twin flame separation pain

the twin flame separation is probably one of the most talked about topics regarding the twin flame journey, for it is often one of the roughest and toughest parts of this journey back to love.

but do not let yourself be dragged down from it! wonders await ahead.

thing is, we were born in a world which is structured around separation. since day one of our life, we were taught to naturally feel separated from everyone and everything that surrounds our body, which is the only part that is “us”.

this is not how the universe functions. even science shows us that everything is part of one big energy that permeates everything. to feel separated, even if it has been so normalised, is actually unnatural. everything is interconnected in nature. and so are we.

our soul has attracted our twin flame into our life as a way for us to understand this.

when we experience our twin flame presence, we experience that which is beyond separation. we feel whole again, fully alive and complete. we feel a joy we never experienced before. looking into their eyes feels like looking into your own eyes.

when we meet our twin flame we experience what it feels to be intimately connected to someone else.

but then, somehow we are separated from our twin flames, be it our or their free will to be distant. often, it is just too intense and overwhelming to feel like that and one or both twins need time and space to integrate the experience and open up for more.

it can be extremely heart-breaking to be apart from your twin. it is such an emotional and mental pain that can even physically hurt.

when this happens, we might enter a quite painful, but enriching in wisdom and understanding if we allow it to be, phase: the so-called “separation phase”.

this is not a must in twin flame journeys, however it is common. why this? because collectively we have not overcome separation yet, and our twin flame is here to teach us.

separation is not a matter of time and is not something that your twin “is causing”. neither is it something others, be it society or god, is causing.

hard truth is, you are the reason you feel separated from your twin. you are choosing separation instead of union.

this is not something to blame yourself for: it is a great opportunity to see beyond the feeling of lack and discover what awaits down the road.

truly, twin flames are always intimately united. never have you been separated from them and never will you. this is your twin flame nature and nothing can ever break your eternal soul bond with your twin soul.

when we feel separated from them, it is because we have integrated and accepted human beliefs regarding our own nature and the nature of the universe. we are choosing to believe in separation from other beings, in duality and cannot see our way through that.

however, when we start to change our perspective and see things from a detached and deeper vision, we learn to see beyond all illusions of separation.

we understand that our outer world is only a projection of that which we hold inside.

we understand that we have to choose union in order to feel it: we have to look beyond the physical and anchor ourselves in our inner knowing.

you will always feel the intimate union with your twin inside your heart.

when you are truly tuned to your heart and listening, then you will know that they love you, always have and forever will.

on this journey it is important to understand that there is so much more beyond the physical reality. this is absolutely essential in the twin flame relationship.

a twin flame relationship is a soul bond. you have to see beyond the physical and anchor yourself in your soul truth.

feeling separated from your twin is especially painful because they are you. they are your own soul.

so you can imagine how devastating it can be to feel separated from yourself, from your own soul, from your own essence.

the question to ask yourself is not “why is this happening to me?” or “why are is my twin doing this to me?” but rather: “what are those aspects of me i feel separated from?”.

we feel separated from our twin because there are parts of us we still have not fully accepted and integrated.

your twin wants nothing but your highest good – if they are withdrawing from communication, it is not because they don’t love you.

your twin soul loves you so much they want you to learn how to be the best version of yourself.

they want you to grow, evolve and expand, they fully support your soul journey.

they love you so much they are those who come into your life to show you all the parts of you that need to be healed, so that you can heal them and feel complete and whole again.

in this post I share with you some tips and ways to navigate the separation pain with your twin and establish yourself in unity consciousness.

let me know in the comments if you’ve found this information helpful!

infinite blessings on your journey,


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4 thoughts on “twin flame separation pain

    1. Traci

      This does help. It is so painful to not be able to express my love for him. The person I care for most. Yet when I need him most, I hear him telling me he loves me. That it will all be okay because he loves me.


      1. Divinity mirroring back to you Universal Love, always open for you to receive… an endless Source… living insinde of you… unconditional… ❤ blessings! sara


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