Yoni and Womb healing practice

hi beloveds, throughout this article I will share with you some insights regarding Sacred Sexuality and Feminine Sexual Energy. I will also an easy womb awareness practice that you can easily learn to heal and nourish your feminine sexual energy.

being connected with our feminine sexuality is fundamental for our physical, mental and emotional health, especially if we are women.

however, “feminine” or “masculine” do not refer to “women” and “men”, but to complementary energetic polarities. we all carry within ourselves feminine and masculine energies and in order to be innerly balanced and have balanced lives and relationships, we need to restore balance within our inner forces.

when I talk about feminine sexuality, I am referring to that aspect of our sexuality which is linked to surrender, receiving and emotions and which is present in both men and women, although it is naturally stronger in women as our biology reflects this more.

you can also greatly benefit from this article if you are a man, because it will give you insights regarding feminine sexuality and will transmit to you strong feminine vibrations which can support you in healing and nourishing your inner feminine. getting to know your feminine aspects will also greatly uplift your relationships with women, as women are naturally predisposed towards a more feminine sexuality.

nevertheless, the information I am sharing with you through this article will powerfully resonate with you if you are a feminine-oriented woman as this article has mainly been written for you. may it help you unveil the marvels of your feminine being. ❤

art from Amanda Thomas

the Womb has been worshipped throughout all of Earth’s history by peoples who had realised how powerful and magical this portal between worlds is.

the Womb is the centre of Creation. through it new life is born onto the physical realms. it is the doorway between the world of matter and the world of spirit, and women are the carriers of this ancient Wisdom. through the womb a non-manifested soul is brought through to the manifested realms.

this is a highly sacred Space, called “Yoni” in the tantric traditions. “Yoni” is a sanskrit term which refers to our biology (vulva, vagina and uterus) and to the energetics of your whole womb area; therefore, Yoni defines the sexual centre of women in all of its physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

not only does the Womb birth new life, but it also births all kinds of new ideas and projects. it is the Seat of all forms of Creativity.

disconnection from our Womb space and our feminine sexuality creates blockages in our sexual and creative expression. this blocks life’s joy and playfulness from flowing freely through us.

the Womb area is connected to pleasure, as it is through our Womb that we access the infinite dimensions of orgasms.

when we are not in touch with our Womb consciousness, we lose touch with our body’s pleasure and therefore life’s pleasure, we are unable to find creative solutions to our problems and have issues in our relationships, especially sexual and romantic ones.

feeling distant from our Womb also causes heavy period pains, numbs our ability to feel sexual pleasure and to orgasm and altogether blocks us from effortlessly flowing through life.

being connected with our Sacred Sexuality is essential for a happy and healthy life.

our Yoni is an energetic portal which connects us and roots us in the Earth, allowing us to peacefully and fully exist in the Present of Now. She is linked to the Sacral Chakra, which is connected to the Water element. when this chakra is aligned, our waters flow: life becomes juicy and effortless.

our body, this sacred vessel that holds our vibrations, is an amazing organism that is awaiting for us to discover its many marvels – and, really, its orgasmic potential is far, far beyond what we can imagine.

sadly most us were not taught to nurture our connection with our Yoni when we were growing up. rather, feminine sexuality, so strongly linked with receiving, surrender, emotion and vulnerability, has been repressed and labeled as ‘weak’. our feminine body has been turned into an object and violated. our Sacred Moon Blood has been hid and labeled as disgusting.

all of this has caused our feminine sexual energy to contract – instead of expanding our consciousness and enhancing our human experience through the pleasure and joy of our Yoni and Womb, we have been taught to repress their full expression.

this has resulted into becoming physically numb to pleasure and into overseeing our emotional needs, causing so much pain, trauma and suffering. we have taken magic and healing away from our bedrooms and have replaced it with mechanic sex which does not nourish our Soul and leaves us with a sense of inner lack.

this changes when we nourish our Yoni and Womb space with unconditional self-love and care: we become magnets for all our blessings and stop chasing or controlling others in the hope of being loved.

when we are aligned with our Yoni’s magic and glory, we are Love and don’t need others to experience this inner abundance, as our Yoni and Womb are incredible instruments to birth all forms of life: they are truly made to vibrate with lasting love and joy.

when we are in tune with our Yoni, having given Her the care and attention She deserves, She opens up like a flower and showers us with Her divine gifts: deep pleasure, full-body orgasms that last for long and even true bliss infused in all of our cells.

