s the intensity of prayer. and it works. it works marvellously. 

trust and devotion to a Higher Being can really help smooth the process of experiencing unresolved traumas and mind-blowing awakenings, as we feel supported and held. this helps surrender to the process and possibly make it less violent and quicker. 

finally, if psychic energies are overwhelming us and we feel totally lost in this, we can practice grounding exercises to be more present on the physical realms, for example feeling into our foot-soles or focusing on our body-consciousness by doing some physical activity like walking or doing any kind of sport. 

asking for guidance and for a gentler awakening also works. 

beloved reader, thanks for sticking with us till the end. it is my heart-felt desire that we all have safe and smooth awakening experiences, and that we all learn to safely explore the depths of our spiritual self. 

detachment and non-judgemental observation can take a bit of practice, yet there’s no reason to think we cannot do it. we all can. of course you can. that’s why you landed here. 

remember that out-of-ordinary experiences are actually very neutral (just like everything else) so they can be good or bad depending on what energy we’re feeding (by focusing on it). wherever we place our attention, we are creating more of that.

if you’re interested in reading more about the creative process (of how we create and shape our reality), have a look at this article on conscious creation

and, if you are wanting to read more about connecting with a Divine Being, jump to this article on opening up to receive Divine Love.

i hope you’ve found this article benefitting in dealing with paranormal experiences. i wish you a smooth and gentle awakening, and hope you’ve now gathered a few more tools for facing whatever out-of-ordinary experience you’re meant to have. 

if you have any further question, doubt or commentary around the matter, please drop a comment or send me a private message through this page. i am reading you with joy and will reach back to you as soon as i can. 

take care and feel my love for you. 

dear blessings to all of you! 

in gratitude 


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2 thoughts on “spiritual awakening: managing out-of-ordinary experiences

  1. Thank you, Sara, for this post! I appreciate the approach of detachment and non-judgmental observation of paranormal experiences; and the gentle reminder to not use them to feed our spiritual ego.

    I’ve shared it on my FB: https://www.facebook.com/authorJiangPu/

    You have a beautiful soul, and I am so glad that I get connected with your pure loving energy!



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