empowered sexuality and embodied pleasure

my dear friends,
I am so happy to be writing for you and to you once again.

there’s one theme I am deeply and consciously interested and engaged in and that is sexual healing – not only because it is highly essential for one’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, but also because I have personally experienced major issues within my own sexuality and I feel now called to talk about this in a way that brings forth deep healing and understanding.

today I am writing again about sexuality, in an article that came forth like a river flow. first we’ll talk about the Divine Feminine and the energetic poles, and how we embody them in a way that is beautifully unique. then we’ll consider how sexual energy is a fire that can help us heal the separation between our heart and mind. at the end we’ll find a couple of suggestions of practices that can help us ignite our inner sexual fire and propel us forward a life of abundant pleasure, joy and inner union.

continue reading, my friend, to find the whole article. from the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoy it and that it serves you in some way!

through this online sanctuary I am being guided to create a safe space where humans of all kind can soak up in an energy that is supporting, nurturing, understanding and caring.

these qualities represent the divine feminine principle and it is with great joy that I am honoured to incarnate an embodiment of these energy.

when we consider the embodiment of the Divine Feminine we can never forget surrender to pleasure, as this is a central quality of the feminine archetype. with “pleasure” I mean not only the pleasure of smelling a flower or caring for ourselves and our loved ones, but also real sexual and orgasmic pleasure.

particularly when we talk about sexuality, I like to refer to the feminine and masculine principles as ways of approaching and embodying our sexual energies. no matter whether our essence vibrates more towards a feminine or masculine pole, embracing our feminine energies means surrendering to the pleasure of being.

by simply being fully present in our body we can perceive how our sexual centre is constantly vibrating with a pure and raw energy that holds a great power.

sexual energy is a fundamental component of being human – we all come from a sexual act – and therefore needs to be fully experienced in order for us as human beings to feel like we are really living and enjoying our humanity.

it is by embodying all of our energies that we feel whole and empowered again. this means integrating embracing our sexual charge in ways that nourish us with empowered energy and unconditional love.

sexual energy is definitely really powerful and it is by directing this power towards love that we find an inner balance that benefits us and the whole of creation.

when we let this fire dominate us, we suffer greatly from frustration, lust and unsatisfied desires. when we fuel this fire with love and acceptance, we are nourished with an endless flow of energy that enables us to find creative solutions and to recognise beauty in all that occurs.

the way we choose to express our own sexual energy is completely personal and unique. as long as we are not hurting nor damaging anyone through our sexual drive, there’s no “good” or “bad” – there’s only our expression of sexual energy, and we’re the only ones who have a say about what is best for us.

by this I am trying to convey that sexual energy is not something we express through others as we have sometimes been taught but it is a part of us that we share with others if that’s what we choose.

this means that in no way we need to be with others in order to be sexual or sexually fulfilled and satisfied. the moment we start to realise this we become sexually empowered and can begin to embody our own pleasure no matter what the circumstances look like.

collectively there’s still a firm belief that we can only be sexual around those we feel sexually attracted to and that sexual fulfilment comes from sexual interactions with others.

this belief creates a deep limitation as it causes all kinds of sexual repression, control and abuse.

things would look a lot better in the world if we allowed ourselves to innerly vibrate at highly sexual and blissful frequencies in any given circumstances – and to keep and enjoy that vibration for ourselves.

the way I am guided to see this through the experience of the conscious awakening of shakti energy is that sexual energy – and with it sexual pleasure and ecstasy – is something that we are meant and supposed to be experiencing as a natural constant energetic flow.

as I type these words a part of me is thinking to itself : this is really obvious – but still I know that it isn’t and this is why I am writing this and you are reading this.

we all know that apart from being mental beings, we are emotional and sexual beings. in today’s society our mentality seems to have taken a much bigger role and I believe we need to step back into inner balance in order to manifest an outer, collective balance.

we have many energetic centres all around the body but we mainly vibrate through three energies: sexual, emotional and mental. to these we can add spiritual energy which is less body-bound and deeply intertwined with all other energy in the whole of creation.

I’m focusing on sexual, emotional and mental energies because they vibrate much more connected to the physical body we inhabit. this is why our biological assets can influence strongly the way we experience life: for example, women bleed monthly and often experience an emotional cleanse with it, so it’s no wonder women usually have a stronger emotional intelligence. whereas men tend to be more linear and stable – embodied masculine energy represent a safe space that shines out presence and strenght.

we can’t separate our biology from our energy because our biology is a mirror of how we are energetically built. however we should also remember that gender and our way of perceiving ourselves as social identities are culturally constructed concepts. the way society depicts and limits our way of being humans has nothing to do with what I transmitting here.

what I am trying to say is that we are born with an energetic pole (masculine or feminine) within ourselves and this simply because as manifested beings in the physical realms we need to be expressing through energetic polarities. everything in nature holds a vibration that is made up of both feminine and masculine energies – but who could say in what amount?

it is through self-enquiry and self-observation that we can recognise whether we hold a feminine or masculine energetic pole, which can or cannot be mirrored by our biological assets and our social identity. furthermore, no matter how our core sings, we all constantly engage with the world in a dance that is both masculine and feminine.

recognising whether we hold a masculine or feminine essence can help us understand how we naturally function and what we need in order to thrive.

