Let yourself receive Divine Love

hi my dear friends,

I am so happy to be writing for you today’s article about Opening Up to Divine Love. I’ll be uncovering the qualities of Divine Love in the most humanly approachable way so that we can begin to understand how Divine Love differs from most culturally-acknowledged ideas regarding God or Divinity. then I’ll be be writing about how to recognise that Love already surrounds us and about how all we need to do is, ultimately, open up to receive this already-for-everyone-available Divine Love and allow it to pour in and through us. at the end I’ll also be sharing with you a simple technique we can use in any moment to reconnect with Divine Love.

so let’s begin by approaching to a definition / description of what Divine Love is…

Divine Love is the love that Divinity (God, the Energy and Consciousness of All) has for you. for each and every one of you and for absolutely every part and aspect of you.

we are all eternally loved by the Universe because Love Is All There Is.

there are no rational explanations to this. this is simply a fact: Love Is All There Is, because God Is Love.

Love is the Source of All. from Love the Universe has exploded, expanded and back to Love it’ll contract.

as I said, I can’t find words to rationally explain this – it is something we can only recognise deep within ourselves. if you struggle to accept this idea, I’d redirect you to this post of mine about connecting with your heart, as this practice might help you unveil this deep truth within yourself.

if you can accept the fact that God is Love, continue reading as I’m going to dive deeper into understanding the qualities of God’s Love for all of creation and how we can tap into a state of consciousness and being that allows us to receive and embody this Divine Love.

I have used the term ‘Divine Love’ but there’s another term that I really like which refers to the same kind of love: Unconditional Love.

Divine Love is Unconditional and Unconditional Love is Divine.

because Divinity/God loves us no matter what: no matter who you are, what you’re doing, what the circumstances are, which dimensions you’re manifested in, etc.

to grasp this we need to let go of the idea that God is an old guy looking at you and judging your actions and embrace another perspective regarding Divinity. this is why I like to describe God as ‘the Energy and Consciousness of All’: it is not a He nor a She, but rather a lot more of an “It”. it is the Energy that pervades it all and it knows no better nor worse, no right nor wrong. it just simply creates, sustains and destroys. it is the Unity behind everything, and it manifests into forms and shapes by splitting into two polarities (feminine and masculine energy), creating like so Duality and dual existence.

so we could say Life or Existence is God taking on a certain form (through Duality) in order to ultimately re-discover or remember Itself as God. on Earth, we as human are given the opportunity to self-realise ourselves as God.

there’s no way to truly describe God because God is Infinity and Eternity; it is the Unknowing Unknowable, so the words I’m using are just tools to approach to Divinity in a way that we can humanly grasp.

as the Energy and Consciousness of All, God is Everything. everything that has ever existed and will ever exist in every possible dimension. it is all times and all spaces. all thoughts and emotions. all colours and flavours. all shapes and forms. all shades of light. and this Energy of All is Love.

we don’t have to go anywhere nor be anyone specific in order to receive the Love of Divinity, because we are truly being it right now: Love is what flows in your veins, what you see, what you breath, what you touch, what you smell, what you hear, what you feel,…

there’s a tendency in many religions and spiritual circles to believe that God is only Light. this has led humanity to repress all kinds of Darkness and invent so-called Satan or the Devil. it has led humans to believe that we can only receive Divine Love when we “are in the light”.

however, what does “being in the light” truly means?

this is when it gets tricky. religions and spiritual directions have tried again and again to define what being in God’s light means… and many have laid different forms of rules that would allow one to have God’s favour… religions and spiritual organisations of all kinds try to give humans a compass to navigate through the spiritual world, but oftentimes people end up in self-imposed limitations towards what is “right and wrong”.

this creates a split, and splitting one’s consciousness means we can’t experience Unity anymore: Unity doesn’t recognise differences, nor a right and wrong, a good and bad, a better and worse.

stepping into Unity means recognising that there’s only the One, which is expressing Itself in countless forms and colours. there’s no such thing as not being in God’s light: God’s light is all there is.

there is no such thing as the Devil, or, better said, when the Devil exists, it is God in disguise. everything is God in disguise.

God is all shades of Light. so also all shades with very little light and a lot of darkness.

among others, Hindu and Buddhist-tibetan traditions have understood this darker quality of Divinity and we can find there a lot of deities that represent these aspects of the Divine.

