Honouring the Feminine Flow: Owning Our Sacred Blood

dear friends,

welcome back to this beautiful safe space of connection and love.

today’s article is again being composed through the lenses of the Divine Feminine’s energy, as i am feeling the call to share words and views that can serve us all in finding inner balance between our masculine and feminine energies.

the Divine Feminine is an essential part of each and every one of us and it is a frequency that has been occulted, repressed and hidden by patriarchal culture. so i am feeling that it is SO important to strengthen feminine energies in our collective as this benefits us all as we remember how to embrace the sacred feminine flow again.

today’s article is going to start with a few words on our inner alchemy, and i will be presenting a view on the way humans have been programmed to function, and how we can shift the paradigma for the sake of a healthier, happier society.

i will continue by focusing on the rising of the inner feminine by talking about menstrual blood, and i will share with you all some practices which can help us experience and embody a healthier, more conscious menstruation.

i’d say these practices i am sharing are mostly directed to bleeding creatures and i’d also say that all of the content i am presenting today can support all humans, whether they bleed or not, embrace moon blood as something sacred, graceful and beautiful.

although this article has been mainly be composed to support bleeding humans, i warmly invite all non-bleeding humans to also let themselves soak into this feminine-oriented content, as this can highly benefit them in understanding and nourishing respect and admiration for moon blood.

continue reading, my friend, if this information is tickling your curiosity.

according to tantra, taoism and many other traditions, everything in the universe is made of masculine and feminine energies.

if we observe this from a scientific point of view, which can be highly benefitting for our rational mind, we can also say that we are all made of positive and negative charges.

chemistry teaches us that elements are made of positive and negative charges, and that they attract or repel each other to unite in energetically balanced particles.

everything in nature is always looking for balance – so it makes total sense that we also need an inner balance within our own inner forces so that we can function in a way that is organic and natural.

funny thing is, everything in nature, included our brain, is always looking for the one manner to function which uses lesser energy. this is why changing feels so hard and exhausting: whenever we are changing behavioural and thinking patterns, we are making our body and mind system work more because they need to create new patterns. i am sharing this as i sense it is important to understand that the mind is not working against us (i know many feel this way), but it is actually just trying not to change as to not use much energy.

imagine it like this: for the brain, old patterns are like highways, easy and fast, while a new pattern is like having to find a new path in wild woodlands. makes sense that the brain isn’t jumping for excitement when we are choosing to change our way of thinking, doesn’t it?

why i am telling this? because there’s an unconscious, collective paradigma regarding the feminine and as many of us are faced with its limits and begin to change our perspectives regarding our inner feminine, we are most certainly faced with some inner stress (a positive stress) as our whole system struggles to adjust to the new thinking, the new feeling and the new physical reactions.

embracing the feminine does mean at this age in history that we function differently than the cultural mainstream, as mainstream collective culture is still so deeply embedded in a predominant masculine energy of ‘do!do!do!’, ‘do more! you have to do more!’ and ‘do it better! you aren’t doing it good enough!’.

we all see how exhausting that is, don’t we?

the unbalanced masculine is an overworked and never-satisfied energy which is always in competition with the world.

i believe it doesn’t have to be this way. we can alchemise ourselves into a healthier and more natural way of functioning.

we can balance excess masculine energy by embracing the feminine within ourselves (whether we as humans identify as male, female or something else, as this has nothing to do with social gender or labels).

feminine energy, or yin energy in taoism, is naturally slow and is a lot more connected with the realm of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. we can recognise feminine energy in rest and stillness. feminine energy is naturally dark – think of the Moon, the Queen of the night skies: she shines in the dark, unafraid of the shadows, slowly moving through the stars at her own pace and rhythm, moving the waters with her magnetic power.

the Moon doesn’t only shine (or hide) in the skies, she also shines within us all. her energy lives within us all as we are all children of this Earth – and all bleeding creatures probably know a bit about this, as the menstrual period has an average duration which is just as long as a Moon cycle. this is no coincidence, no strange fact. it is a pretty obvious manifestation of the connection between our inner waters, our fertility and the Moon.

it is believed that the first calendars had 13 months and were therefore made according to the Moon cycles. it is suggested that they were kept by women to keep track of their bleeding cycles, which again were of central importance for their fertility. isn’t the wellbeing of females and of children a central aspect of society? aren’t the males also much more at ease and at peace when the females are healthy and prosperous? doesn’t this depict a balanced, caring society?

at some point this has gotten lost – i like to see this as a natural and organic step in the cycles of human evolution. balance is found, then it is lost again, only to eventually be found again. i like to believe we are finding balance again.

yet, how can a society of unbalanced beings find balance? sounds quite unlikely, doesn’t it?