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I like to see emotional energy as mainly feminine and mental energy as mainly masculine. and then I see the pure expression of sexuality as the harmonious union of these energies.

when our mind is aligned to our emotions and our heart is at peace with our mind, we find an inner balance that makes us thrive and we feel complete and fulfilled.

sexual energy is the raw fire that nourishes our system: when balance is found between the mind and the heart, then this fire ignites an ecstatic dance of abundance and joy.

but when balance isn’t there, because the mind is repressing and trying to control the emotions or because the emotions are overwhelming the mind and creating inner stress, our sexual fire can’t flow freely and this causes inner blockages.

sexual energy is an amazing instrument Divinity has blessed us with and not only because of the great bliss we can experience through it nor because it enables us to bring new life onto this planet.

when set free, sexual energy can be the fire that burns through our emotional and mental blockages, building the bridge of happiness when harmony is established between mind and heart.

once this inner fire has burnt through what once blocked the natural energy flow from effortlessly pouring through and in us, sexual energy can alchemise the inner union of our feminine and masculine energies. Divine Union can be then experienced and with constant focus it can be established as our permanent way of being.

this is what we can experience when our kundalini energy activates in our system – the potential and ultimate purpose of Awakening is Permanent Union with Divinity, which is the established consciousness of being One with All That Is.

sexuality is a fire that belongs to our life experience as much as breathing does. it is a constant energetic flow that, when harmonised and channeled towards love, fills our body, mind and spirit with ecstatic bliss that comes from within.

we might all have heard that love stems from ourselves, that we are the source of love in our life. this resonates absolutely true for me and what I want to share with you is that pleasure – orgasmic pleasure – also comes from within.

there is often this collective limited idea that others are meant to provide for our sexual pleasure. this limits us as it makes us co-dependent on others: “I can’t have an orgasm if someone isn’t having sex with me” or also “I can only experience sexual arouse when I see or touch someone I feel attracted to”.

how have we become so limited? when have we stopped using our mind’s power to recreate within our inner worlds all kinds of exciting situations? why do we choose to give away our power of having orgasms whenever we want to?

yes yes yes we can be doing groceries and enjoy soul deep pleasure. yes we can experience ectasy by just being.

I am not even talking about being around someone whose presence we enjoy. that can make things beautiful because of how magical it is to share our pleasure with someone we appreciate, but that is a plus we can experience, but we definitely do NOT need it. it is the neediness of finding fulfilment through other what we need to let go of.

we need to release inner blockages that prevent us from enjoying our sexuality as freely as we breathe. and no, I am not talking about having sex with many. I mean that pleasure comes from you and it has nothing to do with what others are or are not doing to or with you.

it’s all about how much we allow ourselves to enjoy our natural sexual energy. how much we allow ourselves to let go, to just feel and be. how much we let life’s joy penetrate our body-heart-mind system.

let it come in. let it all penetrate you – let life’s energy penetrate your whole being. sexually, yes, sexually! make love with life itself!!

it can help to visualise being penetrated by a divine lingam (sacred penis) which embraces you with loving presence. then it is all about allowing oneself to be penetrated again and again by this divine lingam in a dance that knows no end.

otherwise you can also visualise your inner lingam penetrating your inner yoni (sacred vulva and vagina). you can imagine your lingam filled with life and joy reaching up to and penetrating an open and welcoming yoni placed in your head in correspondence of your third eye.

both these visualisations support the rising of the shakti energy and you can practice them in any moment in any circumstance.

nourishing this kind of inner sexual dance and union helps us recognise how pleasure comes from allowing oneself to experience sexual energy without judgment.

because whenever judgment comes, pleasure stops. when judgment is let go of, pleasure can expand more and more through us.

another practice I highly recommend to all those who have a beautiful yoni is wearing a yoni egg.

yoni eggs are wonderful, round crystals you pop into your sacred yoni. the crystals hold healing and powerful frequencies which can help us reconnect with our sexual energy, our pleasure and inner bliss. the regular practice of using a yoni egg can also have amazing physical effects as for example more lubrification, more sensitivity, more elasticity, stronger pelvic muscles etc.

I’m teaming up with YoniPleasurePalace because I am really invested in sharing with the collective a view on sexuality which is healing, healthy, supportive, embracing and ecstatic. YoniPleasurePalace is a wonderful Australian enterprise engaged in helping humans find healthy and sustainable ways of experiencing sexual healing and bliss.

check out their website through this link to read more about yoni eggs and find the one your beautiful yoni feels most drawn to. then it’s all about letting your sweet yoni hug the crystal with love and let her soak up the crystal’s magic!

a while ago, I started my practice with a clear quartz, known to strengthen spiritual energies, and I believe it was an amazing help in bridging the raw and instinctive world of sexuality with the healing energies of divinity.

another crystal that I really enjoy wearing is rose quartz, known as the “love Crystal”, an amazing support in cultivating unconditional self-love

discover more of my blog and continue reading about healing feminine sexual energy or about harmonising the strong sexual flow during Kundalini awakening. ❤

drop me a comment or write me a message if you have any commentary, doubt or question regarding this issues. I am reading you with great joy! 🙂

love and blessings,

7 thoughts on “empowered sexuality and embodied pleasure

  1. Kat

    Hello! Very good and helpful page 🙂 I have one question, if you are a Twin Flame journey, is it good to feel His presence by masturbating and experience sexual pleasure together (since we are one). Probably also let him in. Or it’s an activity that pushes him away energetically. I would be very grateful for an answer. 🙂


    1. Hi Kat. thanks for your words and question. energy is not about what we are doing, rather about how we do things. doing things from a space of self-love and care is always going to benefit you. wondering if what you do is pushing someone else away sounds like placing the focus upon them and giving them a priority. receive my blessings 😘❤


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