Kali, the Dark Goddess

Darkness is just another face of Light and it is the necessary condition for creation to experience Light. Unity can only experience itself through Duality. because if Light is all you’ve ever seen you could never know what it feels like, just as you wouldn’t know the day without the night.

and, for whatever reason, Divinity wanted to experience Itself in all its possibilities. and so it exploded in every possible form and shape, just like the Big Bang.

now, I am not wondering away from the issue of this article, but I am being guided to talk about this in order to make Divine Love more comprehensible and approachable.

because Divinity loves darkness as much as It loves light.

because Divinity is nothing but Love. everything that exists is Love in disguise. everything that exists stems from Love, it comes from Love and eventually goes back to Love. and therefore Divinity/Divine Love knows that Darkness is just another aspect of Love, and it embraces it.

the Source of All is Love.

and it is very important to understand this, for once we’ve accepted Love as the Energy of All, we can embrace the fact that we are already surrounded by Love: we don’t have to “do more” or “go there” in order to experience what we are already being. rather, it is about embracing who we are in this present moment and what this present moment is being, and this will allow us to sink deeper and deeper into the Energy of Now (=God/Divine Love).

and just as Divinity, it is about loving / accepting darkness as much as we love and accept light. this is the only way we can navigate through darker times without falling into suffering or depression, but rather seeing and accepting darkness as part of the Whole.

Jesus said ‘Love is the Way’ and by this he was trying to convey the message that by aligning to Love we are aligning to our Destiny, which is returning to Love, reuniting with Divinity.

aligning to Love means embracing all that arises with Love and Acceptance, and just like that we can return to Divine Love and reunite with our Inner Divinity.

the divine paradox is that we’ve never left Home, we’ve never separated from Divinity or Divine Love. whatever we are experiencing is Love in disguise, it is Love guiding us Home, it is Love placing all kinds of experiences onto our human path to help us remember that We Are Love, that Love Is All There Is.

it is not about going somewhere, but rather about recognising that we’ve never left Home. and Home is the Loving Eternity of This Present Moment.

and so, how do we allow Divine Love to pour in and through us?

we allow this Present Moment to be.

we stop rejecting whatever is happening, whatever we are feeling, thinking, hearing, tasting, smelling… and we allow it space to be.

we surrender to what is already being.

we allow Ourselves the safe space to be and we stop judging This Present Moment.

and by doing this, we are allowing Divinity to be, to be through us, to experience Itself through our human vessels.

by accepting this Present Moment we are accepting Divine Love in our life.

accepting something means we are no longer wanting to change it in any way; we surrender to Higher Will, and this is the way of Divine Love: acceptance and surrender.

Divine Love knows no condition, no limit, no difference between bad and good, right or wrong, light and darkness.

this is why we need to step out of duality-consciousness or separation to understand Divine Love: we need to allow Unity Consciousness to shine through us by realising how everything is ultimately One, and that we are The One.

once we can recognise that everything is part of a Divine Play, we can begin to embrace a perspective that allows us to see Oneness in all that is.

and so we’ll naturally love it all. because Oneness is All: it is Love, it is Beauty, it is Grace. it is the energetic and magnetic glue that keeps atoms close enough for your body to exist, for mountains to exist, for the ocean to exist, for stars to exist. and loving it all is our nature. whenever we are not loving all of creation we are blocking our true nature from freely expressing through us.

we don’t have to “find” love: Love is already all that is, so it is about allowing Love to be through us, recognising that Love is already being through us, whether we’ve acknowledged it or not, whether we’re letting it be expressed through us or not.

embracing the reality of a Higher Love and choosing to receive it as one’s birthright, gift and blessing is deciding to love Divinity and to love oneself. it is choosing to look beyond the illusion of separation and suffering and rather focus on the perfection, grace and beauty of All That Is.

from a human perspective we often cannot understand why things are the way they are; we can’t understand why some people starve while others throw their food away, why whole populations are dominated by a self-destructive ideology, why people leave, why people die, why people suffer.