what seems more natural is that balanced beings are able to create a balanced society, and not the opposite. ‘society’ is nothing without individuals creating and sustaining it.

we can find all the flaws we want in today’s societies, yet this won’t help us get anywhere.

what will help us all, all humans, all earthly creatures and all of this planet, is re-establishing ourselves in our inner balance. from this place of balance we can then go on and create our own life with a frequency that is integrated and organic. naturally this will benefit all beings.

so the overworked masculine needs to take some rest and reconnect with his feminine essence. the hiding feminine needs to rise up in all of her power and inspire the masculine to connect with his inner world.

i have shared some insights and practices in my blog regarding feminine embodiment, which you can find here, and today i am talking especially about moon blood and reconnecting to its marvellous power.

menstrual blood is truly a divine blessing as it is through these cycles that we are able to reproduce new life.

i know patriarchal society makes it look like it is just the most normal thing on earth and not much to be amazed of, but have you ever thought about how GRAND and MAGICAL childbirth is?

how POWERFUL it is that around half of the human population bleeds for a couple of days all months for 30 to 40 years of their life without dying?

yes, it is normal, we all do it, but this isn’t little. this is BIG. it is HUGE. and it needs to be addressed as such.

moon blood is SACRED. without it there wouldn’t be human life on this planet.

i know humans have messed up a lot, but think about the arts, think about love, aren’t these magnificent confirmations of the amazing potential of human beings? isn’t this human life we have a precious opportunity to express and expand?

patriarchy (which is an unconscious program that BOTH men and women reproduce) has turned this sacred blood into something disgusting, something to be hidden and not talk openly about. as if menstruating was something to be ashamed of! oh my, how i dream of the day we ALL celebrate this bleeding as the magical and sacred event it is!

i am here, my friend, to inspire and invite you to celebrate this bleeding, whether it is your own blood or that of the others.

so here i am suggesting a couple of things we can do to reconnect with our own bleeding or with our bleeding fellows.

keep a menstrual journal

this is an amazing practice you can do to really get in touch with your body, and understand how it works.

ideally you would have a journal all throughout your month, and you would be writing every day how you are feeling (mentally, emotionally and physically) while also writing down what day of your cycle it is.

this helps you get in touch with the different phases of your cycle: according to Miranda Gray, women, as the moon, go through 4 different phases during their month: the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crown, which represent the following menstrual phases: post-menstrual, ovulation, pre-menstrual and menstruation. this can also be linked to the moon phases: crescent moon, full moon, waning moon, new moon.

to not make this article waaaay too long, i’ll direct you to Mary’s wonderful book on moon blood where you will find a lot of information and practices to connect with your cycle as well as a detailed explanation on how to keep a menstrual journal. (this is an affiliate link, so by purchasing through this link, i receive a commission which is heart-warmly appreciated to sustain myself and support my vision – read more about it here)

track moon cycles

as you might know, female bleeding is closely related to the moon: the average menstrual cycle is 28 days just like an average moon cycle.

check out the phase of the moon to see how it affects your moods and your body. it is very good to keep track of this on a journal too.

you can also check what your moon sign is to dive even deeper into discovering your inner world.

look up where the moon is (as in what phase and in which astrological sign) to see if your womb is synching up with a specific sign or moon phase.

each moon phase represents a different energy: new moons are all about inward movement, while full moon are more into moving forwards and expanding outwards.

each astrological sign is influenced by specific energies and therefore it can be helpful to see if your womb is synching with a specific sign and what that could mean for you.

for example, my bleeding has arrived this whole year when the moon was in virgo/libra and, recently, as i was completely transforming my living conditions, i began to bleed when the moon was in leo and i saw this as my womb calling in the courageous and bold energies of leo to step into such changes. 🙂

use eco-pads

i discovered eco-pads as an eco-friendly alternative to the moon cup a couple of years ago as i was going through a physical healing process of my yoni and i couldn’t wear the moon cup. it was love at first try and i honestly hardly wear the moon cup anymore as i enjoy the feeling of feeling my blood flow down from my body.

i do encourage the use of the moon cup for all those who are looking for an alternative to mainstream menstrual products, and i encourage even more the use of eco-pads.

eco-pads have given me ownership over my period as their use makes my period 100% environmentally sustainable AND i get to feel how the blood drops down from my body while feeling totally safe and comfortable (good pads are extremely absorbing and soft).

i am collaborating with MaMidea, a wonderful enterprise from Finland which produces my all-time favourite eco-pads. their eco-pads come in different sizes and can be therefore used as regular pads, night-pads or as slim pads for the last days of your period or to protect your underwear from moon cup leaks.

