the kundalini cleanse – and how to survive it

let’s be serious: going through the kundalini process is no easy task. it’s not all bliss and joyful dances. it’s an intense time of deep growth that will challenge any human in many different ways.

good thing is, at some point in history, all of humanity will go through it. so, at least, you’re not alone.

there are a lot of people transforming right now on earth, as we prepare the basis of a new age, of new earth. to you my beloved i write, trusting that whoever could benefit from this article will find it.

so, energetic/kundalini cleanse. a lot of work and effort.

it requires a good dose of patience and acceptance: the dark night of the soul might last quite long, depending on your personal story and the amount of baggage you’re willing to let go, and at which pace.

no matter how hard we try to hold on on our personal beliefs, letting go will happen, at some point.

all that depends is how much the process needs to break you before you finally let go.

the more we hold on, the harder it has to hit us.

here you can find some of the physical and mental symptoms which you might encounter as byproduct of the resistance to let go and transform.

the kundalini process works on every level of existence: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, cosmic.

the kundalini is slowly cleansing all of our being, so that we might channel into our physical body the whole universe and bring it to the earth.

we are opening up above and below so that life may just flow through our being like a river filled with light and love.

but before we get to that point, we have to cleanse our energetic field into its deepest core.

it is a complete and total purification of our whole being.

it requires us to let go of pretty much everything we hold on to.

therefore, of course, it takes a long time – it’s not about just letting go of that one childhood trauma that keeps haunting you, no.

it’s about shredding every layer of your being until you’re nothing but light, until you’re constantly and directly and always connected to the source, always one, serving your divine purpose.

it’s not just healing one trauma, one bad experience, it’s not just letting go of one belief that holds you back: we are cleansing full lineages of traumas, false beliefs and broken hearts that have been saved up on our DNAs since generations; it’s purging a whole society full of pain, prejudice and hate.

as a woman, it’s liberating all women.

as a man, it’s liberating all men.

as a human, it’s liberating all of humanity.

as a living being, it’s liberating all of existence.

as a creator, it is liberating all of creation.

it’s acknowledging the absolute divine power we carry to be the creators of our existence, and stepping with full consciousness, humility and surrendering into that huge power.

yes, fully awakening the kundalini brings with it a lot of power and we need to learn how to deal with it, how to channel it, how to use it for the best of all beings.

but we’re lucky because we are constantly divinely guided.

the kundalini purification goes extremely deep and has an extremely wide range of action.

as individuals going through this cleanse, we have to be prepared: we need to learn how to cope such a wide purification of our beings.

we not only need to stay healthy physically, but we need to keep mentally sane.

that’s why reaching out for some kind of therapy might be very helpful, but still we need to be careful about who we are opening up to: do they have an understanding for this peculiar process?

luckily, more and more people are being liberated through this wonderful process and are finding out their purpose into helping others who are going through the kundalini process. many of them offer skype sessions, so everyone can virtually reach out for help. please contact me as i have a couple of contacts of beautiful beings working especially with people suffering from spontaneous kundalini awakenings.

i will admit, this cleanse can be very challenging at times.

there are days when the whole cellular structure of the body is being transformed, so we might feel like everything hurts, the whole body might feel extremely heavy or maybe we cannot even move for hours.

sometimes the body just seems not to function.

other times it’s our emotional body transforming and we feel trapped into an unpleasant emotions, as if it was vibrating through every cell of the body.

well, that’s probably what’s happening.

sometimes our mind feels empty, like we’re not really there: like existence is somewhere between dream and reality.

other times the structure of the brain is resetting itself, so the whole head might feel like it’s vibrating.

sometimes talking and socialising or any basic, daily activities feel like the hardest tasks.

sometimes we get through a difficult phase convinced that this time we are finally free (or maybe just praying for it)… but then the next layers come up and we’re back at it.

the good thing is that, although the obstacles/challenges might be increasing or coming all at once or hitting just very hard, we learn that this too shall pass, that we are guided and protected and that no matter where we are right now, this is going to change as well.

