Letting go of your twin flame

I believe one of the most important topics to deal with regarding twin flames is letting go, as it is one of the main lessons we are to remember throughout this exciting soul journey. 

I briefly engaged in this topic in the runner-chaser article, but I feel called to say more about this, so here we go. 

there is a lot of confusion in the collective regarding “letting go of our twin flame”, and often we read that “we shouldn’t let go” or that letting go of our twin flame is impossible. from my point of view, there is a lot more depth to this and I want to dive deep into it so that we can understand more about how we can let go of our twin flame, as this is highly important for our mental and emotional health. 

let’s start off with the basics: from a soul point of view, you are your twin flame. you are the same soul split in two polarities (feminine and masculine). therefore, your bond with each other is unbreakable and eternal, as eternal as your shared soul. the soul has chosen to split because duality was needed in order to experience physical life. 

as many mystical traditions have taught us and as science has also shown us, everything in the physical world is made up of opposite energetic charges (positive and negative). in tantrism, these energetic opposites are called Shakti and Shiva and in taoism we talk about Yin and Yang. these energies represent the opposites of existence, as for example matter and consciousness, cold and hot, day and night, etc, and as these opposite charges interact and combine, they create what we call life. it is believed that both charges come from the same Source, which we can call Oneness, the Absolute, God, the Energy of All, etc.

to experience Itself as an individual being, your soul (as Oneness) polarised itself in two polarities, which still remain intimately and unbreakably interconnected, for they come from the same source. this is what we call “twin flames” or “twin souls” as a conventional term and this is why, also, every human being has a twin flame, whether they’re currently incarnated or not and whether they’ve physically met them or not. 

now, because your twin flame is a part of your soul and your perfect energetic opposite, you can’t let go of your soul bond with them as much as you can’t let go of your soul: you are it and there’s no way you can escape from this. you are who you are and the only way to find real peace is by accepting who you are. 

however, and this is key, we should not mistake the soul with the physical self. the soul inhabits the body and ignites it with life, but the soul is also highly impersonal and it resides in the full consciousness of Now and in permanent and eternal Union with Divinity. instead, the physical self might be deeply ingrained in fear-based ego-programming and might therefore be completely unaware of its own soul consciousness. 

we are talking about different levels of consciousness and existence: the ego and the soul. 

the ego is a fear-based energy which wants to survive, it exists in the illusion of time and believes in a “me story”, that is the memory of a personal past and the expectation of a personal future. the ego can only persist when it thinks of itself as being separated from everything else. 

whereas the soul is in perfect, complete and constant Divine Union with God / All That Is and exists in the consciousness of “I Am” and/or “I Am All That Is”: the soul is aware that There Is Only Now, that life occurs in an Eternal Present, and that This is Unconditional Love appearing as forms, sounds, thoughts, etc. the soul sees through the illusion of Duality and is totally anchored in Unity. 

when we consider letting go of our twin flame, we should be aware of these different levels of existence we, as humans, can be conscious of. 

we all can step into our soul consciousness and experience and embody divine union, eternal peace and unconditional love. this is available to all of us, when we let go of the fear-based ego-programming, that is when we let go of the past and future and root ourselves in the Presence of Now. 

how does this apply to letting go of our twin flame, you might be wondering. 

as twin flames, you are One in the Presence of Now. this can’t be logically understood, but you know you’ve met your divine mirror if, when anchored in your Soul Consciousness, you are aware of being them, you experience their and your energy as one. this happens completely effortlessly and naturally, it is not something we “trick ourselves into” and we don’t need to interpret it in any way, it is a feeling and an intuitive knowing that we are One with them at the deepest core of our being. however, when we peak into this conscious state, we also realise that we are One with all of creation. your twin flame might simply be the “first level” you experience Unity. 

this is why we can’t let go of our twin flame from a soul point of view: we are them at the deepest core of our being and share with them our soul song. I will write more about our soul song in upcoming articles so subscribe to my newsletter are the end of this article to stay in touch 🙂  

nevertheless, be very aware that this doesn’t mean that you can’t let go of your twin flame from a human point of view, because your ego might like the idea of simply remaining stuck into human attachments. you can let go of your twin’s physical self (=person), while still remaining connected with them at the soul level. 

