Kundalini and Sexual Energy

hi dear friends,

I am very excited to share today’s article with you. we are about to dive deep into the mysterious vastness of Kundalini energy with a special focus on how this energy rises through our body as a sexual force and what this means for us. I will share with you some insights regarding how to fearlessly and safely embody the full expression of sexual pleasure and spiritual bliss.

with great power comes great responsibility, so I’ve made sure to include some important words and suggestions regarding how to manage this powerful energy in a way that benefits us and all beings in all dimensions. 🙂

as many of you might know, either through personal experience or by educating yourselves on tantra, Kundalini energy is a highly sexual force. at times it is viewed as mainly sexual, I believe because it might be somehow ‘easier’ to experience Her through sexual arousal, but Kundalini energy is actually so much more than just mere sexual energy: She is the Energy Of All, or divine energy, revealing Itself to human consciousness.

Kundalini energy can’t be truly described, but I will do my best to put words into this energy because I know how helpful it can be to understand what She is when we’re going through spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. educating ourselves on these topics allows us to consciously surrender ourselves to Her Will in the trusting that this transformation is for our highest well-being.

when our Kundalini energy ‘spikes up’ through our spine in its most pure expression, we can experience extremely powerful surges of energy, kind of wave-like energy flows, rising up from the base of our spine up into our heart space, into our head and beyond. this is when we make the experience of being a ‘channel’ or ‘vessel’ of this energy, which both pours into us from the core of the Earth and from the Higher Realms.

briefly said, this energy is Pure Life-Force. as Divine Energy, She holds all qualities of Divinity: absolutely peaceful, unconditionally loving, free. powerful, silent, infinite and eternal. also, as everything in nature, She is deeply sexual and, due to her Divine nature, She is highly orgasmic.

however, even once our Kundalini energy is activated in our system, it might take a while before we are able to experience this force as an orgasmic and blissful flow of life. in this article I’ve written about how we might need to be energetically purified before this force rises through our system and here I’ve made a list of some symptoms we might experience when we are unprepared and in resistance for our Kundalini melting away all of our blockages towards real freedom and unconditional love.

the Awakening of the Kundalini might be tough, no matter how prepared we might be, as it pushes us towards an ever-increasing expansion which requires us to let go of all our human attachments.

nevertheless, when we start embracing this process instead of trying to repress the energy by holding on to our human ego, we can experience great joy and blissful love. our Kundalini energy shows us our potential in all of its power and allows us to step into our Soul Nature, which enables us to reunite with God / Divinity / Oneness.

Union with God is the most orgasmic, peaceful, loving and intense experience we can ever have in a human body.

some of us sometimes get a sneak peak to what Divine Union might be like, but only through our Kundalini ascension can we experience it as our way of existing. this means that our human consciousness melts with divine consciousness and we merge with our Inner Divinity or God within Us. when this happens we are (re)unified with Universal Unity.

yet we still remain humans. we still have a body. we are still having a life experience. we have taken a new perspective in life, but the lessons haven’t stopped. this is what human life is about. we are still here to remember Who We Are in subtler and deeper ways. we are here to experience what it really means to be One.

as I wrote in this article about Ascension, Enlightenment is a dynamic process which constantly varies in intensity. it is made up of many smaller Awakening experiences that shows us more and more of our true nature.

during this process, the sexual intensity might be often very strong and we might wonder what to do with so much sexual energy (check this article if you feel overly charged), so I am now going to share some insights regarding allowing sexual bliss be expressed through you as your way of being.

when we unite with God we experience deep sexual bliss which then rises up to our heart space where it melts in unconditional love for all beings in all dimensions. the energy might then also rise up into the head centre, opening up a higher dimension of spiritual understanding and insight.

the orgasms we are honoured to experience through the Kundalini ascension are very different than the ones we experienced in our unconscious/unawakened life-experience. first of all, we don’t need to be having sex or to even be touching ourselves for this deep pleasure to explode in our body. these are spiritual orgasms which can also be described as inner orgasms. they are extremely deep and intense, peaceful and relaxed. they are rooted in divine love. they are not ‘provoked’, they simply arise, and can have different intensities. also, they can last for long and even become our permanent state of being.