also, we can learn to channel sexual energy to our higher chakras to enhance our spiritual growth, as sexual energy is an extremely powerful force that, when wisely used, is an amazing tool to expand our consciousness and unveil Enlightenment.

by aligning our Yoni centre with our hearts and minds, we can elevate sexual energy and alchemise it to nourish our spirit. this is the essence of Tantra and sexual alchemy.

there is a lot more to say on this topic, but for now I wanted to share with you this easy practice you can do to nurture your Womb space and give it the love It deserves (and craves for!). keep reading to find it ❤

your Yoni needs your care and love. She deserves it: the joy and magic she can bring into your life are beyond your imaginary. but She needs your attention so that She can let you know what She needs and desires. She needs you to hear Her call and listen. She has much to say and wants to be listened, seen and accepted. if you let Her guide you, She will blossom with divine gifts and will fill you with Her magical nectar of joyful life.

your Yoni is the Sacred Doorway to embodying your Inner Divinity.

this exercise I am about to share is a simple visualisation you can practice to get in touch with your yoni and womb and nourish them with the presence of your consciousness. this practice takes care of your sexual health and nurtures spiritual awareness in your sexual centre.

here it is:

find a quiet and undisturbed place and lay or sit down. take a few deep breaths to feel present in your body. place your hands onto your womb area. allow yourself to sink into this sacred space. observe how it feels. breathe into it.

connect with your Yoni and Womb by visualising a gentle pink or orange light that fills your womb space with warmth, life-energy and pleasure.

breathe deep into this pink/orange light: it is peacefully joyful and vibrating with life. allow this feeling to grow and expand into your yoni and womb. see this energy gently vibrating in your whole womb area, like a sphere of warm joy.

breathe deep while you observe your bodily sensations. observe how vibrant with life your Yoni and Womb feel when you give them space to be and gift them with your full presence.

stay with this perception and allow it to fill all of your womb cells. let your body be infused with the joyful peace of this gentle energy that vibrates in your womb space. take deep and long breaths, allowing yourself to feel calm and relaxed as you let yourself sink into your sacred place and soak into this healing energy.

allow your Yoni to communicate to you through the sensations and emotions that might arise. observe them without judgement. accept whatever comes with gentle acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. let Her know that you are offering her the safe space that She needs and deserve.

continue breathing this gentle light into your womb space for as long as you like.

before you finish up, show your Yoni heart-felt appreciation. tell her whatever you want her to know. here are some suggestions: ‘thank you for communicating with me as you’ve done. I have heard your message and I am ready to follow your guidance, I love you’ ; ‘thank you for letting me know how you feel. I will always be there for you, I love you’ ; ‘thank you for all the pleasure and joy you gift me with. you are my sunshine and I love you’. the Yoni is a highly feminine (=irrational and emotion-driven) being and She needs to know that She is loved, appreciated and taken care of. make sure you always talk with her from a place of softness and sweetness.

to finish the practice, release all the energy you’ve created through your awareness into your field. let it rise and expand into your whole body. allow excess energy to leave your body by releasing it through your Yoni. give thanks to your Sacred Yoni for this experience together. gently smile to her innerly.

once you are ready, come back to your whole body. observe how it feels now. observe how you feel now. take a few deep breaths before you start doing anything else.

this practice moves and heals your feminine sexual energy, helping you unblock your Sacred Sexuality and your infinite creative potential.

this is a very basic exercise of sexual alchemy. I believe this is a very good practice to start with to connect with your Yoni and feminine sexual energy. if you still don’t have a daily practice of feminine embodiment, this can be a good start into the practice. I am currently invested in writing more about this so I hope to share more practices with you when time is ripe ❤

I recommend practising this exercise 15 to 30 minutes a day. but even a couple of minutes are enough if that’s all you can do. try to do it regularly for at least 3 weeks to see if it is helping you in some way. disciplined practice is what we need to let any energetic tools truly benefit us. but also even trying it out once can uplift your day and show you your inner potential.

carve out a moment of peace each day to give attention, love and care to that part of your body, your Yoni, which fills you with pleasure, joy, energy and creativity. 

you can change the colour of the light if you feel guided to do so. maybe when you imagine it, you naturally visualise it in another colour, then let it be it. orange is the colour that most resonates with the Sacral Chakra and pink also strongly resonates with the feminine nature of our Yoni. however, at times other colours (= other frequencies) might benefit Her/you more, so let Her soak in them if that’s what She’s asking. you might also want to change the exercise a bit. do as you please. let your Yoni guide you through it as She knows what she needs. you can take this exercise as a model to start off with.

