twin flames: forget everything you think you knew about relationships

the twin flame relationship is a very special kind of bond between souls: one that defies all human beliefs and culturally accepted concepts of what we know relationships to be like.

twin flames individuals are two bodies inhabited by the same soul. they share the same energy and are intimately and profoundly interconnected in ways the human mind struggles to understand.

this is why when we encounter our twin flame and enter into this relationship, we should forget everything we think we knew about relationships.

many become frustrated when faced with the truth of this connection: they expect this relationship to be like other human relationships and become very confused regarding their interactions with their twin.

the thing is, your twin flame is not just an average person for you. they are your perfect mirror soul and are constantly mirroring to you all of your energies, both those you acknowledge and those you refuse to see in yourself.

this is why it can be so overwhelming to be in each other’s presence. nothing is hid from each other.

twins meet in space of absolute vulnerability and honesty. when the individuals are not ready for such a grade of openness they can temporarily retreat from each other. this is meant to be a moment of healing for both to reconnect with their own essence.

our twin flame is the other part of us that has entered our life to propel our growth and evolution forward. they come to stimulate all of our triggers so that we can fully embrace all of our aspects and embody our own divinity.

eventually, each twin awakens to the truth of their soul and their unconditional and eternal love for one another.

however, this relationship can really be like a rollercoaster. it is deeply mysterious and totally out of your control, and many twins become frustrated, even depressed, because this relationship is nothing like they expect it to be. 

in fact, it is essential to understand one thing, and the sooner twins understand this, the better for their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health: this is not a simple human to human relationship.

above all, this is a soul to soul relationship, it is a heart to heart bond.

do not expect it to work according to human dynamics, because it just won’t.

everything you share with your twin has to be understood from a soul point of view: they are not here to pamper your ego and tell you the things you want to hear, they are here to propel your evolution forward like no one ever did.

they are here to help you awaken to your own divinity and push you to be the best version of yourself you can ever be.

they want you to explore your own unlimited potential and own it like you never have before!

they want you to learn to be self-sufficient, fully independent and complete on your own. they want you to learn to love yourself completely and unconditionally.

they will not physically interfere with your life until you have reached a state of deep self-acceptance and inner peace. their soul will not allow them to. that is just how it works.

they are that soul that loves you so deeply they want you to grow in your own shoes, even if it means ‘hurting’ you at some point to show you the hard truth.

mostly, the truth is that you are not truly loving yourself: you are putting others before you, you are not listening to your heart and are not living your best life.

the truth is that you have adjusted for an average life, while they want you to thrive, live your dreams and embody your own truth. 

the twin flame relationship is nothing like we all have been taught about relationships. so the sooner you let go of expectations regarding this bond, the better for you and your twin.

when you encounter your twin and are awakened to this bond, you should be grateful for all the miracles this relationship is bringing and will bring into your life.

in order for you to see the true beauty of this bond, you have to let go about what you think a relationship should look like and be open for the new to surprise you.

and it will surprise you, if you allow it to. 

once you allow this journey to unfold without interfering, this bond will gift you with the most soul-nourishing relationship you could ever dream of.

once you let go of expectations, surrender and allow this relationship to just simply be, without resisting or trying to control it, you’ll be overflown with soul-deep heart-felt love and acceptance.

do yourself a favour, drop whatever belief no longer serves you, open your heart wide and free and allow your soul to surprise you. 

find HERE ways to heal separation pain and establish yourself in unity consciousness and HERE an easy meditation technique to connect to your heart as you will deeply benefit from being heart-centred along this path.

being a twin flame is a beautiful privilege some of us get to experience. it is a journey full of lessons and it will reward those who keep walking with the most marvellous miracles.

it is a journey back to our own nature and our soul truth. it is a journey back to Love and we are absolutely blessed to be walking this path with our divine counterpart.

read HERE an article to remind yourself why you are so lucky to be a twin flame!

remember that above all we have chosen to meet our twin soul on this lifetime to help us collapse the old separation programming. by establishing ourself in unity consciousness, we help humanity evolve. read more on the twin flame union purpose on this article.

so, let go of all expectations regarding this magical soul bond and let yourself be guided by your heart – it always knows the truth!!



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4 thoughts on “twin flames: forget everything you think you knew about relationships

  1. Tracy

    I do not stalk my TF nor try to reach out to him. Except i wish him a generic happy birthday once a year. Without asking questions or anything. Does this interfere with the surrendering process??? Thank you


    1. hi tracy ❤ twin flames are connected energetically and therefore “communicate” through vibrations. your actions are not so important, but your energy is. chasing and running are energetic dynamics. chasing is something that happens when we long for our twin’s energy and want “more” of them, even if we don’t do anything in the physical about it. I am about to post an article about this in the following days so stay tuned (you can subscribe to my newsletter to get an email when it’s out, also check the spam 🥰) I can’t answer your question as there’s more depth to the connection than what simply happens in the surface. I would say surrender happens when we let go of all attachments regarding our twin flame and our relationship with them and just stop worrying about it. we stop worrying about what our twin is doing, saying or thinking and we’re anchored in our own soul truth. so the focus should always be on ourselves and our own growth. you recognise surrender because you just unconditionally accept whatever appears in your field, you don’t need or want to change any parts of your present moment and you’re at peace with it. I hope it’s helpful ❤ lots of blessings for your journey, sara


      1. Tracy

        Thank you so much Sara for your reply. I understand. What seems confusing is that some people say to “surrender” but “to not let go”. My view on that seems contradictory. I am happy and I have moved on with my life but “to not let go” I will still visual a life of being with my TF in the 3D world. May you please explain in your next blog how to properly do this without slipping back to the “chasing” phase. Thank you ❤


      2. yes love I have written most of it already but I will make sure I address this issue in this entry and also much deeper in other articles regarding especially attachments and letting go ❤❤ as I am guided to see it, we can’t let go of our twin flame as much as we can’t let go of ourselves but we can (and should) let go of attachments to their personality and to any outcomes of the relationship. this is how we love in complete freedom ❤ thank you!! hugs and love


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