i will leave some links at the end of this paragraph, but if you can’t wait to check out the amazing world of eco-pads, i’ll share with you this super cute ‘trial set’ with pads of all sizes, which can be a nice start into exploring how wearing a cotton pad makes you feel. buying eco-pads does require an initial financial inversion (or you can make your own too!), but it is totally worth it in the long-term. i bought my first MaMidea’s pads over 3 years ago and they are still perfectly doing their work 🙂

the thing with eco-pads that i love so much is: they are extremely comfortable. because they are made with natural, organic products, it feels like i am just wearing regular underwear.

i remember these industrial pads i used to wear as a teenager that felt like i had a piece of plastic between my legs. well, forget about that when you use organic eco-pads.

not only they come with different colours and shapes, they also are very breathable and feel extremely hygienic.

not to forget that using eco-pads, re-washable cotton pads, we are not creating any waste material through our period, and i believe this is a nice feeling to all those who care a bit about our planet, and might free us from any kind of ecological guilt.

in addition to all of this beauty, wearing a pad allows us to actually experience our blood as it flows down. wearing a cup is great and practical, yet we don’t get to feel the blood flowing down, as it gets contained before it can drop from the vaginal opening.

i believe that being conscious of the blood flow is an extremely important practice in order to connect with it and our feminine essence. flowing with the feminine is all about effortlessness.

also, using a re-washable pad helps free ourselves from menstrual taboo, as, yes, unless we are throwing it in a washing machine right after use, we are washing the blood away with our hands.

i’ll tell you my favourite way of taking care of my hygiene and my pads:

after use, i put the bleed-on pad into a basket full of cold water and i leave it there for at least a couple of hours. this softens most of the blood out of the textile and therefore makes it a lot easier to properly wash. so, after the soaking, i hand-wash the pad with a neutral soap. i hang it in fresh air (or heating unit if it’s winter and i need it soon 😉 ) and once it is dry it is ready for another use. once my period is over, i throw all of my pads into the washing machine to make sure they are washed throughout for my next menstruation. 🙂

oh, and a beautiful plus to this process is that you can offer the water mixture you get from soaking your pads to plants, trees or whatever piece of land, and nature will definitely happily receive that water full of minerals. i also use this water to bless my house and create a protective shield around it by pouring this rich water all around the building and property while i pray for my safety and wellbeing as well as for the other beings that inhabit this space. this can be especially helpful to feel protected in a new home and cleanse it from past energetic influences.

check out this instagram post by MaMidea to find pictures of our collaboration: you’ll find some pictures i took of the process of the pad drying process (with a nice view on mountains!) as well as pictures of me happily welcoming some new MaMidea’s products.

this amazing, eco-friendly finnish enterprise not only makes some of the best pads out there (and i’ve tried quite few brands), but they also make wonderful products for mamas and babies, and they ship worldwide. click here to check out their website!

wear a yoni egg

a yoni egg is a beautiful round crystal we pop into our yoni (‘yoni’ is the term used in tantra to refer to vagina and vulva).

by holding the crystal, we train our pelvic floor, which results into tighter tissues and an enhanced pelvic sensitivity (aka more accessible, deeper and more intense orgasms 🙂 ).

by practicing regularly with a crystal of our choice (i love rose quartz), we can expect results like a stronger pelvic consciousness, more vaginal lubrication and a more gentle menstrual flow.

insert the yoni egg by allowing your yoni to gentle welcome it in by softly pressing it onto the your vaginal opening. once it is in, you can do this gentle breathing and healing visualisation i have shared in another article, do some kegel exercises (tightening and releasing your pelvic muscles), do some yoga or just continue with gentle daily tasks.

use the yoni egg when you are not on your period, as when you bleed your yoni already has enough to deal with, with all that tissue-shredding 😉

start with 10 minutes and then maybe go increasing to whatever amount of time you enjoy as your muscles become stronger, 30 minutes for example. don’t wear for many hours as it could tire you (you will feel uncomfortably heavy on your lower belly).

i have already shared this with you, that i am a total fan of YoniPleasurePalace: they have the best products for the wellbeing of all juicy yonis. check them out and purchase through this link to support this blog as i am part of their affiliate program 🙂

talk openly about menstruation

tell freely to your friends and to all people that you are bleeding – especially if you are feeling more emotional or sensitive in some way.

most women just say nothing or, if they can’t help, they share with others that ‘they are not feeling well’, which is wonderfully okay. yet, think: how would it feel to embrace and accept the fact that you are bleeding and to share it with others?

how would it feel to be so at peace with your own processes, that you no longer feel ashamed of your moods? how would it feel to be fully surrendered and united to who you are, and no longer hiding your truth? 🙂

also, to my non-bleeding sweethearts reading this: be open about menstruation. find someone you can ask questions to if you have any unanswered doubts. listen to the women in your life talking about this, listen openly.