letting go of your twin’s physical self means that you stop worrying about what the physical person is doing, thinking, saying, etc. you stop worrying about where your relationship with them is going and whether you’ll have a romantic partnership with them or not. you let go of the resentment, anger and pain you might hold in front of this person. you forgive and let go. you let them be who they are without needing to control (by trying to read their mind through tarot readings and such) and you stop trying to force them into your life (by obsessively trying to manifest your physical union). 

we can and should let go of our attachments on the ego-self (=personhood), and with this I mean our own ego-self and our twin’s ego-self. as long as you are (re)acting from your ego-self, you won’t get past your twin’s ego-self (or anyone’s else); but once you let go of your own ego-self or personhood, then it will feel natural to let go of your twin’s ego-self as well. 

you step out of the ego-self by rooting yourself in the Presence of Now – then you can let yourself embody your soul song. when you let go of what was and what will be, you can embrace the Pure Consciousness of Being – and this is when you finally recognise you’ve never stepped out of Paradise. this comes with and through the unconditional acceptance of What Is. 

from the ego-perspective, Awakening appears as extremely dangerous and scary as it means the death of the ego (=the constructed personhood which believes to have a personal story that feeds on fear and is extremely scared of dying).

this is why the physical selves of twin flames might repel each other: they unconsciously fear this “death” and therefore run from each other as being together means destroying the illusion of separation. 

even if you’ve started to move past ego-conditionings, you can’t expect your twin (or anyone else) to be as willing as you are to “die to themselves” and rebirth themselves into their soul awareness. instead, you should intend to let go of all attachments that make you “expect” something from your twin’s physical self (and others). that is how you step into real self-empowerment and true peace. 

your twin’s human personhood is having a different life experience than you and truly loving them means you let them go their own way, you let them be who they are without wanting them to change in any way. all souls are moving towards full Self-Realisation, but we all walk different paths and move at different rhythms. unconditional love means we unconditionally accept others as they are and we don’t try to change them. 

we should let go of any expectation regarding any outcomes of our twin flame relationship. twin flames are eternally interconnected, so you shouldn’t worry about “losing” your twin flame: you will always feel them in your heart. thinking you might “lose” love is an ego-programming that keeps you stuck in fear: you can never lose love, for love is all there is. 

usually these fears are rooted in the fear of dying, which is again a limiting ego-belief. as a soul, you are eternal life and from the soul consciousness you can never fear death for you know that “death” only represents a transformation, like a change of perspective, similar to what many of us experience through Awakening.

you might resist letting go of the one you believe to be your twin flame because you’re afraid to not “feel” them anymore. letting go is a fundamental step we take to truly be united with our True Self and once we anchor ourselves in that state we can never be afraid of “not feeling someone we love” because we’ll know deep within our hearts that we are eternally and intimately interconnected with all of creation. 

detachment is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to yourself and to your loved ones, because it offers you and them total freedom. no matter what kind of relationship we have with one, we should always cultivate detachment as a way of letting others be as they are without trying to interfere, control or dominate. this is the way of true love and absolute freedom. 

when you let go of your twin’s physical self, you finally let yourself be free. you can’t be happy and have a fulfilling life experience if you are constant thinking about what someone else is doing, who they’re with, etc, and if you are always waiting for someone to appear in your life and “save” you from yourself. there is no saviour here but yourself. you are the one who comes to save you. 

believing that you are supposed to “be there” for your twin’s physical self while they are having their life experience without minding much about you is highly disempowering and rooted in co-dependency. you are not meant to spiritually guide your twin flame, heal them or help them awaken. 

your only paper in this relationship is to root yourself in self-love and acceptance, to take care of yourself and awaken yourself to your soul consciousness, which results in you embodying your soul song, purpose and service. 

whatever else you might be telling yourself is your ego trying to sustain itself by believing “you have to do more”, “you still have to heal” and such, ultimately convincing yourself of still being incomplete and therefore not worthy of divine union and unconditional love. 