you can practice with your yoni egg in if you’re comfortable with it as this would enhance the healing effect of this exercise. 

if you are dealing with sexual traumas, this gentle practice can highly benefit you without being too invasive. however, be aware that when we are healing sexual traumas, a lot of energy can be released through our awareness. don’t overwhelm yourself all at once but start with shorter practices and then slowly add more time as you start to feel comfortable in opening up the space for your healing.

if emotions and memories are stirred up and brought to the surface, let them be expressed through you, cry and scream if you need to, but do not get attached to them by giving them much attention or feeding the thought that is causing the emotion. just simply observe what arises without giving more ‘wood into the fire’. when we start identifying with a thought (by attaching ‘me’ to the thought you are receiving), this grows stronger and it can be much more difficult to come at the end of a purge.

in the culture we were born into, we have learned to live distant and disconnected from our Yoni, our menstrual cycle and our feminine sexual energy, which bridges our sexuality to our heart and emotions.

when we start connecting to the softness and vulnerability of this energy, it can happen that we feel numb towards it and blocked in this delicate area. we can even feel alienated from our Yoni and might have grown into a deep disconnection and lack of appreciation.

this blocks us from fully loving ourselves and embracing the full expression of our Being.

this is why we need to take time to connect with our Yoni and be gentle and patient through the healing of this energy.

by being connected with our Yoni and aligned with Her through self-love and care, great amounts of vibrant life energy are liberated and this provides us with lasting feelings of joy and inner wholeness. 

even if you don’t have a physical womb, you can still do this exercise to bring balance to your feminine and masculine sexual energies. it can help you get to know your energetic womb, which we all have and which represents the centre of our creativity.

doing this exercise helps you connect with your womb’s energy, heal your creativity and your feminine energy (linked with rest, surrender, openness and intuition), bringing balance to excessive masculine energies (linked to activity, direction, thought and logic).

excessive masculine energy is reflected in our sexuality for example when we can’t let go of our thinking mind and don’t allow us to just feel, when we can’t open and surrender to pleasure and when we don’t feel safe with being vulnerable with our partner.

giving love and care to our Womb centre nourishes our emotional depths, our vulnerability, our delicate side and our softness. it helps us discover and nurture our connection with our Inner Goddess, which will allow us to value and embody Her energy. 

connecting with our feminine sexual energy allows us to harmonise the energy flow between our heart and our sexual centre. this helps us recognise our emotional needs and attract in our life loving relationships that satisfy us not only sexually but also emotionally. this opens new dimensions of depths in our intimacy, love and pleasure in our sexual and romantic relationships.

you can download an image with the main guidelines of this meditation to save it in your phone and remind you of the practice HERE via my pinterest account.

for those open to explore the depths of their pleasure, check out this amazing website which sells the best kind of products for your sensual bliss and pelvic floor health 🙂

let me know in the comment section below if you’ve tried this exercise out and if it has benefited you. if you have any question, please let me know as I would love to help you out. tell me about you and your experiences with Sacred Sexuality. ❤

click here to continue reading about sacred sexuality.

with great blessings and love,


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12 thoughts on “Yoni and Womb healing practice

  1. Hey Sara. A Thank you for your beautiful words and all your posts. They are gorgeous. Heart felt and expansive. Thankyou for bringing clarity and opening up a healing space for so many things. Including our Divine Feminine energy. Blessings to you dear soul.
    My love Victoria


      1. Hey Sara. Thank you for sharing this ancient womb wisdom. It has led to profound healing and wellbeing. ❤️ I wish to know more about this. Could you please suggest books where more can be learnt?


      2. hi love, thank you for your gentle comment. so glad to read you’ve enjoyed the article! there are plenty of books around the topic nowadays; i myself have enjoyed reading ‘shakti woman’ by nicki noble for its deep insights on the wild feminine. also i found ‘goddess wisdom’ by tanishka to be a nice beginner guide to gather information on the divine feminine as well as to initiate oneself into feminine practices. if you’re interested in eastern philosophies and want to find plenty of different practices, ‘tao tantric arts for women’ by minke de vos is a very complete guide into the wisdoms of ancient taoists. stay tuned to this space also (you can subscribe to my newsletter) as my upcoming article (hopefully coming out next week) is about embracing our moon blood and menstruating consciously. ❤🙏 love and hugs, sara


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  6. Rita

    Thank your for this beautiful present and meditation. We are all goddesses and need to return to our true nature in this patriarchal dominated world.❤️🙏


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