that no matter what i am going through, once i am at the end of the tunnel, i will feel better: free, light, joyful.

the path is never really finishing, this life is made of change, but we gain wisdom and inner strength. we learn that nothing can break us and that we will always get up again.

still, at times we can really land in dark places and feel like we will never get out of this. please, before you fall into deep despair, reach out to someone, to anyone that might be there for you (and if no one is there, please: i am).

we need to remind ourselves that we are going through a powerful transformation and that it is okay to be going through difficult phases. times of isolation, times of confusion, times of solitude, times of despair. yes, it is all happening.

we are shredding layers, it’s not easy. but we came here for this: we know we can do it.

together, we are stronger. connect to those that understand and respect you.

also, it is important to remember that, especially during hard times of transformation, we need to put ourselves first.

personally what has costed me lots of effort in stop judging me has been accepting the fact that i need a lot of time (a lot) alone, that sometimes socialisation just doesn’t function, that sometimes it is okay to be confused during a conversation and just leave it there.

it is okay to be weird and awkward with others and it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand. it is okay not being able to small talk. it is okay to just take and go whenever i feel like i need to go.

friends, family, people: if they really love me, they will understand and accept me. if they don’t, then please, that’s the exit door. i need no toxic people in my life – as me myself i am already going through a lot. i am better off alone, than with people that unsettle my energy/mood/stability. at the end i am doing everyone a favour, but mostly and most importantly i am taking care of my health.

going through this purification can be very challenging for our emotional and mental health, so make sure you protect your energetic field a lot. it is priority. release toxic relationships and surround yourself with beings that rise your vibration, not the opposite.

of course, we want to help others. we want to be there for others. we want to share this light we are carrying into this world through our transformation.

but make sure you always have enough for yourself, let it grow at its own pace inside your heart, and the day will come when it just easily flows through you: sharing your frequency will be just as easy as breathing.

once you are purified, you will always be sharing that loving vibration, because with all the letting go and the releasing we are getting lighter and lighter, allowing more and more the divine energy to flow through us.

just surrender and allow it to cleanse you, and one day, when you least expect it, you will notice that people benefit by just being by your side. a touch, a look, a smile: there will be no need to really focus on “i am sending energy”, because you will be like a river of divine nectar and your heart will have expanded to much, that it will just hug every other heart that comes into its energetic field.

as easy as drinking water, as beautiful as warm sunshines during winter, as natural as breathing.

sharing shouldn’t let you feel empty.

and no one is expecting anything from you, so please don’t be the one pushing yourself over your own limits.

get to know your limits, set them, keep them, cherish them, love them as they are sacred lines that protect you. limits are healthy and beautiful.

last but not least, always remind yourself that it is okay to change, to transform.

maybe last month you were expanding so much, shining so bright that the sun stopped to kiss you and you would share that kiss with every person you would meet. and maybe now you just feel very down, as if it was raining on you and you wonder where that beautiful energy has ended.

if i have learnt something from this, is to stop wondering, stop asking why. just leave the process, the cleansing, do its course, it knows much better what’s best for us.

trust that you are guided and protected. trust that all is perfect, that everything that happens to you is only taking you further on this journey. there are no mistakes. there are just lessons. so keep up. enjoy the sun and enjoy the rain equally.

remain in the observation, don’t judge it.

let it flow. let it flow. let it flow.

one day all of humanity will dance in unity.

all of us carry a beautiful seed of humanity inside of us.

so let’s start by dancing the humanity we carry inside.

the rest will follow.

there’s nothing you need to do: instead, the more you relax, the more you accept the present moment, the more you are serving this process and your purpose.

isn’t it beautiful? all we need to do is relax. i love this. whenever energies are going crazy, remember this: relax – this too shall pass.

we can do this. read more about the Kundalini process in this section of my blog. ❤

with love and hugs


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