my love, you’ve never stepped out of paradise. don’t let the rational mind trick you out of the perfection of this present moment. come home to yourself. 

you don’t need your twin flame’s physical presence in your life to be happy. you don’t need to know what they are doing, thinking, saying or feeling. you don’t need to save, heal or guide them. you can truly let them go, they’ll be fine. we are all guided and we are all finding our way, so there’s no need to worry about others. 

you only need yourself. and to fully be in yourself, with yourself, you need to let go of all of these attachments. 

for, truly, who knows what will happen tomorrow, my friend. no one knows. we live in the Eternal Now, Now is all we have – we should cherish this and make the best out of this Sacred Present Moment. 

so we let go. we let go of what was and what will be, and we rest in this present moment.

now, you are safe. now, you are loved, appreciated and cherished. now, you can be free and at peace. 

you can be happy with or without your twin flame. you can have a fulfilling life-long partnership whether that’s with your twin flame or a loving soul mate. your twin flame is not the source of your happiness: you are, only you are the source of your own wholeness, joy and abundance and only you can reclaim your birthright to be happy and have a fulfilling life experience.

embrace your own soul wholeness, it has never left you: you just pull all of your energy in, anchor yourself in your own present awareness, and see the miracle of life dancing within you and then all around you. 

you can’t control others, so why waste so much time trying to? you can’t control the uncontrollable, you can’t control this Divine Play. you can only choose how you want to feel, who you want to be and to which frequencies you want to align yourself to. 

what do you choose? 

God, or the Energy of All, only asks you to align yourself to the frequency you want to experience. if you don’t choose consciously, you will align yourself to unconscious frequencies and these will be the ones the Universe keeps tuning you with. 

let’s say you miss your twin flame: this means that you’re actually feeling incomplete, because as a complete being you can’t truly “miss” someone/something. the Universe doesn’t care whether you like feeling incomplete or not, it just read your frequency (“I am incomplete”) and then repeats it like a giant copy-machine, so you’ll be reflected with more life experiences that make you feel incomplete. 

this is the Law of the Universe and the point is that we are the creators of our own life experience. in the physical realms we don’t create immediately through our (un/conscious) thoughts and emotions as there’s kind of a time-gap in order for energy to condensate into matter, but we are still 100% responsible for whatever we are experiencing. 

no matter what appears in your field, you are still choosing how you respond to the experiences from a mental and emotional point of view, that is what kind of thoughts and emotions you have regarding what is happening.

don’t give over your power to feel complete, whole and joyful to an external circumstance like what your twin’s physical self is doing or what your physical relationship looks like. let go of that and come home to yourself. 

you can experience Divine Union no matter what the physical circumstances look like: it is your birthright (and purpose) to unite with Divinity and feel absolutely whole. you can experience Twin Flame Unity and embody Divine Union, no matter what your twin’s physical-self is doing, saying or thinking. 

you stay true to this love as long as you stay true to yourself.

twin flame love is your soul love expressing itself in two energetic polarities. twin flame love is the love of the soul for itself.

so go on and love yourself. accept yourself. embrace all parts of yourself, all of your emotions and thoughts, but don’t get attached to them, don’t build a “me story” upon them. just acknowledge and then let go. 

the soul bond between twin flames is eternal and unbreakable and it is part of you, but you can let go of all human expectations regarding this bond. who said what your union is supposed to look like? 

you’ll know you are your twin flame when you embody your soul consciousness, you’ll intuitively know you are One, but you don’t need to act upon it, you don’t need to label it or even think about it, just as you don’t need to think about breathing in order to breathe. 

you just enjoy it.

you celebrate Oneness by celebrating your life, you celebrate Unconditional Love by embodying it and letting this love shine through you. you don’t need to do anything. you just let yourself be who you truly are, and that naturally reflects in gratitude, joy, peace, serenity, blessings and miracles. 

twin flame union is a totally natural state of being. it is your true nature to feel One with yourself, your soul counterpart and with creation, because you are Oneness.

