turn inward and check on yourself

when facing global turmoil, we are called more than ever to focus on our inner world.

many of us are in countries where we are staying home due to an external outspread of a virus and it is important we see this time as a moment of pause, of reset and restarting.

let’s take this time off to turn inward and dedicate this time to ourselves, to our health: physical but also emotional, mental.

take time, finally, to check upon you. ask yourself

how am I feeling physically? how is my body feeling?

maybe you’re feeling weak or maybe you’re feeling strong. contemplate your physical health, connect with your body, scan your whole body and see how all of its parts are feeling.

do you find any discomfort somewhere?

connect with that, go deep, ask your body what it needs, invite it to guide you towards the kind of rest and treatment it really needs and deserves, be it as medicine or food or maybe a soft massage or more sleeping.

how am I feeling emotionally? how are emotions affecting me?

check on your emotional health.

how are you feeling? how is this global crisis affecting your emotions? how are you emotionally responding to external stress? also, how are emotions affecting my overall health?

check on your emotional body.

create a safe space where you can express your emotions, whether it is sadness, numbness, anxiety or more pleasant ones as peace and acceptance.

give space and time to that which wants to be seen, allow yourself to feel the emotion but keep in mind that you are not the emotion. know that, whatever you’re feeling, it is temporary, it does not define you as a person. observe the emotion, be a witness of that feeling and then let it go without judgment.

please, be kind to yourself, be comprehensive, forgive yourself for whatever you are feeling.

how am I feeling mentally? what kind of thoughts am I having?

we tend to get lost in the mind, we tend to give it more power and importance than other aspects of our being.

take time to meditate, take time to quiet the mind.

take time to observe your thoughts. what are you feeding your mind with? are old patterns shaping the kind of thoughts you’re having?

sit in silence and observe what arises in your mind.

do not judge your thoughts, remember they are a consequence of your past, old patterns and conditionings.

if you recognise that you are getting lost in unhealthy thought patterns, just gently focus on the breathe, focus on the present moment.

get back to your center, focus your intention on what helps you stay peaceful.

also, be comprehensive with your thoughts, it is okay to feel turmoil when everything is changing.

now more than ever we are called to be loving with ourselves: let’s give ourself that which we need, let’s forgive ourselves, let’s be understanding with ourselves.

we can share with the world exactly that which we give to ourselves.

therefore, it is utterly important to be loving to ourselves, as that will allow us to be loving, understanding, free of judgement and caring towards others – others not only as other humans but every kind of creature, be it plants, animals, ecosystems or the whole earth.

let’s get loving to ourselves as it will naturally generate a greater love towards all of creation. earth needs us more than ever.

i have been going through phases during this time. the current global crisis has affected my personal life in many ways and i have been on an emotional and mental roller coaster. my bodily system has also been affected, as for example seeking more rest, more sleep, more slowness. more meditation, more slow movements (slow, intuitive yoga, intuitive stretching, slow walks in nature). more comfort food. i make sure i take time and space to express my emotions, to journal, to draw, to paint, to write. listening to music and relaxing.

it is very important we focus on the present moment and we keep calm.

i have been meditating a lot on the heart, i stay there, i stay in my center, i stay in the heart beat, i know i am alive, i know i am taken care of. also, i accept and surrender to my own death, i realise it is something i cannot control and give thanks every day for my breath.

i give thanks for my health, i give thanks for all the areas in my life that are healing, i give thanks for how protected i am. i am safe and i share this safety with the people that surround me.

you are not reading this by accident.

we have been preparing for this: to be the light that shines in darkness, to keep calm while the world around goes nuts.

we are given this time of isolation to really connect with our inner peace, as we are called to stay there and share that peace with the world when things are going to be stirring and twirling.

now it’s time to really go deep and cleanse our systems in a way that will permit us to keep up during this global transformation.

let’s use this time as an opportunity to reset and keep raising our vibrations.

it is essential to connect with earth, to connect with the universe and trust that all is fine, that all is perfect, that sometimes things have to fall apart so that better things can come together.

trust the process.

know that you are so much more than your body, that we are all much more than our bodies, that we are one consciousness experiencing itself on a physical sphere.

connect with the eternal being within you and stay there: you are infinite light, you are infinite peace, you are infinite love.

nothing can ever break you.

we are one human experience and now we are collectively learning this. let’s use this situation as an opportunity to evolve as a whole.

when in doubt, pray.

these days i’ve spending a lot of time in prayer. for me, for my family and for beloved ones. praying for humanity, praying for mama earth.

also, simply remaining in meditation, simply remaining in silence, simply remaining in the connection has an immense power, so please stay there.

find your inner safe space and stay there, breathe that in, observe.

look what you find, observe it, watch it change.

everything is temporary.

go inward, connect with your heart, connect with your soul, connect with your inner light.

ask for guidance, ask for protection, ask for peace.

breathe that in: feel that you are guided, that you are divinely protected, that you are at peace, that the world is at peace.

if you can, spend time outside, talk to plants and animals and spirits and angels and whatever communicates and resonates with you.

send much love to pachamama, she is facing great changes right now and now more than ever we need her to know we are here, we are here to honor her, to respect her and to be with her.

we are here to share this beautiful planet with all of creation.

look at the skies. maybe, as in my area, there are not many airplanes flying. isn’t it beautiful to see a clear, clean sky? i think big mama is trying to convey a message and we need to listen, but she whispers, so make sure you find enough silence to hear her kind words 😉

my final invitation for this article is: please, let’s pray. let’s meet each other on the spiritual planes, let’s connect on a soul level, let’s remind ourselves that we are eternal souls, that we are one infinite consciousness.

sending love to all beings, to all of earth, to all of creation.

everything is going to be fine.

we might get out of this brighter than we thought.

let’s relax, rest and stay in the heart, in the eternal beat, in the infinite source of love.

hari om tat sat hari om

the infinite vibration from which all is created, that is the eternal truth



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