yes, we can be experiencing full-body orgasmic bliss throughout our daily life – this is actually our natural state of being, our divine nature.

experiencing deep pleasure while doing daily tasks might be unusual and even a bit uncomfortable at first as we learn to function while being so highly sexually charged. because of cultural taboos, we might try to repress this powerful force as we (un)consciously believe our sexual energy only belongs to the bedroom. we might unconsciously fear having such deep spiritual experiences as a way of being, because allowing these experiences requires total surrender and absolute trust, and we might be yet exploring what this means for us.

in order to experience life as a blissful breath of life, we need to cultivate total surrender, but we also need to have full control of our mind. the mind is like a monkey and if you let it run wild, it’d always find something to attach itself onto. so we need total control over ourselves while still completely allowing ourselves to surrender to What-Is.

this is really important, especially with sexual energy, as this energy can be really powerful. we always need to remind ourselves who we are and who we want to be and never let anything (desire, lust, control) come in between. this is what I mean with total control over ourselves: to always remind us what kind of energy/frequency we want to express through this life.

as many of us know, we can only experience a deep pleasure if we’re truly letting ourselves go and allowing ourselves to just feel.

this is why experiencing permanent full-body orgasmic bliss might be scary, especially while engaging in the ‘outside world’. when bliss happens, we are totally open, vulnerable and surrendered, we stop thinking and we let ourselves simply feel and be, and it might be intimidating to be so open while engaging in today’s world.

however, we shouldn’t worry much about this. we are protected and held. if you find yourself in this kind of inner conflict, wanting to let go and surrender to pleasure while still holding back in fear, I can suggest to 1) visualise yourself surrounded by a light bubble which protects you, 2) ask your guides to protect you and guide you towards life experiences that allow you to fully express yourself while still being totally safe and 3) pray for your guides to take care of you as you allow yourself to let go of the past and the future and just fully rest in this present moment.

many people, especially women, struggle to show their sexuality and sensuality to the world due to past traumas or to the fear of ‘attracting’ a bad experience. you know, this whole cultural idea of ‘asking for it’ – and unconsciously we might believe that if we vibrate very sexually we are indirectly ‘asking for it’.

this is really not the case. you are very allowed to express yourself as sexually as you want. first of all, you are never asking for it, no matter how you walk, talk, breathe, dress up or vibrate. second of all, and this is very important, spiritual bliss is deeply innocent and pure and if you hold that frequency you totally out-vibe every experience that is not in tune with you.

think of a child or a cat. they are very sexual beings, but we consider them pure and innocent and when we engage with their life-energy, we do so in a way that is as well innocent and pure. we tune to their vibe.

this is the same with spiritual bliss. once you unleash your blissful nature, you can be acknowledged (and probably will be) as a very sexy woman or man, but people that can’t engage with your innocence and purity are out-vibed and don’t enter your field. this is why you should always take care of your energy and remain in the frequency you choose for yourself. keep vibrating your joy and deep pleasure, and observe how fear-based people just straight-out leave your field. also, observe how loving beings enter your field to share your joy and witness your pleasure from a pure, gentle and kind perspective.

pleasure and surrender are highly attractive energies and they do attract a lot of attention (from those that can vibrate with us), but we are always able to choose what we want to do with our energy and body. being awakened to the pleasure of life doesn’t mean you have to physically share your sexual energy with others. we should actually be very careful whom we have sex with.

an awakened Kundalini is a lot of energy which can truly upset one, and when yours is risen and highly activated through sex, the awakening of your partner’s energy can be triggered. even if their energy doesn’t fully awaken, it can still be overwhelming for their consciousness to witness those intense energies. what can also happen, especially if you’re still dealing with a wild, un-channeled energy, is that you might become very upset or emotional because of how intensively and strongly you feel everything, and the other person might not be able to cope with your energy in the way you’d need them to.

so before you engage with a new person sexually, I suggest to 1) pray to be guided towards life-experiences that benefit you and all beings in all dimensions and 2) pray and set the intention to be a channel of divine love. in this way you make sure that this relationships is what’s best for you and that you don’t use your strong sexual energy to control, manipulate, dominate or abuse others.