Oneness is all that Is. so rest in this. rest in Unity. but don’t start interpreting this, expecting something from this or judging this. “oh, Unity should look like this” said no one anchored in Unity consciousness 😉 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reading. please let me know in the comment section below if any doubt or question has arisen or contact me privately and I’ll be delighted to answer as I feel guided to. 

continue reading about twin flame in this section of my blog.

with great love and blessings,


42 thoughts on “Letting go of your twin flame

  1. Thank you, and bless you.
    This is so beautifully written and truly resonated with me at a time I really needed to hear it.
    I will keep coming back to this over and over. Thank you so much.


  2. Thank you and bless you.

    I really needed to read this and what you’ve said has completely resonated with me, far more than other TF sites. I will come back and read this over and over. Thank you.

    I was wondering if you could also share your insight as to how to manifest/empower yourself to be the creator that you are, while still finding joy and peace where you are. Seems like such a fine balance.


    1. thank you love for your comment. it brings great joy into my heart to know that this informatiom serves you in some way 🙏❤
      thank you for the suggestion – I will see what my spirit team brings forth regarding being a conscious creator of our reality. in the meanwhile you can check out some material by Abraham Hicks as he speaks greatly about this and in a way that I highly enjoy.
      love and hugs, sara


    2. Vicky

      This is incredible and is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you for this. I guess my struggle with my twin flame is letting go. He is my boyfriend who I love very much but we both have this inner knowing that we need to let go. It’s the hardest thing to do when there’s pure love and attraction involved. And of course I can’t help but pray that we end up back together because he’s the man I love. How do you recommend coping with this?
      Thank you❤️


      1. Dear Vicky, thank you for your words ❤ there’s a lot of things you can do to help yourself during a break up – most importantly, be extra gentle with yourself and take as much time as needed to go through your emotions. often after a break up we are shown where things were not working and it can be a great opportunity to review our attachment style and the way we show up for others AND ourselves. be your focus and make taking care of yourself a daily activity. allow lots of space for rest as emotional integration and grief require lots of energy. sleep lots and let your friends be there for you. also, don’t forget to have fun nevertheless 😘❤ sara


      1. Geeky Red

        Why does the runner ALWAYS have the bad reputation? I don’t quite understand. All chasers are NOT awake, healed or even ready for the union. I’m a woman (runner) who’s chaser (male) deals with extreme abandonment issues along with other issues. Every once in a while I run across a “sound” article explaining that both parties have work to do. Im just tired of the runner always having the bad reputation. It’s getting old.


      2. hi dear! i understand the frustration. however, this feeling wouldn’t be there if there was no more healing to be done, would it? have you investigated why it affects your mood to read about “runners’ bad reputation”? 🙂 take care and receive my love


      1. Naini

        So very beautifully articulated !! I’m at peace after reading this and all ripples inside me have subsided. So glad that I came across this article and Abraham Hicks’ podcasts at the same time,Divine timing I guess 🙂
        Be blessed Sara 😇


  3. Thank you Sara, God bless you dear, I am going through so much and your words are so anchoring. Sara, please do contact me I have written articles on moral science and other uplifting topics, I am looking out for someone to help review my articles. May be we can publish a book together. my Whatsup contact +91 9900641923. email id – shilpa.harry2010@gmail.com


      1. Grizelda

        Thank you Sarah. This is read is exactly what i needed at this moment. It just gives me so much peace. It truelly resonates me. God bless you 🙏🏽❤️


  4. martin

    Thank you so very much for this article. It is truly profound and a breath of fresh air to read something this complex to understand written in a way that seems easy to understand. I am finding myself re-reading it to let the words and their meanings “sink in” as it makes so much sense to me. As always seems to be the case, it couldn’t have come at a better time on my journey. Thanks!


    1. sarah72186

      I agree. These articles are always as well written as they are insightful. The timing being perfect is the fun part of the journey!


  5. Manasi

    Thank you Sara for this article. The entire concpet of twin flames has recently opened my eyes and I am in the process of learning, reading and letting go. I will keep re-visiting it and have bookmarked it. It is truly profound and resonates with me at many levels. This article makes so much sense and is truly comforting too and explains things with a unique perspective. Keep up the good work!


