what is a twin flame

twin flames or twin souls is a name given to souls that perfectly mirror each other.

there is something unique about your twin flame: there is only one in the universe and they are your perfect mirror. they mirror back to you your strengths and weaknesses, your light and darkness.

it is the deepest and most intense bond between souls known to exist. these two souls share the same so-called “soul song”, which means that they share the same soul frequency.

this is why, when twin souls first meet, most of time, they instantaneously feel very intensely for each other.

when looking at each other eyes it feel like you are looking deep into your soul. this is truly what is happening. the best way to describe twin flames is as “one soul in two bodies“. twins share a very deep, soul bond that connects them on all levels.

all of this is unknown to twins until they meet each other. after their first meeting, they energetic bodies begin to align. it is a long process that can take different amount of time depending on your and your twin’s spiritual preparation upon that moment.

meeting your twin marks a before and after moment in your life. nothing is as transformative as the meeting of your twin soul. the purpose of meeting your twin is to remember who you really are and to embody it.

and you are love.

the love that ignites your soul when you meet your twin soul is like no other. it is like a never-ending fire that will burn everything that no longer serves you on your path. it can be traumatising and devastating, as well as magnificent and magical more than you ever thought something could be.

one thing is for sure, this kind of relationship never stops surprising you. it is different than any other human relationship – it is a spiritual connection of souls. i will write more about it in coming articles.

twin flames share each other very deeply and are able to feel each other, talk to each other telepathically and to interact astrally. literally, they are in each other.

upon the meeting of twin flames, all of their bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental, energetic and physical) start to align. all bodies must be aligned before twin flames are able to physically re-unite. this is why it is a long process. because it is a life changing transformation like no other, deeply intertwined with the kundalini process. more on that theme will come, so stay tuned.

sending much love and healing your way

blessings upon your journey, my beloved friend

om namah shivaya

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