we’ve all heard stories of spiritually awakened people, so-called teachers and gurus that manipulated and abused others. often the victims only managed to realise their were being manipulated after many years, because of the subtle and yet powerful psychic manipulation of those gurus.

so, please, make sure all of your experiences stem from love and that you are expanding into love. then everything will be fine and you can rest in the knowing that your life-expression and your pleasure is serving the highest well-being of all beings in all dimensions.

in Her pure expression, ascended Kundalini energy is highly healing for all beings that witness Her. so no matter how you engage with others, if your Kundalini is in balance with your system, you are still serving the Great Wellness of Creation.

as a final suggestion, I wanted to share with you the insight that, once you’ve opened the door of spiritual bliss within yourself, you don’t need to engage physically with others to experience sexual union. this is one of the principles of tantra.

there are many ways you can sexually engage with others without having sex. one of them is through astral projection or soul sex, and with this you can always be sure that you are working for your soul expansion and growth. engaging in astral love-making with another spiritual being or soul is deeply healing and heart-nourishing and can be especially benefiting when your energetic system is still finding a balance.

on a more human note, you can experience great physical and sexual pleasure while simply cuddling with your partner and letting your energy rise through your system. this allows you both time to get to know how this energy engages with your systems and see how you both react to the intensity. it helps you nourish your relationship before engaging in physical sex, laying an intimate, emotional and loving foundation before you dive into a more intense and deeper union.

when we have sex with other human beings, our energies mingle and mix up, and it is important that we find a partner with whom there’s not too much giving nor taking, so that both beings can experience the relationship as an expression of love, bliss and healing.

finding such a partner, whom we can build a tantric partnership with, can take time as it requires emotional intelligence, sexual maturity and a deep heart opening. also, if your Kundalini is active, you might first need to learn how to manage this energies by yourself.

to attract a loving tantric partnership in your life it can be helpful to 1) ask your guides to bring your partner into your life (expressing how you want them to be like), 2) ask your guides to bring into your life all those experiences that make you ready for the relationship (expressing how you want this relationship to be like) and 3) consciously opening up in your body, heart and mind for this love (stay receptive and open for new experiences and connections). then you can just surrender and rest in What-Is in the knowing that your guides are working for you.

once we are rooted in our inner bliss, we will flow with life embracing all experiences with joy and acceptance. to do this, we have to let go of all cultural conditionings regarding sex and pleasure and let ourselves feel and enjoy.

you are so much more than you were taught to believe. and with this article I hope to have shared with you tools to safely unleash your sexual bliss and to have inspired you to dive deep into your own pleasure.

please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding what has been written. also subscribe to my newsletter to stay in touch with all new upcoming articles and materials. 🙂

follow your bliss, it is your destiny. ❤

if you want to continue reading about sacred sexuality, here’s an article about healing and cultivating your feminine sexual energy.

for those who want to dive deeper into the exploration of their pleasure, check out this amazing website which sells wonderful products for your sensual pleasure and pelvic floor health.

before we leave, I want to share with you this new page where I’ve told you about my vision to offer you the opportunity to support us. thank you for your attention. ❤

with great love,


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5 thoughts on “Kundalini and Sexual Energy

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  2. Susette

    Wow. I’m halfway through reading Autobiography of a Yogi a second time, and I just experience astral sex again this morning. I was thinking about the two while still in bed, and suddenly wondered if kundalini energy and sexual energy were the same. What a kick! So I did a search and here I am. And boy, this article was EXACTLY what I needed to read. You’ve put it together really nicely and it jives well with my own (self-educated) experiences. I’ve always resisted the thought of getting a guru or teacher for this kind of learning, because of the very potential for abuse that you mention. Now I know for sure that it works to learn and practice on your own, with full awareness of what you’re doing and why. Your article answered that question and also why it is that the last two men I’ve been attracted to were deeply spiritual and married—physical sex may not be for me anymore. It is a timely piece of information that ties it all together for me in a direct and honest way. Thank you.


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