  6. Anna Owen

    So well explained. Truly came from Divine Source. Thank you for sharing. Self Love with I AM oneness. Love it.


  7. katesresourceblog

    I never reply to these things but felt compelled to say a huge thank you. As a being needing to let go of my twin flame I found myself caught in the web of ego, emotions and feelings. This article brought me back to my creator and the desire to create love around me with or without my twin flame. I too will be re reading this over and over in the coming months.
    Blessings 🙏🏼


    1. beloved Kate, thank you so much for sharing such inspiring words with all of us. may your life be filled with joy, love and peace. ❤ sara


  8. Stacey

    Thank you for the beautifully written, helpful article. 🙂

    Any tips for easing the constant soul sadness/longing that we aren’t in physical union/may never be?

    Thanks 🙏


  9. Jo

    Thank you Sara, this is the most enlightening article I have read about twin flames. ❤
    However, I am still questioning my self if letting go, can be reformed as love in a way that twin flames can manifest love through an other form of relation such us friendship by being into each others lives if they both want to, when external factors do not let them complete us a couple?


    1. beloved Jo,
      so glad you’re enjoying the blog.
      as to you question: each concrete case is a unique journey on its own. there are no rules as to what humans can realise in their existence. what i am suggesting is that we let go of the need to control, to know ‘what is going to happen’ or ‘what will be’. life itself will show you the path, and whatever your soul has chosen to experience, will come to you at the right time. allow space in your life for blessings to come by opening up for goodness, and then let it come in when it does.
      for more doubts you can write me an email at purifyingwave@gmail.com
      in love and gratitude,


  10. monkaroo

    Sara, thank you for this most beautiful article. It is one of the best ones I have read on the twin flame experience, if not the best and most compassionate. I found it just when I needed to, of course. 🙏✨


  11. Alan

    I needed this so much. I’ve been struggling for about 8 months since meeting mine. It happened to me in impossible circumstances and although I can’t move forward, I haven’t been able to let go. There’s so much I haven’t been able to say, so much guilt and shame and fear. Thank you so much for letting me know that I don’t need to say, do or be anything, ever. Lots of love xxx


  12. Ariane

    Thank you for helping me understand this journey! Now I know I can’t control the situation……. just live for the day😇


  13. Dee

    He chased me first. But we had no right to each other. There was a pull, like magnets. Like our bodies were determined to touch. We were each other’s calm in chaos. Being together made all the noise quiet. I was fiercely protective of him, I thought I was crazy, or delusional. Dramatic. But everything in me knew. There was one kiss, it wasn’t passionate or cliche. It was simply pure. And it changed everything. We became chaos. We both spiraled and it felt like nothing was real. No contact was like my heart being ripped out. But yesterday I let go for good. My exact words were referenced in this article. “Fear is a powerful emotion. I’m ok. I wasn’t, at all. But I’m so very ok. I hope you have so much peace, joy and love in your life that it overwhelms you. I miss your light, so much. But it’s ok. You were, still, and will always be my favorite person”
    He responded beautifully. I have peace for the first time since I knew who he was. We aren’t possible, and we never will be. And that’s ok because our purpose was served and we are both better for it. Thank you so much for this. It reassures me that I’m not crazy, But so very blessed to have known him.


  14. Simi

    Beautiful article, I was so hungry for wisdom like this, it resonated with me to the core of my heart. I want to be in peace with myself and with my TF and I can finally be after reading this. Thank you ♥ wish you all the best. Simi


    1. Nick N

      Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.
      I am at a point where I need to move forward with my ascension, so I asked my guardian angels for guidance.
      I then found your articles and the answers:
      , Stop trying to obsessively manifest your tf in your life; and
      . You are safe. now, you are loved, appreciated and cherished. now, you can be free and at peace.
      The journey began in 11/2011 and is now ending in 11/2022 (the 1111s are not a coincidence)
      Namaste 🔥🔥💜💜🌞🌞


  15. Kshirts424

    I have been lots of trouble with letting go and moving on. This structure me to my core and encouraged me to continue to fight/ adapt. This was all I needed to hear. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

    Very well written! Please continue writing!


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