but we can choose to accept suffering as a consequence of separation and then we can choose to focus on Unity, on the beauty and grace of this planet. we can choose to direct our attention to what is United to Itself, to beautiful rivers and living forests, to human communities thriving in harmony with nature – and this will naturally strengthen those energies on this planet and help them anchor into the earth’s grid. this is what we are all called to do right now: focus on what is beautiful, what makes us feel joyful, what makes us love and feel loved.

it is by stepping into a perspective that embraces the bigger picture that we can begin to comprehend and accept things as they are. so we’d understand that there’s no light without darkness, that there’s no day without night, there’s no cold without warmth: we could never even perceive, experience and value what one is like if we didn’t know how the opposite feels like.

so rather than focusing on what is wrong and what is right, what is good and what is bad, we step out of duality and separation into Unity and Oneness.

there is no right or wrong. there’s only It. there’s only the One.

and we let go of our arrogant pretension of understanding or knowing the One. it is Unknowable. what we can do is let go of our programmed arrogance and surrender to the Unknown in humility.

I know nothing, this is all I know... what a freedom we receive from such a statement.

by recognising that it isn’t about knowing and controlling, but rather about allowing things to be, we can surrender to the Higher Will and simply receive it, unconditionally.

unconditionally receive what Oneness is making out of this life we experience. receive whatever gifts our Higher Self, as a divinely unified consciousness, has planned out for our life experience. receive it all without rejecting anything, receiving it with acceptance, with curiosity, with joy.

this is how we finally let go of what we think this should look like and we allow things to unfold the way they naturally and organically do.

this presents us the gift of the absolute freedom of being who we are right now without wanting to change ourselves in any ways and the possibility to receive our gifts and blessings (Divine Love included) without controlling the way and rhythm they make their way to us.

art by Frank Cheyne Papé 

this is the way of Divine Love: understanding perfection in the Whole, embracing our Soul Awareness, recognising the Unity behind it all. this is how we can receive, experience and embody Divine Love, because Divine Love is who we are.

so this is just about being you. truly you. the you behind the masks and ever-changing personhoods. the you that is authentic, free, untamed, wild, delicate, vulnerable, honest.

being you means accepting and loving yourself as you are, and just like that, you’ll be loving Divinity, because you recognise that you are It, you are Divinity, you are Oneness, you are Unity, you are Perfection.

to cultivate this state of being in deep surrender and accept, I am suggesting an easy practice to help yourself embrace you own self-expression by cultivating relaxation, as being relaxed in absolutely key to allow yourself to be who you are

whenever you feel overwhelmed, tensed, worried, upset, etc, hand your worries, your pain and whatever else is causing you suffering over to Divinity / your Higher Self or Guides / any other divine being whom you trust and love.

whenever you feel your muscles tensing in fear, your mind overcrowding with thoughts, your emotions overwhelming you, hand whatever upsets you over to your Higher Being(s). ask them to take care of it.

allow yourself to let your worries go, let them be taken care of by a Higher Consciousness that knows what’s best for you and all beings. it can help to visualise how you literally hand over your worries to your Higher Being(s) and how they take them in.

once you’ve freed yourself from all worries, allow yourself to relax again in the knowing that the Divine loves you and is taking care of you.

come back to this present moment in the knowing that all is going to be fine. ask your Higher Consciousness to guide you towards the best possible outcome for the situation: whether that’s acting out right now or just accepting the condition, let yourself be guided by your faith, trust and devotion towards the Higher Consciousness that lives within your body-mind-spirit human system and that is intimately connected with all of creation.

this is how you let Divine Love, the Love that Divinity has for you, pour in and through your being: you allow your Self to be what it is and you embrace your own True Nature as a inseparable particle of this Infinite Love.

surrender to the present moment and let Love be your guide, no matter what is happening.

let me know if you try this technique out and whether it’s benefitting you in any way. for any questions or doubts regarding this whole issue drop a comment or write me an email at purifyingwave@gmail.com – I am always happy to hear from you.

with great blessings and joy,


7 thoughts on “Let yourself receive Divine Love

  1. Normalee Micklo Graves

    Dear One bright Blessings to you and I appreciate your wise words.
    May you continue to enlighten others as well as myself


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  3. Posted this to Facebook. This is what I believe. My mantra is “We Are One! I have 300-400 poems all ending with my mantra. I love the way you express yourself.
    We Are One!
    My name David Irwin means beloved friend.
    David I. Gellman


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