i know many men unconsciously cringe when they think about menstruation – this is unconscious programming within you : MOVE PAST IT. inquire WHY the same blood that’s given you life makes you feel uncomfortable. talk to the ladies in your life about this, let them support your own unfolding.

embrace your own feminine essence and let yourself be supported and guided. it is by opening up and being vulnerable that you honour the feminine within yourself and within others.

most importantly, stay open, let yourself FEEL what you feel and don’t repress it. find a safe space where you can let your feelings be shown and let the FEELING open you up like a sweet wild flower.

this is how we heal feminine energy within all of us, and this allows us all to step into a more empowered masculine essence too 😉

connect with the water element

menstrual blood is a liquid and therefore connecting with the water element can be beneficial to help us visualise the effortlessness of our moon flow.

in water-like form, blood is constantly being pumped all around our body to sustain us with all the nourishment we need.

women are blessed to have a monthly cycle as this is what enables us to be always sexually active.

by connecting with the water element, we remember how to release, let go and flow. we surrender to being effortless and organic.

you can for example take a bath and just allow yourself to soak and relax in the water. you can spend time by a river, a lake or the ocean. you can listen to the rain, and maybe dance under it 😉 there is a beautiful therapeutic approach called aguahara which is practiced in water, and can be deeply healing to release stress, anxiety, tensions and traumas, especially those related to water. check whether there’s any practitioner around your area to give it a try.

slow down and rest

this is such a key element to owning our feminine flow.

feminine energy is naturally slow and connected with earth’s rhythms. have you seen how slow a tree grows?! yet, have you seen how powerfully it rises up into the sky? have you seen how stable and strong it is through its roots? this is the inherent power we all have, all humans, all living creatures. we are made of the same star stuff.

this human society has become way too fast and this results in all the countless diseases and disturbs of humans, animals and ecosystems. we need to slow down. we can slow down.

it is safe for us to slow down.

when we are able to see the beauty, grace and perfection in our moon cycle, then we can also recognise how important it is to take these days to slow down and rest.

life can be hectic, yet the slowly flowing blood of our wombs reminds us that life is also slow, and that we need to rest.

to embrace our moon blood and inhabit our body with joy and grace, we need to listen to its needs and also satisfy them.

at times you might feel like taking a walk, or even go hiking, is a great idea on your period, while other times you might just need to take a day off and rest in bed watching some series, simply resting – i seriously binged a couple of short series about fairies and witches while on my period during winter and i regret nothing!!

allow yourself to be slow, also when interacting with others, and you will discover an innate grace that naturally flows through you.

feel freely

allow yourself to feel all of your emotions, always, and especially during your period.

bleeding creatures naturally go through an emotional cleanse before and during their bleeding – and this is such a blessing and amazing opportunity to release, reset and restart.

it is just perfectly natural to be more emotional and/or sensitive when we are close to our bleeding. we can embrace this by consciously releasing excess energy, through our blood as well as through other channels, like crying, singing, screaming, jumping around, doing whatever our body asks us.

when we try to ‘act normal’, we are repressing our natural expression, and this creates an inner tension which, if never released, creates inner blockages that can result in physical pain, emotional numbness or mental confusion.

we need to feel in order to be healthy, and the monthly cycle is an invitation of our body to let go of what no longer serves us. so, feel freely, cry and laugh!

let us take these as suggestions of practices and attitudes towards our blood and our body that can help us flow through our cycles with enhanced joy and grace.

there is a great beauty in the feminine body, in its ability to bleed without dying, in its ability to create, host and bring new living creatures onto this planet.

there is nothing ‘ordinary’ in the extraordinary bleeding of women, as there is nothing ordinary in a pregnant woman or a birthing mother. this is pure magic. this is the magic of life.

when we can’t see beauty in the most ‘ordinary’ things, how can we value this life we’ve been gifted with? yes, there are plenty of pregnant women, plenty of flowers, plenty of sunsets – yet isn’t every and each manifestation of the Divine One a unique and special expression of the Self?

so, yes, this is my gentle invitation to all human beings, women, men and differently identifying humans, to recognise and honour the beauty of life.

this is my invitation to all moon-bleeding creatures to recognise and honour the power that they hold.

this is my invitation to all non-bleeding creatures to recognise and honour the beauty in the other, to value it and protect it.

may we all walk onto a new earth, one where life is respected and taken care of. and so it is!

thank you for being such a precious being. thank you for taking the time to read.

my loves, i hope you have enjoyed this article. if you want to keep up with all the new upcoming material (and after this summer break, i have a lot on the way!), subscribe to my newsletter at the end of this article. ❤

for any question or doubt or simply if you want to reach out, you can drop a comment or contact me through this page.

lots of love,


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