being a twin flame can be tough – along the journey there are many bumps and high peaks to climb. however, through this article i want to remind you why you are so damn lucky to have found your twin flame and to have embarked on this amazing journey.

you share an eternal, unconditional love bond

as a twin flame, you get to experience a type of love that many never have the chance to know. a love that never stops burning, that is ever-alive: it is an eternal love bond between souls.

when connecting with your twin soul, you get to experience a love that has no conditions nor limits. time and space mean nothing in front of such a love. you get to learn what true love means, you get to learn how to love truly and how to embody love.

you get to experience yourself beyond human limitations

there is so much on this connection that defies all human beliefs regarding existence, love and relationships. you connect with your twin flames on all levels, not just physically. the physical experience is only a part of this bond, which truly has no time nor space.

when we meet our twin flame, a new, third energy of union is created. we share a magical bond with them and a place in our hearts where only love prevails. it is a spiritual relationship that will show you the potential of the full human experience, far far beyond the mere physical experience.

you get to evolve and grow a lot

your twin flame connection is truly your ticket to enlightenment!

meeting and interacting with your twin flame may cause your kundalini (evolutionary energy) to awaken and its activity will greatly intensify and you will grow and evolve much quickly.

find out HERE more about the kundalini energy and its purification, awakening process.

throughout this journey, so much beyond the physical experience will be shown to you at the right times and you will comprehend a lot about your own nature and the nature of the universe. your connection to the divine will grow and expand and, truly, your life will turn into a sequence of miracles.

you get to learn how to be loving, understanding, forgiving and compassionate

your twin flame journey will teach you like no other by testing you to your limits how to be a loving and understanding human being.

you will learn how to be patient and compassionate and what it means to truly forgive yourself and others.

this will not only benefit your relationship with your twin, but will be a true gift to all of your relationships. you will learn how to navigate through life in a way that is much more pleasant, for you will learn how to be connected to your heart and soul.

find HERE more information on how to strengthen your heart consciousness.

you learn to truly love yourself

i thought i loved myself before i met my twin flame, but, oh my, how many lessons were still awaiting down the road. truth is, we mostly grow up lacking self-love. we are people-pleaser, constantly looking for outside validation and recognition. we put others’ need on top of ours.

this path will teach you what it means to truly love yourself. for only by loving yourself, can you understand and love your twin. they are your reflection. choosing to love yourself means that you choose to love them too – your soul has nothing but love for them, so whenever you choose yourself, you choose them also.

you really cannot deny this love if you are loving yourself. and the same goes for the opposite. when you choose them, you choose yourself, you choose a higher love, you choose your own happiness and joy.

there is still so much we could say about the wonders of this relationship.

when you are feeling like giving up or that you cannot do this anymore, please remind yourself of the gift you have been given by embarking on this journey.

remember that you, as a soul, always knew you could do this. you knew you and your twin flame both could do it. breathe deep and take time to rest and connect with your center.

remember that this relationship is above all a service to earth and humanity: we chose to reincarnate in order to understand human suffering and separation pain so that we could walk the path back to love.

by paving the road, others will be able to walk with us.

if you’ve liked the post, please share with those who might need to read it! also, let me know in the comments your thoughts and experiences on the twin flame journey!

continue reading about twin flames in this section of my blog 🙏❤




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  2. Karrie Vincent

    I love your blog posts about twin flames! They really resonate with me! My journey began in January 2020. It has been both a hard and an amazing journey. Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Edith

      Thank you so much for this article !

      At the beginning of this year I didn’t know anything about twin journey. I realized that I found my twin and sometimes I feel overwhelmed but definitely I feel it is a miracle and a unique gift of God.

      God blessings be with you ! 🌹


  3. Kathryn

    Thank you for this beautiful article. I know who my Spiritual Twin is but I am married to another for 33 years. I am working on a probation issue and wanting to amicably leave my marriage so I may meet my Twin in person. Amen!


  4. Reyes

    Thank u’… for this beautiful reminder and blessing…
    My Twin-flame journey has been many things’ but it’s gotta be better than the last 18 years… sending much luv’ to all….💫🌎❤️


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